Tuesday, July 12, 2005

NKF boss got cheebye 12-months bonus!!!!

KNNBCCB!!! I just read the newspaper that the boss of the National Kidneys Foundation earn $25,000 one month, and last 3 year got 10 to 12 months bonus!!!

Yao jiu ling ling your chao chee bye lah!

This mean that one year, his salary is 500k to 600k, ok?

I do not hate charity organisation, I think people must help other poor and sick people. But fuck lah, you mean when on the tv the people who earn $1000 a month donate and the number on the NKF tv show jump $100,000 to $200,000 to $300,000..... when reach $600,000 of donation, is only cover this CEO salary?

No wonder Zoe Tay have to do so many cheebye stunt!!!

12 fucking months bonus is a lot ok? Some people don't even smell 1 month bonus but he charity boss get 12 months? Lan cheow, ok?!!!

And his one month salary 25k (not yet count the bonus) is more than many of my friends earn in one cheebye year!!! And my friends donates to his charity ok?

Wah, sue the Singapore newspaper for their article, then now kena the whole world know your top secret salary. It is like score own goal, man. Want to sue the Singapore newspaper not so easy, ok? Singapore newspaper is the most kuai lan and richest and powerfulest company in the world, and their reporters is bullet-proof one, you also dare to fuck. See lah? Now kena fuck back.

You ask all the opposition party people who ever try to sue Singapore newspaper before to show you their backside hole. You will see that their holes is very big and now they fart no sound already, because their backside kena fuck by Singapore kuai lan newspaper.

I also read this NKF fucker use the charity money fly first class aeroplane. You are charity company boss, have to fly where for fuck? Other country want to donate to you issit? And even if fly, cannot fly by economy ah? Your backside sitting that first class seat is paid by working people's donation, ok?

I think if continue like this, all those NKF charity tv show stunt also not enough. I think have to call the Zoe Tay and the Fiona Xie and the other TCS star to take off their clothes and suck cock on tv!!! Then maybe can collect enough money for the kidney patients plus this fucker salary and his first class tickets.

And maybe first prize is win a car, a condom house, and one fuck from Fann Wong! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Consolation prize can be those not so famous star like Sharon Au and Ann Kok suck your kok!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Yes, boy boy, papa not making a lot of money, but never mind, we have to donate help those poor kidney patient, children patient and cancer patient, and also make sure the NKF boss get his 12 month bonus.

Fuck your mothecheebye lah!!!


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Anonymous said...

ya, should ask the children of the 2 guys who kenna sued in the past to write to PM demanding JUSTICE! At least they won't as cheap as that ah neh cheebye...lol

Anonymous said...

Man on the street Said;
"If anybody at all, I think the daughters of those two gentlemen, should be the ones writing to PM Loong to clear their fathers' good name and get their money back from kachang puteh! These were sincere and honest men on the street, like you and I, who were just telling the truth! But, unfortunately, we were all guilty of doubting them!

God bless the two of you!"

Yes! let's petition for that and let true justice be done!

Anonymous said...

Daughter may be making a grave mistake. If Durai is innocent he should and can afford to fight his case instead of withdrawing from the suit. Why should anyone, for that matter PM have to help him clear his name. I bet there are more skeletons in the closet waiting to be discovered!

Anonymous said...

Now the poor daughter who kena harassed at school appeal to PM Loong to give daddy back the honour. What yu think, PM Loong is a tough dragon, a few drops of tears will not move him, man. But, never can tell, if he listens to wife, who thinks that TT should be paid more as lawyer, PM Loong may give him Job at MAS or CPF. Wah Lau, we in trouble man, TT can do wonders with Medisave and maybe make the $ transfer to NKF again for fund raising - no need Media corp artiste since ppl are jelak awready. I think better let him stay in NKF, somewhere he can do little damage to the image and restrict working hours to 8 a day, so that he can spend time with poor daughter. Better still put him somewhere that our champion D Singh can watch ovr him, so he don't start his nonsense of pampering his backside with first class seats and expensive toilet seats.(I think he got piles). That will save some honour for TT,daughter can smile again, and PM Loong appear Hor sim and wife orso happy. And all live happily ever after.

Fairy tale.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading in the ST that at the end of the court session on Day 2, after he conceded defeat, Durai went over the to ST team (jounalists and lawyers) and shook hands with them, saying something like "No hard feelings".

Did he think he could patch things up by being nice?

We're sick of you being NICE. So your daughter's pleading is not going to move anybody.

Anonymous said...

Ya, I will donate if someone setup a fund to help the 2 poor guys pay for Mr DS to fight the court battle against Durian. I want to see justice being done.

On one hand, the gov want people to speak up, on the other, they are telling you to be resposible for what you said. See, common people like us can't really say what we think, just like to 2 guys, kana sue until give up. Where got justice?

The 2 guys didn't even speak in public - one write on a donation card and the other, tell a dog of tat Durian what he felt, and that it...

Anonymous said...

Is there a lawyer in the house who could throw some light as to whether our two comrads have any legal grounds to recover the money they were forced to pay some 8 years ago?

Perhaps, reporter Geraldine Yeo of the New Paper, could follow up with Mr Archie Ong, the defendant who was cornered to publish apublic apology and paid damages and costs to Mr Durai and NKF, way back in 1998!

This could turn out to be an interesting case should it go to appeals court before CJ Yong. CJ Yong as we all know, is well respected for his court wisdom and profound intepretation of the law. I will be the least surprised if he awarded these two gentlemen, twice the amount of money they have lost, as well as punitive damages, pain and suffering for the injustice that was wrongly pinned on them all these years!

Let's not waste much time as our beloved CJ is due to step down from the bench in the coming months.

Anonymous said...

"Mr Khaw also read an email from the teenage daughter of former NKF CEO TT Durai to the Prime Minister"

Why is there a need for our governmnet to read out that private email to PM? For the public to show sympathy to TTD? To tell public that TTD has been working very hard for charity over the years? I don't think it is going to help. It only make me feel that this cunning person is using his "clever tactic" again to deceive the public.

Anonymous said...

Guys on the 12 year girl appeal to the PM.
1) Some think that they are Durai's words. You may be right.

2) What if they are the girl's words and written cos she has yet to understand the situation and read the responses to her appeal?

Respond to her appeal but with your kind heart leh (a little bit lah) on what her father had done. She may not understand now but this fiasco is not going to be wiped out of Singapore's history. She will understand when the time comes.

Anyway those few responses will also remian and not be wiped out from the memory.

Anonymous said...

That email from his daughter is just another of his ruse. If it was really written by her, would she start off by calling the whole development a "fiasco"? Go through the court transcript carefully, you can see how his mind works.

