Monday, May 02, 2011

Teo Ser Fuck shouting PAP name for fuck?

Lawrence sent me this video today. Told me it is the PAP fucker Teo Ser Luck at election rally.

I didn't know the cheebyekia speaking power is so lousy one.

Why he even shout his own name at the end? Fucking laokui right?

"Can you leave one last cheer for me? TEO SER LUCK! TEO SER LUCK!"


Then the camera show the people, like only a few people watching. Look like he talking to himself like that.

My Horse can give better speech than this fucker.

(If you want to download this video for yourself, go to this link)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nicole Seah is my favourite new election XMM!!!!!

KNN just when I thought PAP the Tin Pei Ling was the most chio politics girl, fucking cheebye Lawrence send me this photo of new and youngest politician girl to join the election: NICOLE SEAH!!!!!

Fuck man, this time Opposition is really win the PAP in the young and chioness department. 24 years old only and she dare to join the other side instead of tompang minister into the parliment. I RESPECT!

All the time I thought NSP is a fucking Ah Pek Party (should be call APP hahahahaha!) but look like they want to show they can also be Now Sexy Party!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

My Horse see Nicole Seah already also want put his Horse hand up and join Opposition.

Here is another photo of her:

Fucking CHIO!!!!!!

Last time I heard she is Reformer Party one. Must be she damn toolan the Kenner Jeyafatham, the son of the famous JB's Jeyafatham, that's why she join the Now Sexy Party. That Kenner must be another cheebye kia. His Reformer Party got so many people in and out, in and out, like the Changi Village 20-cent public toilet like that.

I already like her Facebook page because I am sure got many more photo of her will come out. Nabei, she can come and give my Horse walkabout anytime! I sure buy her newsletter one!

Actually now I see the NSP logo, remind me of look like someone head explode. Another angle also look like kachng hole explode! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Nabei got her video liao! Just skip all the fucking boring Ah Pek and the warehouse assistant talking in front! After one minute my Little Nonya talk! Her voice is just as sexy as her face!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tin Pei Ling, sexy PAP XMM!

Diu! Who is this fucking chio ger?

Lawrence just send me this photo. Her name is Tin Pei Ling! He say it is new PAP candidate who is youngest to run in this year election! 27 years old only! Fucking chio man!

I don't know why she holding this paper bag from a brand call kate spade. Maybe she like gardening! I want to show her my spade also! My spade is call Horse!!! Hahahahahahahaha!

Just seeing her doing the kawaii sign I already steam. Then Lawrence send me this photo of her wearing her official PAP uniform!

knn! Even more sexy! I can tell she like her man to be fast, because she got the lightning badge on her chest! When I drive my baobei car, I am also fast as lightning!

And she even wear the white shirt with one button on top never button, lancheow tease or not! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

I find out she is in charge of the PAP internet department, and Lawrence say she intend to use "social media to reach out to the younger generation" in this coming election, "to build friendship online"!

This make me very excited because Lawrence show me her Twitter page. Wah! Her profile is got beach photo! Maybe even bikini kind!

But when I look for her Twitter name call @tinrina it is GONE!!! Fucking GONE! And her new Twitter account is LOCKED kind!

I see that lock I damn sian! Cheebye! How to build fucking friendship online like this?

But I am not scared. I already apply to be her friend on Twitter. I waiting for her to open her lock to let me come inside.

Come inside. Hahahahahahahahaha!

Temasick Review, the Wanbao of Internet Politics Blog, got publish these photo of her and some fat fuck. Nabei! Leave my Pei Ling alone! This cannot be her boyfriend! This kind of standard will never be able to be her man!

Lawrence tell me her husband is the private secretary of PM Mini-Lee and he is a 40 years old man. I don't know why she want to marry a man so fucking old and at the same time, got a girl job as a secretary.

Leave your old secretary husband and choose me, Pei Ling! My name is Rockson! And my Horse and me will vote for you! That is TWO VOTES! Hahahahahahahahahaha!


Lawrence just made this cute moving icon of idol for me. The pundek is so fucking solid with his puki computer when he is not watching his Japanese AV.

Resim hosting:

Nabei, I can fucking watch this for hours.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

KNN, I make a YPAP Chairman of Toa Payoh angry

Just came back from chionging at St James Power Station and Lawrence told me the last few days got a lot of people talking about me and the Cheo Ming Shen guy who say Lee Kuan Yew is like Nelson Mandela.

I said Fuck you lah, where got? Then Lawrence (he sometimes help me read my Twitter because I got no time and he is also more techno than me) show me this link of Temasek Reveals, a famous internet website that talk about politics, like Strait Time, but without the carry PAP balls part (I like their sponsor advertisements the most, because got show many local chiobu to date).

Here is the headline:

Another website also got mention this on their Facebook page.

Nabei! I didn't know this cheebyekia is also Young PAP Chairman of Toa Payoh East! I only know he was boss of Muffnang, a internet company that sell blogger advertisement and internet banner to big company that dunno people don't click or look at banner anymore (at first I even thought it was sell cheebye one).

Fuck man, if I know he is YPAP, I won't anyhow call him cheebyekia on my Twitter lor.

PAP people is very powerful one, even the Young one. They can call their lawyer sue you, call ISD come and catch you, and even cassette you as politics association.

I heard from Lawrence that a guy call The Online Citizen just kena cassette by PAP (I think this website very powerful! One citizen can write so many thing!). When PAP give you the cassette, you must register then they tie the cassette tape around your lampa tight tight until you cannot breathe. Very painful, I heard. Don't ask me why PAP use cassette, nowadays we all use iPod already. My baobei car also no more cassette deck, only CD and mp3 player.

Fucking cheebye, if the Online Citizen he can kena cassette, then I also can kena cassette lor. I am just a Nobody Blogger who like to talk lancheow words and fuck gers! I heard politics association cannot take money from foreigner. This actually don't affect me so much. Normally is I give money to foreigner who show me her talent. Hahahahahahahaha!

KNN, it is very stupid of me to call a YPAP Chairman a cheebyekia like this. One day, he can become a Minister then hunt for me how? Somemore his kind is rich (he got $10000 to buy Lao Lee's new book with Lao Lee signature ok? I don't even have enough money to buy the normal No-Lao-Lee signature one lor!). And he is so young is already call himself a boss (his Twitter account, Lawrence told me, is @bossming), and is those win Young Enterporner award kind of boss ok?

I should have know he is a very powerful man from his photo, who show his special guitars and got his own rubber chicken. Here is another photo of this powerful man doing busy things on his powerful computer!

And I heard he have many friend like MP Josephine Teo because I heard he help her in the Meet the Peoples session!

Actually talk about Josephine Teo, I think she is one of the most chiobu PAP MP around. Not the usual fat and ugly fuckface woman they usually find. She is a General in the NTUC somemore. I will Upturn her Downturn any time, man! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Maybe I should try to be a better Online Citizen and help at those PAP event. Can go and tell the resident their MP is coming please open the door, can make friend with chiobu MP like Josephine, and maybe one day can ride a big minister to win a GRC!

KNN, my Horse is so big, can win a GRC all by himself, I think! Hahahahahahahaahahaha!