Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mandate what cheebye mandate?

Wah so exciting this time. Especially the Potong Pasir and Hougang fight. $80 to $100 million fucking dollar and plus send Lau Goh go there also cannot help them win Chiam and Low Thia Khiang. People cannot always be win by send Big Gun and give money. People want your heart not just your hand. Aljunied that side is good example of what the new Singaporean want. Ang Mo Kio result also another big sign.

But fuck lah, you just see lor, Aljunied sure kena chop chop like Cheng San one. Almost 44% the people there choose Worker Party. Fuck care you put how many PAP minister down there. 44% of Aljunied don't mind lose one Overseas Minister and two small minister. What that tell you? People not happy. People want more. People want MP that can do thing for them. They heng in Aljunied still got the woman MP like Cynthia Pua do her work or else die. I have many friend in Aljunied and they tell me they never see the General before. So have a big minister as my MP for fuck?

And Ang Mo Kio is the best! All the time walkover until WP send their Kamakazee team there. Six no-experience young punk fight the Small Dragon and can win until 33% of the vote there! Lim Boon Heng got say 85% win for Small Lee right? Hahahahahaha!!!! Where is your 85% now? 70 fucking percent also dun have! Still can say got mandate and got new young voter support. Just kena fuck backside by six virgin, support ki lan ah! AMK the 66.13% cannot even beat the average Singapore 66.6% score. Mandate ki lan ah!

I heard the Cheng San that side got help a bit. Cheng San people still never forgive PAP for 1997. You can chase away their Tang Liang Hong. You can swallow their Cheng San put inside Ang Mo Kio. But you cannot take away the toolan in their heart. This 33% is their present to you. This 33% is Cheng San middle finger give to PAP.

Friend just told me they arrest Gomez. Dunno true or not. Nabei election over liao so can start to bully people. You just see lah, your life will go back the same hell like before.

Actually the most big loser is not Opposition. They actually improve a lot, almost every place they fight the percent increase, PAP percent go down. Even Talk Cock Ling and his Self Destroy Party also can get 20%, quite good liao. No, the most big loser is Goh Choke Tong who kena send to become PAP Suicide Man. Send him go to Potong Pasir and Hougang and die. At least the Worker Party Suicide 6 go with nothing, come back with some result. Lau Goh go with his name and his million of carrot, come back with the million of carrot push up his kar chng by the people who support Chiam and Low. Somemore dunno how come this election, Lau Goh say so many stupid thing, like say bad thing about Chiam even make Chiam wife cry. Lau Lee and Small Lee lend him the knife by send him go to PP and Hougang, but Lau Goh ownself poke his own stomach. Small Lee not just fix opposition, also fix Lau Goh I think. Hahahahahaha!!!!

The other big loser is the cheebye Singapore newspaper like PAP Times and Mediacocksucker TV station like Channel News of PAP Only. After this election, no people want to believe you now. The internet show you all as Big Gahmen Running Dog. Maybe the auntie and the old man still will read you and believe you. But the new generation not just will read you less and less, and watch you less and less, they will never believe you fucker again.

Maybe Lau Goh can start new party, the Last-Time PAP party! Hahahahahaha!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Last day before voting, time to go Geylang and cheong - fuck first vote later!

Lawrence send me this photo today. Fuck lah, don't make me vomit my yesterday night supper can? I don't even know what the word mean, but see this photo I also scared! Stupid cheebyeface Lawrence! Want to send at least send me Glenda or Sylvia photo lah!

And this one below Lawrence also send me! Hahahahahaha!!! Even people the fucking Election Lorry also got people do movie review ah!

The SDA Mobile Message Vehicle just pass by my block at Sengkang. I notice the difference with PAP is that the SDA people in the vehicle bother to wave non-stop at all residents peering from their house

But the PAP vehicle just drove by with the recorded message as per routine with no one waving. The PAP passenger just sat inside and read newspaper.

Talk about sincerity. Because of this, I am voting SDA.

The PAP fella must have thought it was a foregone conclusion and did not bother to do his job. Does he know the meaning of "Election Campaigning" ?

I also like the way Chiam See Tong whack the PAP back. Nabei! Say he is too old? Fuck you understand! He is Singapore Number One opposition man, tahan for more than 20 year! What he gain from all this? NOTHING! Cheebye Lancheow NOTHING! And you dare to say he too old? If he is too old, then what is Lau Lee and Selected President Narden? Those two is 80 plus liao, nobody say they too old. But Chiam is too old for Potong Pasir? Fucking hell.

And today, so coincidence! Front page is got Singtel give Singaporean Ang Pow also! Wah so good! Gahmen give us Progress Package, now the gahmen company also give! Announce on Friday newspaper front page, so coincidence hor!