Anonymous said...

I was one who don't believe in paying a fee to read information in www, but after this NFK case, I have decided to pay STI $5 a month rather than donating it to NKF.

Kudos to ST team for doing the public a favour by bringing out this issue. This is what all Singaporean wanted so badly. A media for the voice of all those common people in Singapore and to report something which don't seem right.

Mr Khaw :"I scanned through the local media today. I could not help noticing the different spin The Straits Times put to the MPs' speeches yesterday, compared to all the other local media, like TODAY and ZaoBao. Let us hope arrogance has not also gone to the head of the victor in the court case."

I don't agree with the view from Mr Khaw. The rest of the paper are not doing a good job in reporting as most of their headlines are stating the 6 key tasks for the new NKF. As for ST, the main headline is exactly what all the people in Singapore wanted which is what the MPs had voiced out. I hope ST will not stop reporting the good deed after his comment.

Anonymous said...

Postings by Quicksilver, Durai fan club, Initialdeedee.
Hmmm.... Interesting group. Challenges to another location by quicksilver. Why? One commented that it is a website where your posting can be traced. Hmmm. Maybe issuing challenges is a better way to draw some of you to the site. It makes sense cos I think most of the guys are comfortable here and he is not restricted to post his comments here.

Or is this their way to keep this issue simmering? Hmmm... what other reasons can there be other than those that were posted by the various anonymous

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said.
.. -.- dont drag TSC stars in
by 2 cents worth. Friday, July 15, 2005 5:41:06 PM

Ya lah. Keh sian them man. Practise, practise. Get blue-black n sprain here, get blue-black sprain there. I think 1 terok case, back bone sprain I think. Even if get paid I think they have learnt arithmetic to calculate. I think pain may come back more painful. So leave them alone. I did not watch and did not donate but TCS stars. Thank you for helping the 2000 people. Do not be despaired. There are enough for years. Hey got KDF leh. This time CEO oso must practise lah.

Anonymous said...

Don't be silly la little girl.
Why don't you write to PM and say that you will give up all your luxury goods, given to you by your daddy with the cheated money, to the poor and live in poverty for the rest of your life, for what your daddy has done. I think that will put you in the league of our most charitable person in Singapore history.

Anonymous said...

Don't sack Durai!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005 6:46:14 PM

You clever lah.

Dun let him go just neutralize him.

Butkawan sorry lah. We all to fast calling for resignation.

Anonymous said...

"Don't be silly la little girl.
Why don't you write to PM and say that you will give up all your luxury goods, given to you by your daddy with the cheated money, to the poor and live in poverty for the rest of your life, for what your daddy has done. I think that will put you in the league of our most charitable person in Singapore history."

Ya man, your daddy will be very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

This Durai fucker, now have to mobilize the whole family ah? daughter write email, cheh...c'mon lah..she's at least 17 yr old ok and somemore JC gal liao..loo around u lah..those who have daughters one..u think 17 yr old still that innocent meh? more likely becoz she tua kang, everyday drive big cars to school and look ppl no up..so her old man kenna now, she also kenna so veri lose face mah...u think she realli give 1 shit whether her old man innocnent>? at this age, she only care abt how to enjoy lah...now oldman got shit, she scared no more enjoy liao mah...if she so "innocent"..go and be volunteer at some charity lah..and also cough out all her luxury to help the poor lah..but she won't do it lah..jus like her father mah....or later kenna scolded by her father why money go to other ppl...hahahaha...hey little gal..u know what is "sins of the father" right? don't act act lah...talk is cheap...ask ur father for $$ to study overseas lah...u can afford mah...not like ppl like us...even got no money to see doctor when got problem u know...u got experience dat when u or your family r veri ill but no money..can only endure...or cry...got or not? me got, u know...no money for grandma who got kidney prob and father with heart problem to see doctor, can only stand watch and cry...u knoe how painful or not? now ur fucking father jus got wat he deserved u know...so dun try to act act angel lah...why last time no complain ur father work so hard no time for u, only now complain? I feel durai and the whole board got off too easily liao...they jus step down and still keep the money..enough for them to enjoy...ppl like us..if we kenna sack or whatever shit hits the fan, mean no money for bills or living liao...u knoe the saying "poor ppl can only die, cannot afford to get sick"

Anonymous said...

WhoA........cOoL.....rUdE woRdS aLl tHE wAy.......cool x 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.................iF u cAn tEl tiS tO tHE mEdiA tHe bEs Sia............i wiL cUm bAc aGaiN

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!
You think what? You bullshit daddy not kenna curse by all Sporeans and you want PM to "clean" his name? You think PM is the law or above the law or God?? Your goddam pap committs a crime and should be tried like all criminals!! That's the LAW.

Durai, you Black Piece of SHIT! Want to clear your name? Return the few millions of $$ you steal from NKF lah! Last time, you use those kidney patients and make them cry on TV like some lower forms of human being while you count the $$ rolling in for your big fat paycheck. Now you want to use your daughter to "cry" and gain pity? Fuck you understand!! We have enough of all your stinking bullshits!!

Anonymous said...

InitialDEEDEE said...
i know Mr Durai and his staff works hard because i have seen them worked.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005 10:29:56 AM

Since you know how Mr. Durai works, do share them with these angry people. Dun keep it to your self.

Who knows you may be treated with respect instead of suspicion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Tuesday, July 19, 2005 3:20:04 AM

"He probably earned less than what he would have earned if he had continued in his profession as a lawyer".

Ah Dhai my friend you playing tikam tikam lah. This one ah, the actual is 100% privacy. Unless he sakali show income tax return that he earned more than what he get now, means you salah pull and pull two red stick instead of one red and one blue or green stick. Ha ha
(If you not understand pulling colored stick mean you got no play tikam tikam before)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Tuesday, July 19, 2005 11:06:22 AM

However there are many things that Durai has done that made NKF.....

Ah Dhai my friend not him alone lah. The John Wayne days are now, "once upon a time".

Once upon a present, the keyword is team play lah.

.... helping some 2000 patients etc.
Anybody knows how many patients KDF provide service to and how old is KDF? How much KDF charge and are the dyalisis equipment donated by funds raised by KDF or well wishers?

Maybe he is also donating to NKF? Lets give him some credit.

Anonymous said...

HaHa said...
The New Paper
Aug 19, 2000
original source

..... He declined to comment on Mrs Yap's claims that she told NKF her problems. "If one were to go into the details of why it happened...
Wednesday, July 20, 2005 9:34:11 AM

.... "rectified"

Wednesday, July 20, 2005 12:40:28 PM

Admit mistake. Dun deny. Quickly rectify, close chapter and move on.

