Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Who is running Singapore Flyer? Fucking monkeys, is it?

Cheebye lah! 173 people for six fucking hour stuck in the Singapore Flyer! These people got no SOP to save people one is it?

This kind of expensive merry-go-round can so easy spoil, spoil until cannot move for so many hour.

Maybe they want to give their customer more ride for their money. Maybe they think, customer pay so much to sit inside the lan cheow wheel, maybe can give them more excitement, let them kena trap for six hour, then give them rope to climb down.

I think they should give the Singapore Flyer new name, call Singapore Fucked Up Flyer. Merry-go-round in those cheapo fun fair run by Ah Beng and Ah Pek also more safe than them, man.

Now the whole world is laughing at this Singapore icon, even got England newspaper call Guardian say can make disaster movie. Whole world news talk about the six hour break down, like New Zealand (the country where people fuck sheep), England, and Canada (they are in America but Obama is not their President). And even International Harold Tribune (I don't know what country is Harold).


I think the Singapore Fucked Up Flyer CEO should go and put his head inside his toilet bowl and flush his fucking lan cheow brain away.

No fucking SOP, no fucking rescue plan, no fucking toilet plan, nothing.

People stuck inside so long, even have to pang jio inside a fucking plastic bag! Not even Singapore Flyer plastic bag! It is some NTUC plastic bag they bring themself.

I think the next year F1 night race better we put one big cloth to cover this fucking fail merry-go-round. Don't let the world see it, wait they remember how fucked up the safety system is.

The Singapore Fucked Up Flyer people got time to make the wheel turn the other way because want to change the view and want to better feng shui, but cannot make sure the fucking wheel won't break down.

The Singapore newspaper also fucked up. Must try to cover the Flyer Fuck Up. Try to make the accident look nicer. Only you go to other news website then can see how scared people who kena stuck look, and only go other site then got photo of people going hospital. Cannot trust Singapore newspaper and tv one. Only know how to lick government balls.

Should put all the Singapore tv and newspaper company inside the Singapore Flyer and switch it off. Let them kena stuck inside for a few years. Don't give them food and water, and make them pee in their own plastic bag.

That is the best use of the Singapore Fucked Up Flyer.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fuck I almost forgot my blog password

On Sunday, Lawrence ask me, eh, you very long never blog already right?

Fuck lah, I said to him. Who got time to write long mother father story nowadays? The world is so luan, USA kena fuck, Thailand kena fuck, Singapore also kena fuck.

So long already I also cannot remember my blog the password. Fuck which ger name I use ah?

I remember your password, Lawrence say. Then Lawrence said, and you can always tweeter.

What the fuck is tweeter? Sound like means lancheow is very small. I don't want to be a tweeter ok? My horse is very big one! Hahahahahaha!

No lah, Lawrence said. It is a new thing, like mini blog like this. And can make friend, read other people tweeter, use handphone to write short short blog, like what are you doing now.

Hah? What the fuck the world want to know what I doing now?  They very free is it?

Lawrence said, I set up for you liao. You just use lah. Maybe can find more girlfriend.

Early don't say! Tweeter can meet more girlfriend, I sure try lah! This tweeter thing better be good or I will sure fuck him upside down.

Nabei, last time Lawrence ask me try the Facebook waste my time. I look and look but no naked girl photo in Facebook leh!