Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Malaysia police minah tekan China mei mei!

Karen go oversea to France for a while, look for her friend there, so I got time to see my own friend again. Sunday I send her to the airport for her SIA flight.

She kena the airport cock up her luggage, because she call me tell me her bags not at the airport when she reach there. And she got no clean underwear to wear when she reach France! I told her don't wear lor hahahahaha!!!

She laugh and say I naughty, wait she come back and punish my horse.

Singapore number one world class airport can so fucked up and cock up people bag. Must be their staff use the airport computer to see XXX website kena virus hahahaha!!

I call Lawrence after Karen go oversea and he scold me say why I so many fucking day never go and chiong with him, got stead liao no need to have friend is it?

I told him cheebye lah, I where got stead? Karen is just friend only, but friend who like my horse very much. Hahahaha!!! My horse is for many girl to share one, but it is true this few week Karen share it more than other girl. Make until I very tired.

Usually girl who like sex a lot is very ugly one, but she is chio and like to fuck also, and also chute many pattern in bed. And she even like to listen Andy Lau, my favourite Heavenly Sky King! Sometime we even fuck with his best of the best song "Give Me A Glass of Mineral Water"!

Anyway I tell Lawrence, she is just a friend lah and ask him want to go out or not.

After we go out Monday night, Lawrence come help me to upload this video that is shoot in Malaysia by secret handphone camera! My blog is now like a tv! It is that video of the Malaysia police minah who tekan the China woman make her naked and do squatting exercise!

You can also see the video by clicking here! Rockson tv channel!

(Fuck the movie kena delete by dunno who!!! Chow Cheebye!!!! Never mind, you go here and get.)

I see the China woman neh neh so nice and big big my horse also hard liao!

I thought Malaysia police just give them coffee money can already? How come this China woman kena so jialat? Maybe she don't have enough ringgit to give them!

Must be they thought she is a pros! Maybe they think all China woman is pros! Or they scared the China woman come to Malaysia make until got too many orang cina.

This video is be make China sibeh toolan Malaysia and also Malaysia own people is shock that got this kind of thing. Their opposition MP also got chance to pretend to be hero.

I heard their police chief now say it is not a bad thing what! We Malaysia police is always like that tekan China woman by make them tng sar and hold their ear and squat until their neh neh bounce. He also say he not angry his police do this, and want to catch the fella who shoot the video.

Like this I also want to be Malaysia policeman! Every time see got China mei mei just catch and make her do the Malaysia Police Sexy Jump for me!

You! China ger! Jump again! Saya want to make sure your cheebye inside is not hiding drug or weapon! No! Not enough, jump some more!


Ok, you jump liao got nothing come out your Chinese cheebye. I think I have to use hand to check! What! You complain? No use one, my police chief will say we make you naked and jump jump jump like this is allow one! Hahahahaha!!! My minister even say cannot scold us, wait we low morale! Jump for me again! Wait, don't jump first, my other police friend also want to come and see.

I also read their police minister Noh Amar come out and say those foreigner who not happy and who say Malaysia police tekan people, they can fuck off and go home.

Like this how to Malaysia Truly Asia? If the foreigner really go home, then who is the Malaysia police going to tekan and take bribe from? Then they will have to survive with their peanut gahmen police salary only! Cannot!

(Malaysia peanut is not the same as Singapore peanut. Is really peanut.)

I think if I am Malaysia PM, I also headache got this kind of lan cheow mouth minister and police chief who anyhow say thing to make my country lao kui. But life is fair one, Singapore got Chee (Singapore minister of Australia), and Malaysia got this Noh Amar!

PM Addullah already say sorry to the China gahmen, but this Noh Amar minister come out and tell the orang asli to go back their own country. If in Singapore, that minister already kena his orang lam pah cut off liao.

I think Malaysia must learn from Singapore, welcome all the foreigner to Singapore. Singapore is love to suck China lan cheow because our gahmen want the China business.

Let the China student study in Singapore for free, give their mother come here also. Our job also can give them. Student, professor or prostitute all can come to Singapore, comfirm won't kena tekan.

Tonight I am going to chiong with Raymond and Lawrence again. Dunno when Karen going to come back. Yesterday she call me that time, she say she will call me again tonight.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

$5k can don't do NS

Wah lao, I down there very pain like fuck, man. Should not have listen to Karen. Now I cannot even walk properly.

Horse pain can excuse army or not? Hahahahaha!!!

But I heard got some fucker siam NS only kena $5000 fine only? He is some world class pianist, last time go oversea to play piano, never come back to do army, now want to come back Singapore. Come back go army court only kena fine $5000!!!!


Normal people like this siam army sure is kena $5000 orh gong and the three year jail one!

Somemore he now come back to Singapore like is a KNN music hero!

Be world class pianist can pay $5000 siam NS and reservist, be world class penis can downgrade or not? Cheebye!!!!

Singapore gahmen is got one law for normal people like me and you, and got another law for the special, the rich and the got power one. You is world class pianist and you siam army now you want to come back see your mother father because they lao liao cannot fly to England, ok ok come back to Singapore we only orh gong you $5k.

KNN I got friend who run away from army go oversea study, their mother father die already he also cannot come back see them. Come back will go jail. Cheebye.

Singapore is liddat one. If you is world class pianist, or world class student, or world class son of world class father, you can siam NS, or can become instant General, or can even take drug no need go jail or kena hang. And those instant General can become CEO of gahmen company never mind he never do any lan cheow business before. These General never even sell cha kuay teow before, but can use eye power and be big company boss.

Some instant General can even become CEO of Singapore!!! Lucky that one is smart one, not like the gahmen company generals.

But if you is only low class chao beng karaoke king, or low class fail exam student, or low class son of no class father, you will do reservist as chao corporal until you die.