Standard procedure of damage control leh.

After that retrain, the person who made the mistake, record in the kpi and update work procedure manual if there is one.

Anonymous said...

"InitialDEEDEE said...
i know Mr Durai and his staff works hard because i have seen them worked.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005 10:29:56 AM "

Work hard? work hard at wat? gam lanjiao or la cheebye? or work hard at thinking how to enjoy luxury by stealing our hard earned money? or maybe work hard at thinking of the next scam to rake in more money? Fuck off, understand?

Anonymous said...

What a Charity's Shame, TTD said... on
Wednesday, July 20, 2005 2:04:31 AM

Let me compliment your comments:

1) no of patients and families mbrs he saved.

a) Any body knows how many are on the waiting list of NKF if there is any? How many had died without treatment cos did not qualify?

c) How many are registered with KDF? How namy are on the waiting list? How old is KDF? How many died because cannot qualify?

2) no. of hours he worked and sacrificed for nkf

InitialDEEDEE I think is compiling now. We wait lah.

How many hrs does he work OR REST OR IDLE? Do you know?

Ask InitialDEEDEE, he said he knows how Mr. Durai works.

3) he spent 16 yrs as volunteer in nkf and din get any wages for the period of times.

You all want to be angry be angry with me, be angry lah. I give him a few claps for the 16 years he volunteered his service to NKF.

I dun think he is complaining cos I think he knows that what he gained is intangible. The experience of raising funds to make NKF the biggest fund raiser.

16yrs as volunteer, could be his crook plan to earn...
MMmmm... I dun think so leh.
May be a combination of events.

1st NKF almost run out of fund and understandably the Board Members are concerned. I think we too will be concerned. Come on lah. Who wants to be remembered for the year NKF run out of funds and people die.

2nd better employ him in case other charitable organinsation offers him a job. Space age no Merlin to look into crystal ball if an offer will be made.

3rd make an offer he cannot refuse and maybe based on past fund raising amounts, safe enough to offer such a bonus scheme. Boingg.. with the help of the actors, actresses, school children and working Singaporeans who were sincere to help and those who wants to win prizes the bonus was 600K. Kwai kwai pay lah.

Eh if you are offered this kind of bonus, you die die will kuat kuat kerja. But based on your comments in this blog you would say terus terus 30 years and maybe oso volunteer to partner Fiona or your favourite actress to participate in fund raising. Oso ensure Sa kali boingggg... he qualify for 600K. Chia lat.

4th 600K a year!! Same same pay as MNC you know. Can change character you know.

4) We must thanks Davinder Singh & SPH, our Great hero.

Yes they are the Great Heroes but not the main star. Without the main star nothing would have happended. Most of you guys would still kwai kwai dail
yao jiu ling ling, and whatever

Refer to
HaHa said...
Wednesday, July 20, 2005 3:01:29 PM

Downfall? No leh. I see it as his progress.

1st hammer, make him worry.

2nd hammer, make her pay.

3rd hammer, make him lose face.

This one, I not sure leh. I think during this time, I no money to buy newspaper so I dunno man. Sue again another one, make that man's elderly father whose heart was weak, died from worry (This is true story, reported recently in newspaper.

After knocking on 4 heads, ah, Confidence sure naik man. You got hear David and Goliath or not?
You think David if no sling shot will go and fight Goliath ah? You all know lah. Goliath protect his head but not his forehead. So khong kha khiau. This one long long time ago story lah.

A couple of weeks ago its was not Goliath but SPH.

But SPH very smart. Protect the head good good. This David not so prepared so he luan chu hood lah. He use hammer to hood SPH head. Think SPH head protection like the others.

Whoosh. He hood ah. But then no "crack" sound. Instead got one boinnnng.... sound followed by a crack.

SPH head protection got spring one. So the hammer boinnng... back to Durai head and then got "crack" sound.

So you agree he star in this show or not.

Alamak !! Lucky I read my story again. Not good leh. Because the head protection that can boinnng.. can be read as being rude when misinterpreted. But if I change the story not so nice. So to our Hero Davinder and you readers. The head protection of SPH refered in the above short story has no reference or pun whatsoever to Mr Davinder's religious dressing.

Anonymous said...

"Durai, you Black Piece of SHIT!"

Luis Aragones, relax lah. This statement can't be used on that scumbag cause he's not Henry!

Anonymous said...

TT Durai working hard?? Please lah! Do you know what the fuck is call work hard? A person who works hard would not have the time to sit down and think of decorating and renovating his office like a 5 star hotel suite!
TT Durai doing charity?? Fuck off lah! Millions of $$ of funds donated to the poor and for the poor are being squandered for his own fucking enjoyment and fill up his bank account. I and many of my peers have to suffer paycut for the last 3 years, and this chow chee bye keeps suck and suck!! If not for Susan Long of SPH, this piece of black shit would have suck another $600K by end of the yr! That's 48 months of bonuses in 4 years, while a middle income person who earns maybe 4K a month would not qualify for NKF subsidy. Charity my foot!

Anonymous said...

Funny how it makes a person feel... when he/she is earning $20K a year, only to hear $600K is peanuts...

How about having a portion of the $600K used, to expand the building for treatment rooms or to get more machines?

And the gold tap... maybe converted to more than 30 meals.

Me? I'm contented with giving 2 dollars a day to the auntie selling tissue on the sidewalk. I think that's a safe bet on where my money is going.

Quiksilver... maybe he's getting something out of this. Or maaaaaaybe just hoping someone will pick him out as a spokesperson and pay him big bucks for his doglike support. Oops. I think I like dogs more.

Cheerios. :)

Anonymous said...

any 1 here watch Cable CCTV4 current program tian sia liang chiang?
wow in the show, all the gaymen r corrupt, but on the surface they all perform to be so down to earth to serves the people. Official even go all way down to dig well for people as they r suffering drought in the area. But they r corrupt. It is understandable as in the old days, official duty r to serve emperor follow by the people. If ever fail in their duties, head will be drop, worse family members too will be kill.

So u need to do your level best made as much money as possible & retreat from the job as soon as possible.

As long as there is no strong opposition in parliament, i will never trust the current gov. Lots of special ac. manage by 1 or 2 persons, u know who lah.

Anonymous said...

NKF should change to NKF pool.

Then u can carry on to conduct more lucky draw charities drive.

Get those Media cop actress to provide fuck services example

5000 u la cheebye
8000 u hand masturbate her chee bye
10000 she suck cock & ass
20000 u fuck chee & ass

those wanr watch live show 699 per show.

what do u think gayment?
Since in the name of charity, everything can be done as long as moneys come in to benefit patients.
There no killing, no 1 suffer ever1 enjoys include chee bye.