My Malaysian friend say you Singapore gahmen is the Best in the World. Why? I ask him.

Your gahmen already more boleh than our gahmen. Make until give bribe for vote also become so high tech and legal! In Malaysia our politician still have to go to the village and give the cash. You Singapore people go to the ATM press a few time, and the bribe go into your bank! And somemore got name! Call Progress Package! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

I think this time the Election is a SORRY ELECTION.

Got four politic party, three of them say sorry liao. First is SDP say sorry to Lau Lee and Small Lee. Then is Worker Party the Gomez say sorry. Then PAP the Small Lee also say sorry today for saying "fix". Only left SDA not yet say sorry. Hahahahahaha!!!

You know who is more SORRY? Raymond. Why?

PAP announce what $80 miilion dollar to give to Hougang if they choose the PAP man, and not Low. Raymond call me this morning and kow pei kow bu. He live in the walkover ward and he ask me Where they get that kind of money to give Opposition ward? We walkover get nothing, they Opposition get $80 million. I know earlier I move to Opposition HDB flat also! Fuck fuck fuck! Raymond say.

I also feel sorry for him hahahaha!!!

Lucky don't have so many Opposition ward. Wait they have to give $80 million to ALL OF THEM! Where that money will come from? Prime Minister also say he don't want so many Opposition or else he cannot do good job. Wait they oppose him how? So must be more of his people then he can do his job. Got more than 10 opposition he cannot.

Fuck lah, like this I also can be Prime Minister lah! Every time I want to pass one law, so convenient, all the man is my man. No need argue, no need convince. Make the policy is like Walkover style. Like so many of the election. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

I think this time PAP wrong pattern liao. Last time still got Chee Bye Suan be the bad guy, make the opposition look bad. Actually I believe he is Secret Gahmen Spy, plant inside the opposition party to explode them from inside.

But this year the election they sue him until bankrupt too early liao. So no more his monkey show to do. Left only the Not Gila Opposition like Low and Lau Chio Sylvia to show they are strong opposition. No Chee means no bad guy for them to attack, so they no choice attack the blur fuck like Gomes for his form. Gomes not like Chee, no kee seow enough. People see this new opposition is so steady and chai, they start to think, actually this few not bad. Maybe can vote them.

Even the PAP MP also think they good! You never hear meh? Mah Bow Tan he got say in his rally speech "请投我们反对党一票!"

Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! What the fuck!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pua Cheebye!!! Got so many people go Worker Party photo ah!

Lawrence send me this photo. Nabei how come the newspaper never show this kind of photo!!!

I got to the sgrally there, I see some more photo. It is today one (wah people damn fucking fast send the photo to this sgrally, man). Wide angel one ok!

If you want to see the photo even bigger, just click on the picture can see more bigger!

Fucking hell, Singaporean must be damn toolan gahmen man.

I Vote for James Gomes that Cheebye Form be my MP

Raymond send me this email today. He say our Prime Minister Lee speech say if got too many opposition is no good for Singapore because then PAP cannot do good job. Too many fucking opposition will make Small Lee headache, have to think how to FIX them and BUY VOTE from supporter. Not I say one ok? Small Lee say one, don't believe you see below from the Channel News Singapore website" -----

Mr Lee says: "What is the opposition's job? It's not to help the PAP do a better job ... because if they help the PAP do a better job, you're going to vote for me again and they're going to be out of a job for a long time. So their job is to make life miserable for me.

"Right now we have Low Thia Khiang, Chiam See Tong, Steve Chia. We can deal with them. Suppose you had 10, 15, 20 opposition members in Parliament. Instead of spending my time thinking what is the right policy for Singapore, I'm going to spend all my time thinking what's the right way to fix them, to buy my supporters votes, how can I solve this week's problem and forget about next year's challenges?"

I like Small Lee, actually. He very honest say this kind of thing! This is what politic is what! FIX your enemy and BUY your supporter! Hahahahahaha!!!!

At least got some new thing from him. Fucking hell, every day I on the tv and open the newspaper is only James Gomes Gomes! Gomes! KNNBCCB!!!! I Australia come back until now is got nothing but the cheebye Goneh news.

Why they don't talk about important thing like why my CPF still cut?

Why my father medical bill still so high?

Why Ah Seng still cannot find job?

Why the gahmen allow NKF fuck Singaporean so long?

Why my friend retarded son cannot go school?

Why every year the bus fare the MRT fare the everything get more and more expensive and my pay become less and less?

Why? Tell me fucking chow cheebye why?

Their answer? James Goners is a liar!

Fuck you understand?