May be minister wife can chip in for some special rate to dirve donation.

Anonymous said...

"Between persons of equal income there is no social distinction except the distinction of merit. Money is nothing: character, conduct, and capacity are everything. There would be great people and ordinary people and little people, but the great would always be those who had done great things, and never the idiots whose mothers had spoiled them and whose fathers had left them a hundred thousand a year; and the little would be persons of small minds and mean characters, and not poor persons who had never had a chance. That is why idiots are always in favor of inequality of income (their only chance of eminence), and the really great in favor of equality."

George Bernard Shaw

Anonymous said...

Since demonstration are not allow by their 'law', how about we get even with these assholes & CBs by NOT TURNING UP at the NDP, no flags and ignore any ND event on that day, just give them the cold shoulder with a our 'legal' silent protest.

Anonymous said...

"May be minister wife can chip in for some special rate to dirve donation."

How about lucky draw or special fuck draw? If you win, you get to fuck minister's wife cheebye?

Anonymous said...

Where this asshole Durai stays? Maybe one day if me got no $$, I can go rob him...After all, what crime would I be committing if I rob a thief whole stole $$ from other people? If police catch me, then I will tell them to go catch durai also lor.

Anonymous said...

So you often read the newspaper huh? Recently The Newpaper got 1 article is about BLOGGER can be sue on when they wrote though blog is meant for themselves.
I suggest you rewrite OR remove this post before you get into big trouble.
Based on what you post. Not only Durai TT can sue you. Mediacorp, NKF and the artists you mentioned in your blog have the rights to bring you to court. Always think before you do.

Anonymous said...



From LianheZaobao (you can click here to get original source)

Anonymous said...

CCB Durai,
Got guts sue me lah!! Chee Bye..
I sue you also for stealing donation money also. If go jail, I will drag you into also. So I can beat you real good!!

Anonymous said...

I think our Garmen also too lan now so many scandals from NKF to SATA. I also too lan that Mrs Goh open her mouth without engage gear. some more got Ms Ho Ching write into Forum and defend TT Durai for his achievement....KNNB....2 wrong dun make a right see boh...then people vandal NKF building frustrated mah ...if Durai dun suck our money who got time to vandal such a nice building...talk cock also must see situation okay. I salute the newspaper for exposing TT Duari...he is history now....

Anonymous said...

While reading through all the comments from Rockson to "Man on the Street", I can say I prefer the latter. No vulgarities! Very sincere,strait-forward and professional. Excellent comments! Please it keep up with your contributions.

T.T Durai should have apologisd to Singaporeans who have donated to the NKF. It is still not too late as we believe everybody is entitle a second chance! We know Singaporeans are very forgiving people! And also, please spare a thought for the ex-board of directors, who have to cover their faces wherever they go! Especially beloved ex patron! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hormat Susan Leong!
Hormat Davinder Singh!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA....u are one very educated ah-beng...nice fucking around with the fucking NKF BOSS...WANSUAY

Anonymous said...

Why did the gov read out that email from his daughter to PM? What purpose does it serve? No wonder last time Mahathir also cannot stand our gov.
Why the peanut class people still write to newspaper in defending for someone who had obviously lied to the public?
This stupid idiot may have work hard and have no time for family, but, tell me how many Singaporean, including those earn 50 times less than him, really got time for family? His little girl should not be complaining. There sre many little boys and girls out there who have to work part time while studying and not able to attend top school, and parents also got no time for them. Maybe the peanut class thought that they are the only one busy, didn't really know how Singaporean live our life here.

Anonymous said...

I appeal to those kids of the Kachiang Puteh men to write email to our PM, telling him that your father whole day selling peanuts and no time for you, yet donate money to NKF. If TTD and board found guilty, return all the donated money to your father.
HAHA.. see whether the government read out your eamil in parliament.

Anonymous said...

yox dude.. u did a great job comments about all this shit tat damn durai haf done, from our trust being a spectator watching the NKF show without failed show to understand the kidney failure patients and the effort tat done by the tcs staff and crew had all just simply hone into the bins.. never ever challenge singapore newpapers staff and crew as you will never expect in return what will happen cos they are indeed bullet-proof company in the whole wide world, since he already stepped on it i belive its time for the casket centre to do some preparation just simply for MR DURAI as a reward for the best n strongest cheater bug feeded by the GOV for the past yrs...

Anonymous said...

" Q You fly frequently on the job and I assume you are entitled to business class on Singapore Airlines. Which cabin are you most likely to be found in - and which carrier?

A Mostly, I fly to Asian destinations less than six hours away. I fly economy as I find it hard to spend twice as much on business class for such short trips.

My company enjoys a discount from SIA, so that is the carrier I use. A couple of times when I flew business class to New York, I asked the travel agent to get the best-priced ticket available on another carrier. I saved my company $3,000 each time."

This is from
Straits Times (click here to view)

It seems like ST canno t get over making sarcastic remarks about Durai. Haha

Anonymous said...

His daughter say her father no time for family?? But he got time to sue people's ass for trying to dig out his shameless deeds?

His past contribution to NKF can use to contra his corruption?? Then if I commit a crime, I can be spared of being arrested because I also got contribute to NKF?

Why is it that if I reuse my parking coupon, the authorities say I can be fined/jailed for both for "cheating"?? I contribute every month to Commchest also.
Why Durai can get away free and keep his stolen money after cheating all Sporeans??


angelus_raptor said...

hi, i happened to stumble upon your blog. hilarious posts okay! make me laugh so hard. seeya around =)

PS: yeah, just telling... can don't use the name Allah? to prevent any misunderstandings. i not scold u lah, just advise u. thanks =)

Anonymous said...

What do you think of the new ceo? look like a chee-ko-pek the way he smiles Eeeeeeeeeeeee disgusting

Anonymous said...

"chee-ko-pek the way he smiles Eeeeeeeeeeeee disgusting "

Hello, whoever said that you must have come from Mars or you never ask your parents or uncles who EE Peng Liang is. The new CEO is his son ok.

Never mind, maybe you are new here or very young. Just for your info, Ee Peng Liang was doing a lot of fundraising FOR FREE FOR TENS OF YEARS ok. New CEO is his son .... a lot of people trust him to be like his father and don't worry if he is in charge. His name and his dad's name worth coconuts, bigger than peanuts ok.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello! Please give Mr. Garard Ee sometime to get his feet wet! as the new Chairman. He is not GOD!

Can't you guys see behind his smiles? Full of STRESS, FEAR AND PRESSURE, to perform to the Singaporeans' expectation! In addition, he has to see that the $250 million reserves becomes 1 billion, in time to come! Mr. Ee indeed, having nightmares lately!

Everybody knows that Singaporeans are not an easy lot to please, especially when money for charities are concerned! It hurts!

Be patience!


Anonymous said...

"Never mind, maybe you are new here or very young. Just for your info, Ee Peng Liang was doing a lot of fundraising FOR FREE FOR TENS OF YEARS ok. New CEO is his son .... a lot of people trust him to be like his father and don't worry if he is in charge. His name and his dad's name worth coconuts, bigger than peanuts ok.

Monday, July 25, 2005 9:51:07 AM"

That's right, a lot of people remember his father's good work. The new CEO sure will do a good job. Problem really is, he may not want to stay.

What to do? Get President Nathan to force him to stay lor.

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff .. real eye opener for those singaporeans who just dont care about how much money gets deducted from their Giros every month for motherfuckers like these.

Anonymous said...

Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan challenged the new NKF to not only be a pace setter for kidney dialysis, but also a "shining example" for good governance and transparency.

Came across the above mentioned quote from channelnewsasia.

I hope to continue supporting NKF soon. The interim appointments come with big reputations. Hope to see the "shining example" soon.

Anonymous said...

At Monday, July 25, 2005 5:13:57 AM, Anonymous said...
What do you think of the new ceo? look like a chee-ko-pek the way he smiles Eeeeeeeeeeeee disgusting

For the gullible one who had posted the above.
One word to describe you "GULLIBLE"
Let me tell you this, if your old man is not chee-ko-pek, you won't be around.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, someone duno the meaning of chee-ko-pek!

Or, maybe that person's old man is chee-ko-pek??Ya?

Lemme tell you, mine is definitely not!

Anonymous said...

Urrrm. Bro. Chee Koh carries a bit of negative trait.

Hum Sup might be a better word to use.

But cannot use such words on Gerard Ee lah. Spare him from any knives, a lot of people place high hopes on him.

Anonymous said...

Common lah, guys! Mr Ee Jr is too distinguished a gentleman to be labelled a "CKP"! Please show some respect lah - after all he is our new CEO, whose job is to clean house at the NKF! He doesn't need all these name calling, even before he officially took office. Give the man a chance, lah!

Pre-requisite for the CEO office is a deep passion for charity work for the less fortunate! It is not a place for monetary or personal gains. I remember someone once said about what one can do for a country rather than milking it.

My only concern is that Mr Ee Jr has on several occasions defended the ex-CEO's massive pay package. Mr Ee Jr's first priority is to review past practices with the view of trimming excessive expenditures and implement changes that are mandatory to alleviate the NKF to new heights in world charitable standings!

Welcome on board, Mr Ee Jr!

Anonymous said...

In response to comment by Anonymous on Monday, July 18, 2005 3:15:43 PM, said...
"Something wrong with our civilised society, our laws... read the paper on the boy killed by lamp post in a basket ball court few years back? Court ruled no one at fault, just accident, and the family ... sad."

I have the same thought : look at the case of the "Cabby gets 4 years' jail, driving ban for life" after causing the death of a 23-yr motorist. I'm related to neither parties but just felt "Tian Li He Zai?" (Hanyu Pinyin) A life is definitely worth more than 4 years! Why isn't he given the max of 10 years allowable for culpable homicide?

Then there were a couple of articles in the ST stating that the 4-yr sentence isn't too stringent. I think he deserves more, any views?

I feel that sth is wrong with our judicial system.

Anonymous said...

Hello,"man on the street", please visit Yahoo MB, on Local Issues, msg#165.

New CEO of NKF is a Medical Professor in the National Skin Centre. His name is Goh Chee Leok.

Fyi, his tai-loh is an MP, and also the CEO of Comfort Taxi! No big deal or fuss! same rank with T. T. Durai, except double the salary!

MP Goh was very uncomfortable when his salary came to light by a journalist - again!!



Anonymous said...

The one 2 post above me comment that getting 4 years jail is not enough.

You never read carefully. The motorcycle driver stared at the taxi driver still not enough, he purposely drove to the right side between the taxi (in the rightmost lane) and the central road divider to stare at the taxi driver, AND according to his gf, he almost always do that in the past, to car drivers which irritate him!

I think the motorcycle driver is at least 80% responsible for his plight. 4 years is TOO MUCH!. The taxi driver should be let off with a fine.

Anonymous said...

wah Fuck I love the way you say it OUT LOUD ! Cheebye kia taking 12month Cheebye pay naibei !!

Anonymous said...

Do we need a new CEO? Wouldn't a Board of volunteers be sufficient?

I think NKF do not need a paid CEO to raise fund for NKF for quite some years..

One of the recommendation mentioned above make sense if it could be done. Tap on GIC's expertise to invest the millions that are now with the NKF.

I think.
a) Keep 5 years or more if need to, of the running cost (projected staff -doctors, nurses and administrative staff - salaries and patients subsidies) in liquid.

b) The balance, I estimated, to be able to last for another 20 years (it may be lesser than 20); Request GIC to invest the fund in short, medium and long term investments.

The new Board of volunteers should not be too worried about the people not donating to NKF

a)I am sure there are Singaporeans who will continue to.

b) NKF is tapping on the top notch talents of GIC. NKF "tompang" on the investments made by the top notch talents of GIC.

c) People are more aware of taking care of their health. On the positive side, the number of people with renal failure may drop.

d) As one of the contributors mentioned; On going research may discover ways to prevent or reduce number of renal failure.

e) And on going research may also discover new techniques and equipment that may reduce cost of dyalisis and treatment.

f) With the above, combined, NKF may well be self sufficient without the need to incur expenditure to raise fund or raise fund any more. With the returns from the investments by the talents in GIC, it may even grow.

g) There is no need to engage a CEO to raise fund NKF. This will remove the need to engage a CEO who has to be paid on the scale that MNCs pay their CEO.

h) Some of the donors may swing to KDF. With more fund going there, KDF may be able to accept more patients under their umbrella. This can help reduce the load on NKF.

On selecting of the rest of the Board to run the NKF

One has been selected and that is Mr Gerard Ee.

Anonymous. posted .. on Monday, July 25, 2005 9:51:07 AM" said

Just for your info, Ee Peng Liang was doing a lot of fundraising FOR FREE FOR TENS OF YEARS ok. New CEO is his son .... a lot of people trust him to be like his father and don't worry if he is in charge. His name and his dad's name worth coconuts, bigger than peanuts ok.