I also think they must call Lau Lee to shut up liao. The old man is Singapore Lau Peh this is true. Nobody will say he never do many thing for this country but wah lao eh!!! The more thing he say the more he make people tulan! The young people show he do on tv make until the gahmen look like dunno fuck thing about young people thinking. Tell them ask any question so they ask lor but in the end kena fuck by him until have to diam diam. Those young people who is going to vote one, they see already you say who they will vote after that?

Then I heard he also hamtam the oversea reporter and call them shut up also. Then he now join the Gomes gang bang also.

Who is Prime Minister now? Him or his little dragon?

In old day the politic is very gangster kind, so must also be gangster if want to win. Now people is no more so rough, young people also got brain and can think for themself, why still use the old way to win election?

Ah Seng, my secret society friend, tell me the other day, even they all gangster and gang also have to change their pattern liao. Last time can still 打打杀杀 now cannot already. Many his new recruit is got degree one (even got a few woman leader!) and they do the gang business is like real business. Only sometime got some stupid fucker like that One-eye fella take gun to settle his problem. You see what happen to him? Kena catch in Malaysia send back to Singapore!

You want to get new blood and new supporter, Ah Seng say, cannot use the old way liao. Even gangster also dowan to fight and die already. Die for fuck? Just want to make money and enjoy.

I think also the new gahmen those leader got too many scholar and elite best of the best. What they know about we all common people problem? Find all this lawyer and CEO and doctor to become my MP, say they can be Minister quality can go USA and discuss the world economy those kind of thing. Fuck lah no need lah! Don't need go USA for me, come to my Jurong and my Nee Soon and my Joo Chiat and settle for me my problem first can? Cheebye!!!

That is why that day the Worker Party rally in Hougang got so many people go, the PAP shock and scared. Even the newspaper don't dare to show the photo of the rally.

Where all this toolan people come from? Lawrence went and he told me got at least 80,000 people go, and not just those Ah Pek and Uncle go and see, it is those young people and young family also go and listen. Where the fuck this people come from? How come suddenly got so many toolan Singaporean?

Now then the gahmen see. This kind of toolan is not overnight come one. This kind of toolan is like those double boil soup. Cook for very long liao. Cook for last two year. Angry and hungry and tired and jobless Singaporean.

This is what happen when you have those Minister who can go oversea to talk to other country minister, but dunno the problem of his people. Chiam See Tong maybe is old but at least his people see his face in the coffee shop, he don't need send his kah kia to go people house to say he kind lah, say he clever lah. He don't need Lau Goh to go and fight for him. Why? Because people got eyes. Because people can see for themself. Because Chiam show face and show he care.

But we got make job for Singaporean what! The gahmen say. Make job and make living is two different thing. I give you security guard job is also job. But you can survive with the security guard pay or not that one is your fucking problem. On the paper, in the high high aircon office, the super elite scholar MP see his computer say he make one million billion zillion new job, he think, Good! I do good job! The people sure happy. Now I can get A Star for my Making Job for Singaporean exam! Singaporean will now love me!

That Joo Chiat the Chan Suu Cents is another one. So many year the Joo Chiat people have to see their estate become another Geylang, he do nothing. Maybe he dunno got this problem, then one day he do his MP walkabout there, got China mei mei come to him say "Sian shen ni yao ahn mo mah?" then he realise Fuck! Joo Chiat really got problem hor!

In the end the Joo Chiat people have to ownself start a Safe Joo Chiat committee to clean up his shit. Now he say he help them clean up the Joo Chiat one. Fuck lah.

See? Singaporean got so many problem, so many issue. But what the gahmen talk about? James Koteh and his stupid form!!! KNNBCCB!!!! I feel like vote his form become my MP. Maybe that piece of paper got more answer and brain than all these politician. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Singapore Election coming, time to fuck off from Australia

I still in Australia, with Karen everyday fuck and fuck, go out and see country side. Life is very nice here but got to go home soon. My side got chance to vote liao!

Lawrence send me some news about Singapore election, and got one opposition member photo he take from Sunday newspaper, look like from those bank camera.

I ask him, what happen? Opposition member rob bank is it? Opposition member grab the girl from the counter and rape her backside and fuck her mouth in the bank is it? Opposition member wear bomb on his body say want to kill all the people in the bank issit?

Actually the last one remind me of Chee Bye Suan, the SDP fella. He is like a opposition party terrorist. All the opposition member trying to win support, this fucker open his mouth and make the opposition all look like fucker. Want to die we die together!!! is what this Chee is like saying. I think the other opposition people also wish he go Australia and talk his cock here. You bankrupt already want to fly your japanese commit-suicide aeroplane and crash into PAP house, go and do it but don't ask other people fly with you. Other people is want to try and WIN election one, you koteh pooky. Maybe Chee is a spy send by gahmen to sabo opposition one.