My comment
I agree with him. Cos I think the late Mr. Ee Peng Liang is a person whose EQ dominates his IQ. I would like to make it clear that it does not mean that Mr. Ee Peng Liang's IQ is low.

I think Charities like Community Chest and Heart to Heart are led by such people whose EQ are more dominant.

Mr. Gerard Ee had the tens of years of watching his father raising funds for "free" there must have been some "years" rubbed off on to him.

Somebody commented on his look. Hmmm... It is unlikely that you are a male. If I guess right, pray that you do not meet "Mr. Casanova" all handsome and debonair who will take you for a ride on his white horse and you think that he is your White Knight in shining armour.

In the case of NKF I think the IQs dominates (it does not mean that they have low EQs) and runs the NKF like an MNC.

I think most of the donors to NKF and other charities are EQ dominated and are ready to make sacrifies


a) the story by the girl whose mother had taught her the value of helping others and had not seen her cry until recently.

b) And according to another story of a donor who had donated more than he or she had intended to. It may have been that the call service had not been user friendly to ensure that their equipements do not cause donors to donate more then intended or the donor was unfamiliar and made a mistake. This donor may have been upset but had accepted the billing. The donor is now angry and is understandable.

c) The many many people who had made sacrifices and who had posted their anger. There are some donors who are agreeable to the bonus paid to Mr. Durai

There is a method to test the IQ of a person but is there a way to test the EQ of a person? If there is, it may help in selection of Board Members

I had 2 in my mind.
1st our President Mr. S.R Nathan but he has been persuaded to run for another term. I think Mr. Nathan has a balanced IQ and EQ.

The other person is our SM Mr. Goh Chok Tong if not for the present may be after he steps down from politics . I have my reasons.

When he became the Prime Minister, it seemed people could not relate to him because he seemed too serious. When it was pointed out to him he was willing to change; he smiled more and his talked in a friendly manner but serious when need to. People began to relate to him.

I think his IQ and EQ are also balanced.

What he said to the press on the statement Mrs. Goh made, I believe Mr. Goh was sincere and he knows what was coming and that he knew he may be drawn in. I believe he was sincerely ready to accept the reactions of the angered public.

But Mr.Goh Chok Tong is Mr. Goh Chok Tong.
Mrs. Goh Chok Tong is Miss Tan Choo Leng, the wife of Mr. Goh Chok Tong- Married couple but two different persons. Some of us who have posted comments are married and we know we can't stop our spouse from thinking or saying differently and vice versa.

I think Mr. S,R, Nathan or Mr. Goh Chok Tong will be a suitable to lead NKF in the future. Should Mr. Gerard Ee decide to step down.

Coming back to the present, I think the crux of the unhappiness of the donor are, as shown below, quoted from one of the postings on Monday, July 18, 2005 6:19:09 PM.

To regain the confidence of the donors perhaps the incoming Board can address them

1. He has interest in the call centres that profits from NKF.
My opinion
It may help if the call centre donate all of the profits or part of the profits to NKF

3. He deliberately misrepresent NKF reserves.

4. He deliberately misrepresent the number of patients.

My opinion.
The donors had responded to meet the target based on the items 3 and 4 and became angry when they found out that his bonus was tied to the amount of donation raised and could not accept this.
My opinion

Not mentioned in the above are the fleet of cars. It can help appease the donors if the cars are disposed off and replaced by vans to provide transport for the patients.

Not all donors are angry at the appeals based on item 3 and 4 because to them, they donate to ensure that the services remain available for the patients and are agreeable to part of their donations being bonus to the CEO.

The new Board, if allowed by law and feasible, allow those donors who wants to withdraw, on paper, their donations made in response to item 3 and 4 mentioned above, with a pledge to re-donate to NKF.

To the affected donors please consider this positively if it can be done.

It would be a good gesture on the part of Mr. Durai to return part of his bonus accordingly after the withdrawal.

It may appease the unhappy donors that their donations are now fully donated to NKF thus increasing the reserves in NKF.

It may restore some confidence in NKF under the new Board and close the chapter on this.

Anonymous said...

haha, you seemed to be venting your anger on the singapore gov. hey brother, if there is $1000000 right in front of you, do you want to bet $10 on that at least 1 in 1000 will not take it? i wouldn't bet $1 even if its at least 1 in 1000000, assuming our gov ppl is included.

Anonymous said...

Hullo brother, I confident sure got lah. Because there already were a few that we know of and there may be many that we did not know or hear of. Surely there are and there will be.

Oscar Schindler, Mother Teresa, the Hotel Manager in Rwanda (my apologies for not remembering his name. I think some readers may help me by mentioning his name later).

The above mentioned people will be remembered, loved and prayed for silently. They themselves would not like the publicity (in this context, praises).

People whom the public are angry of, dislike publicity too but anger is seldom expressed silently. Some anger and hatred linger to the next generation.

On me venting anger on the government, where got. I think some of the comments posted at the earlier part of the blog may be venting anger on the gahmen.

I think things are getting back to normal now and the people are getting on with their lives with the feeling that things will get better.

Let us all look forward to 9th Aug 2005.

Sing Rock Steady

Anonymous said...

well, for my two cents' worth ...
(Salary review 2005)
NKF durian-> $1.2mil(p.a)+12mth bonus+ perks?
Apple's Steve Jobs-> US$1(p.a)+profits?
Here'e some food for thought for us S'poreans as we approach the next NDP. 'Sing Rock'is rite; we shld leave the past behind, but not before learning valuable lessons along the way.

Anonymous said...

well, for my two cents' worth ...
(Salary review 2005)
NKF durian-> $1.2mil(p.a)+12mth bonus+ perks?
Apple's Steve Jobs-> US$1(p.a)+profits?
Here'e some food for thought for us S'poreans as we approach the next NDP. 'Sing Rock'is rite; we shld leave the past behind, but not before learning a few valuable lessons along the way.

Anonymous said...

Firstly you can't blame him for drawing that salary, its not his fault its the board of directors who approved his salary. Now he is just the scapegoat, poor thing. Secondly we have ourselves to blame for having too much time and greed, Charity Show with cars as prizes? please lah. Its not a Charity its a lottery. Dun tell me we didn't see that in the first place. If singaporeans are so charitable in the first place, then NKF won't have to come out with gimmicks to cheat our money. We Singaoreans are the real fuckers to blame, no prize no Fiona ney ney to see we dun donate, please look into the mirror and ask yourself, am i doing the right thing? or am i part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

We humans are a sick lot. That's why we need religion and the law to keep us in check. Our greed gets the better of us and we lose sight of our purpose on his earth. Neither the NKF nor the people of Singapore sre right or wrong. Each were greedy in their own ways. The methods of NKF to collect charity, while morally questionable were a success, basically because Singaporeans are greedy. That 600k of peanuts would not have been available if not for the fact that we all gave not to a charity but to a lottery, aided by a bit of star and glittery. Of course there are a few who gave out of their hearts. Now, we want blood because someone has fooled us. Or so we think. We hate to have our hearts betrayed, our egos scratched. It takes alot to be successful in any money making project, whether it is for profit or for charity. Mr Durai has the entrepreneurial acumen to do what he did but his failure in public relations is but a lesson for all people in high positions, actors, businessmen, politicians etc. The higher you get the trickier it becomes. Because more and more eyes are on you. You have to learn to fart without smell or sound. Mr Durai farted............oh what a smell.
And poor Mrs Goh........she burped! And the rest of Singapore had diarrhoea. The media of course had the ten course dinner. They won both ways, the court case and endearment from their readership that they are indeed the people's ears and mouthpiece. The big question I would like to pose is, is this revelation beneficial or damaging to the Singapore society? Would Singaporeans prefer to have no charity organisations and let the government tax you to pay for social services? Can a government organised social service be as efficient as the NGO's? Are there enough of Singaporeans ready to commit their time selflessly to charitable causes and raise money in a "morally-right" manner. These answers are difficult to find in a competitive and cosumption based economy like Singapore. Thanks to SPH, Singaporeans now have the truth. But no thanks to SPH, all charities now have to work harder. We now have the perfect excuse not to give. We are all living in the same jungle. As long as we concentrate on getting our peanuts to eat, we should not care if another monkey gets more. The neighborhood gossip gets satisfaction from telling tales. The media gets paid for doing it. The end effects of a news can be good, or it can be bad. Lets pose another question. Should not the media also be a public service, somewhat in line with charity organisations? If the media is operated like a charity, to keep the public informed, then it will fail. Because it will also not be able to secure enough public spirited editors and reporters to zealously uncover news details without rewards. Like all things, the media is also a business. Similarly, its people also want big paychecks, big bonus, basically more peanuts. To sell their newspaper, they need to tell you about people who get more peanuts than you. People who tricked you to give away your hard earned peanuts. They also get revenue from advertising products you really do not need. They bombard you with subtle brainwashing untill you believe that you need more peanuts. All in the name of the free economy system. A system that tells us peanuts no longer grow in the ground. Its up in the trees! Up we go. Ha ha, got ya. So fellow Singaporeans, we are all indeed suckers like all fellow human on this damned world. When you find the peanuts, hide it. Eat it, don't fart or burp. That's the trick to keep many peanuts. Yes tricks, you need many tricks, new tricks, innovative tricks, devious tricks............Mrs Goh just launched a new Singapore catch phrase. Peanuts. Lets stop chattering and go find some peanuts. Don't forget your public relations and make sure you share your peanuts with the media. Make sure everyone thinks the peanuts up in the trees.

Anonymous said...

To anonoymous of Sun Jul31 1200AM:

agree with u on 1 thing 'we s'porean r the'fuckers',too, but i beg to differ justification of durian's salary. I drew up a comparision with Steve Jobs to highlightintegrity. Imagine, a CEO of a muilti-million org agreeing to that amt of base salary, as compared to a director of a public org. And as a public org charity, what does it say abt them actually playing up to the public's greed/desperstion? And yes, alot of 'ugly s'poresns', but there r a whole lot who are much socially aware & observant than u give credit for.

Anonymous said...


a friend of mine sent me this blog earlier in the week. I am American. It is sad to say, but we here do not know all the happenings of people elsewhere in the world...I guess call us inundated in our own selfish iniquities.

Your language was quite colorful. I read some of the comments people made and I find it interesting that you can be sued for posting what you think. I am not sure if it is a good or bad thing. One would think that someone who has done fraud to such an extent would not be able to sue for deflamitory comments. But then they deserve protection too?

Here, we can say what we want... sure sometimes people sue but on the whole...not so much so. We even... (i am sad to admit it because I know in the eyes of the world we look like idiots) Say things about our president. Though I am no Bush lover...I try to keep my comments about him to a minimum. But this man is a CEO of a company, he is not a president of the country. He was a man who...under the guise of charity, duped people and used the money for his own needs and ends, instead of giving that money to the people who needed it the most...the patients.

But then we ask, why do we need to have such charities, shouldn't the governments provide such funds to people who are in dire need. I suppose that is another issue that need to be addressed...just not as this time.

I agree wholheartly with the Talk Rock. This guy was an unthinking a-hole...acually, unthinking is not the word for it. He was a selfish man. He deserves prison...better yet. he deserves to work very hard for the rest of his life and live in a tiny house next door to the one he built on the sweat of other peoples money that they unknowingly donated to him and not the charity.


But then you have to ask yourself before blasting this man. That if you, had at your disposal, millions of dollars, could you honestly say that you would not think you helped earn it, and, that you should be able to share in the plunder?

I would hope I would not ever have be in that position. SO perhaps he should have never taken that position in the first place. I am not defending the guy in no way, But, I do not deny that we are all.. inevitably...human.

Anonymous said...

hey dont forget about NKF chairman, vice chairmen & the board members. They r invole & responsible for all this too.

Anonymous said...

knnbccb.... 12 month bonus go fuck shit lar.... ur post is superb keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Wow! First I muz praise your entry.. I am luffing till I experiencing cramps.. Actually, news about the NKF misuse of funds came to light in early 2004 but nobody took notice until now...

I want to express my gratitude to the reporter...Yah.. nkf is not the only organisation the patients can turn for help but nkf is more successful in doing it.

somebody posted in his comment asking about Community Chest.. no worries...because for every dollar you donated goes to all the the organisations as all the admin and salary are paid for by SIngapore Pools and commchest is under strick guidelines from the govt... my pay there was miserable...

another issue raised in the comment is the board's fault and they might be drawing the same amt of money as the ceo...wrong! the board mbs are volunteers appointed by the Chairman, at least thats the case in commchest.

now Mr Gerad Ee has been appointed as the new chairman thus i urge you guys not to worry becoz he is the president for NCSS (Nat Council of Social Services) for a very lobg time already...

Thanx guys...

Anonymous said...

Majullah Singapura!

While we celebrate our 40 anniversay today, may I urge all fellow Singaporeans to spare a thought for the needy and less fortunate! We know that Charity begins at home, but please, don't just let it stay there!

Contribute whatever we feel comfortable to the Community Chest, if we are still uncomfortable with the NKF. Remember, there is still life after NKF. Life goes on!

Terema Kaseh, Sia Sia, Kam Seh, Nandri!