So I ask Lawrence, what happen? This bank camera picture!!! Bank robbery ah?

No, he said. Got one Worker Party ah neh, James Goners he go the election department fill form, then blur fuck forget to submit. Later he say got submit, then the election department take out their office video tape to show him come to the office and forget to submit. So the PAP and their newspaper the Strait Time company all whack him say he not honest man, say Worker Party fucked up.

I check the headline of the newspaper on the internet, KNNBCCB!!!! Lawrence is right, his name James Goners all big big words in the front page for few day.

Fuck their mother backside lah! I thought the James fella commit what crime.

Forget to fill his form only what! The most can say he blur fuck. And never come out to say sorry is just stupid only what. In the end also say sorry liao.

But the PAP and the newspaper and TV all make him look like he rape his mother and sister and steal their money then go and take drug, and then fuck a dog, and then rob a bank and then kick a little girl until she die!!! What kind of fuck thing is this?

Please lah, gahmen got nothing better to whack is it? What national issue is this? They keep say the opposition never tackle national issue, now they themself got so much time to attack one blur fuck who submit form wrongly then never admit early enough.

You want to dig up people dirt also try to dig more dirty thing lah? Also not say the gahmen inside is 100% clean one. They just got more powerful vacuum cleaner, suck all their own people rubbish up faster. I dunno hear how many story of Gahmen people got affair, make mistake (some million dollar mistake also) and anyhow use their power. You think ALL of those early retire MP is because they so kind want to let new MP come in one ah?

Fuck you understand?

So how now? Look for Low Thia Kiang the libary book borrow already never return is it? Never return libary book is mean he cannot be trust mah! Or tell Singaporean that Sylvia Lim last time she park car never put coupon, then the parking auntie come then she run out to put. Aiyo! See that woman also cannot trust!

Fuck you understand?

Say that Sylvia Lim, my horse also stand. Lau Chio,. man that one, her neh neh damn the big! I sure vote her neh neh one! My horse also give her his vote. Two vote from me! Hahahahaha!!!! And two more vote from my balls to that Glenda Hand. Not bad lah, young and run pub one. Then run against Small Lee in AMK. Pretty and brave! I like.

Want to ask the real hard question, go and talk to that Joo Chiat PAP guy lah. Ask him how come Joo Chiat got so many massage health centre and prostitute. Now they come and say wah, see he so good, work with the Joo Chiat people clean up the place, from 10 massage centre to left only three. In the first place, this fucker MP there so long, who is the fucker let the problem become so big one? Now say he wipe up his own shit, is very hero. And Joo Chiat got less than three massage centre? Who believe? I cheong the bar there so many time, the massage girl and shop still there! The gahmen use blind people to count one ah?

I try to read the internet news website of Channel News Singapore (but not Strait Time one, because they charge money what the fuck who want to pay to read their shit). But the more I read the more I toolan. How come out of 10 news, 9 news is PAP one? And the 1 news of Opposition is say their bad thing? Might as well they call themself Channel News PAP!

And nabei, the Channel News Singapore camera spoil is it? How come the PAP rally no people come they can shoot until close close don't show all the crowd. Then the Opposition party rally got so many thousand people, their camera cannot do wide angel one? Fuck their mother backside ok? You think Singaporean is stupid one ah? Lawrence send me some photo of the rally of different party, nabei the opposition one so many people until the people have to stand in the road!

I think their boss, the gahmen, must have tell them, you fucker better don't show the opposition party got how many people, keep your lan cheow wide angel lens at home and shoot lesser opposition rally video the better, or else you all will kena backside buah gu yu!

I don't care you want to vote for PAP or Opposition Party or yourself, vote is belong to you one. You want to vote the super elite scholar PAP member who backside can come out one new lift for your house, vote him. You want to vote blur fuck opposition who cannot fill form, vote him. You want to vote steady lau cheow opposition like Low and Chiam, vote him. Vote is yours one. It is the only thing in Singapore that can still say is belong to yours one (your HDB flat also not belong to yours one).

But there must be fair. Gahmen already got their own blog called newspaper company and their own tv and radio to use. Their bank video camera is also for shoot opposition one. Other party must also have their chance. Cannot only fucking one side story.

Lucky this Lawrence send me one site call sgrally (is at the, there got many video and sound file and photo for me to see. Thing you cannot see in the gahmen TV and gahmen newspaper. Good like this! Internet now make normal people become their own tv station and newspaper. It is my new favourite site man!

I hope more people send this sgrally guy more election video, I like to watch! If got video of Sylvia and Glenda and all the wear sexy kind of chio bu who attend rally one even better! My horse like! Hahahahahahaha!!!!