Majullah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

seriously man....
yao jiu ling ling his mother chao chee bye.

Anonymous said...

not when NKF issues r not settle.

by the way S$600 000.00 r peanuts, I think we need to donate to ourself so as not to burden the gov. lets us save enough for our CPF, medi save & cash deposit for our oldage then can we start donating to the unlucky that r very very unlucky to belong to a gold standard world class develop country where gov. r not so willing to provide the very basis needs for it sick citizens, to be alive with dignity(kidney failure).

Anonymous said...

Siao liao, now got CAD investigate NKF for "serious discrepancies". Steam liao. CAD come, your backside comfirm tear a new one.

Anonymous said...

Alamak!! Last time when the fire broke out, only one tree was charred. Bushes that were near to it, got some of its twigs and leaves burnt. While the telephone-wire posts felt only the heat.

But now, it looks like there is a strong wind blowing. It may penetrate deep into the ambers of the charred tree to rekindle a fire.

If the fire breaks out, I hope the bushes and telephone-wire posts are not in its path or else the land will be barren.

I think some may say that the land will be barren for only a while because the land gets rejuvenated after a fire.

Lets hope the top soil is not blown away so that new seedlings can sprout and grow, to provide to those who need the shade, from the branches and the leaves.

Anonymous said...

Although only in office for a month, Prof Goh has smelt more than a can of worms at the NKF tower! Calling in the CAD is the most logical decision. Otherwise, Prof Goh could be responsible for all the dirty laundry that had accumulated before his watch.

You have our unconditioned support, Prof Goh! You deserve a fresh, clean start!

Anonymous said...

"The Moneytree Authority of Singapore (MAS) launched a brand new Singapore Dollar bill, which has been named the "Peanut Series". Each peanut series bill is legal tender equivalent to 600,000 Singapore Dollars, henceforth known as 1 Peanut. The CEOs across the Republic have been quick to applaud the launch of the 1 Peanut bill. In an interview with a Mr. Durai, a CEO of a philanthropic organisation, who wished to remain anonymous, he said, "Now I don't have to carry suitcases of money home. Prior to the issuing of the Peanut, had to carry a whole suitcase of small change home every month. This is because the people who paid me tend to do so in small amounts, like $5 dollars each time, and it can be very irritating. Now I am just paid 1 Peanut with a single bill, slip it quickly into my wallet and off I go. It's very convenient!" The reaction by the general public was however cool. Most said that it is unlikely that they will ever use a 1 Peanut bill. With a average national income of S$3000 (0.005 Peanut), the average Singaporean will need about 2 lifetimes to save a Peanut. Said a Mr. Tan, who is a plumber, "The other day, I installed a golden tap in some CEO's bathroom and he paid me using 1 Peanut for the $1000 golden tap. I tell him where got enough change? Watch out for the newest security features on the 1 Peanut note, including a new watermark which replaces the traditional lion head. The new watermark can only be seen under an intense bright light and close scrutiny because of its extreme lack of transparency. According to MAS spokesman, the added security features are extremely important given that 1 Peanut can probably buy three 4-room HDB flats, or 10 Nissan Sunnies, the average Singaporean will be very tempted to lay their hands on a Peanut."

Anonymous said...

Got Mrs Goh as NKF patron, Durai also no hill, no wonder kena left and right.
Bak jiu bo kim!

Anonymous said...

who say peanuts got hill? I think just twin peak. No need lie sia.

Anonymous said...

WOW 884 comments

klee said...

dude, you are something else. Not very good with the local patois but i got the gist of it. You really kick'em in the balls dontcha. Awesome. i am looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

klee said...

this may be a little late but, quicksilver, fuck off will ya? How much do you earn ya little turd?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Good blog??? My Foot!!! This is the most shittiest blog I've ever read. Vulgarities cover almost 3/4 of your bloody entry. Do you think you look cool by using those words? I'm sorry to tell you that you are wrong! It's not cool at all. Just present your entries in a much more presentable way, will you!?! Your entry is full of bullshit. Do you have to write about those innocent parties(i.e those mediacorp actresses) in such manner?! You are just one uncivilised, barbaric despo. I feel so sorry for singapore to have such bug like you, wasting the oxygen and the limited space that singapore has. GET A LIFE DUDE~! I think you should return to your english teacher in your primary school for some tuition on your english. IMPROVE ON IT MAN!

PS: To those crap people out there, it's not garmen. It is spelt as GOVERNMENT. Dont even know how to spell such simple word correctly. My Goodness! And also to those who support you bloody idea, you people should dig yourselves a hole and throw youself in. I can't believe there are such moronic, idiotic, uncivilised bunch of despos out there doing in Singapore. You poeple must be one of those rapist in the police's wanted list.

Kwek said...

Friend, if you think you are such highly educated upper class singaporean, leave this blog, return go into your master bedroom and play your own snake. To my opinion, Mr Rockson is just blogging this article to entertain people like us, who is too furious over the deeds of the bastard Durai and has no other moitives. I ave no intention to defend him in any means as I don't know him at all. But look at you! Pretend to be a mother angel coming up here to lecture people. Rapist, moron, idiot, uncivilised bunch of despos etc... WHAT ABOUT YOU! You deserve to go and fuck your mother, lick your sister cheebye and pulling the dick of the bastard you bear with them, God curser!

Anonymous said...

Rockson, you are a great ah beng! May I prostrate 3 times before you.
I like your blog.
Unlike those very educated people here trying to correct us with proper English.

Rockson! Banzai!!!

Anonymous said...

Everybody here like a shit!! LOL

Anonymous said...

It's time for some crooks to go to jail. When the government press charges, I think there's no way out.

"Orh Tau Png" awaits.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck Zoe Tay's Pua Chee Bye!!

Unknown said...

Stupid lah.
500k to 600k !?
_|_ that guy :\

Anonymous said...

Zoe Tay that chao cheebye!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

We have made tremendous strides in the fight against kidney disease since 1950, when the NKF was founded. At that time, there were no dialysis treatments or transplants, which meant that people with kidney failure simply died.

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Unknown said...

Today, individuals and families with kidney disease can often enjoy rich and productive lives. As the NKF turns 60, we look back with pride on our contributions to the millions of Americans affected by kidney disease over the past 60 years. View the video below to hear what dialysis patients, transplant recipients and many others have to say about the NKF.

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cialis said...

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Anonymous said...

Good report as you peppered it with many common parlances to make it accessible. I love it the way you know how to use the right slang word in place of the proper English term for maximum impact.

Whether you work for the govt or not, please continue to entertain our dark and dreadful days of slog.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how much Zoe that chao lao cheebye is paid to fake it on stage?

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