If I know can pay $5k to don't do NS, fuck man, I also go and learn how to play the cheebye piano! I will even learn to play piano with my horse! Can be world class world famous Rockson the Horse Pianist! Singapore Penis Pianist! Got 11 finger! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Wasted I am only Big Horse, and not White Horse. Army White Horse is got the best life in the world. Nobody dare to fuck with you. Rich people, minister people, and those bigfuck Colonel and General, all their son is call White Horse. Some of these bigfuck officer just because their son is in a unit, everything also special, and the PC all dun dare to tekan their golden son platoon.

I think they should have make me White Horse too. When my Horse excited shoot the bullet is also white colour one! Hahahahaha!!! I am world class lan cheow what! My horse is SAF secret weapon. Enemy see they will scared.

My horse is so secret weapon, soldier take photo of it and put on their blog can kena charged one, ok?

Want to put my photo on blog must write and ask permission from Mindeaf one.

Dear Sir

I, NRIC Number, rank and name, want to ask permission put the photo of Rockson top secret horse on my blog. Like this is for to make the Army moral more better, because the men see already will know that Singapore soldier got two rifle and sure win the enemy one.


But army dunno what is blog. You ask them also no use, they only know how to say no first. I read the news say they make the blogger ask permission to blog, cheebye, ask for fuck? Every fuck thing also must ask permission, people no need to do anything already. So I blog my reservist go and chiong the bar and fuck the chicken also must ask permission from you issit?

Dear Sir,

I, NRIC Number, rank and name, want to ask permission put the photo of my buddy and me go to the R and R and fuck the girls behind and in front together, and see the neh neh show. We want show that army life also very fun, not only shooting enemy, but also shooting girl.

Your most On soldier,
Sgt Rockson Tan

Dear Sgt Rockson,

Cheebye lah. You cannot post the photo of this kind of fuck thing because army dowan people know that their men go reservist oversea is do this kind of fuck thing. We tell the Singapore mother, girlfriend and wife that we give the soldier condom is for them use to put water in the jungle training. You want them to know the condom is so that our soldier go oversea don't kena any lan cheow disease issit? Nabei! We dowan our serviceman to kena lan cheow disease because our MO in the medical centre only know how to give panadol. Panadol cannot cure lan cheow disease one. Thank you very much your feedback.

Yours sincerely,
Mindeaf Ask Permission Dept


I read the Singapore newspaper say "Singapore army in USA is damn big fuck!" But the whole world news say "Singapore army soldier write blog and kena fuck!".

So Singapore army now is more famous for blog than for their Apookie helicopter, hahahaha!!!

But nowaday cannot be like old time, got serviceman die or training not safe can still hide from outside people. People is donate their son and husband give you to use for army training, you cannot anyhow fuck with their life. You see how long they hide the commando water training, only got people die then Singapore people know and army take action. Like this how you answer the mother father and wife of the soldier?

Fuck fuck fuck!!! My down there still so pain. Next time I dowan to listen to Karen liao. I like to see her wear her sexy short short bicycle shorts to ride her racing bike (she always jao geng and can see her g-string and sometime even cheebye!) but fuck lah, ride the fucking bicycle at the whole East Coast is damn pain for my horse.

Worse when I keep see Karen cycle that time bend down and her neh neh swing here swing there (she is like to wear low low tank top too) and her g-string keep jao geng, make my horse become harder than the bicycle seat.

Horse hard and ride bicycle is damn pain one ok? Lucky I never go and pierce my horse, or else after ride bike cannot ride girl! Hahahahahahaha!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

See Karen the Zouk girl again

Yesterday, Karen the girl I meet from Zouk call me to go out again. She fucking chiong queen man. When we fuck off from Zouk that night, she promise to show me her other earring.

We go her place and she tear off all my clothes. Drink so much can still so hiong. Must be she can drink a lot one. She saw my horse and shout like very happy puppy.

I think I am going to like you very much, Rocky dear, she said, you really are a Rock!

Then she also take off her clothes and she said now you can see where my other earring is.

KNNBCCB it is in her cheebye!!!!

Where got woman put earring in cheebye one!!!

It is for sex pleasure she said.

Your pleasure or my one? I ask.

Mine, she laugh, but I got one more pierce place for you to enjoy too.

She stick out her tongue and show me got one earring inside.

That one lagi shiok for me. I no need to tell you why. Shiok for many time that night.

She is study science one, she told me. Got those what life science degree from oversea. I said what lan cheow thing is life science? I ask is it the cut frog that subject, she said something like that.

She say like Singapore want to be medicine centre of the world, so those make medicine company will come here and make their medicine like viagra and invent new super-viagra (I no need this kind of thing, my horse can sedia long long hard hard hahahahaha!!!!).

So she thought study this cut frog subject can do this life science line. But she now jobless and looking new job.

I said how come you got degree in this science but no job?

She told me fuck lah, life science is only those want to do phd (I think is those even more high degree) then got job one. Normal degree people got no job in this line one because the KNN medicine company only want the can study germs those kind of phd degree people.

And the other type of job in this line is check the science machine one, this kind diploma also can do, no need degree. So she and her normal life science degree friends lan lan lor.

Now she doing some part time job for her friend, she said. Her life science give back to her school liao.

But I told her never mind, she can be phd of studying how to play my horse and she laugh.

So she call me again yesterday, ask me want to go out? Go and eat, club and fuck.

Wah. This degree girl very straight. Just come out and say.

Rockson like, hahahahahaha!!!!

Talk about kena fuck, I think the Opposition in Singapore should just join PAP. PAP have their golden horse award show can use free Police. Opposition have their own show must apply and pay Cisco.

Raymond say of course lah. If you is the 99.999999% gahmen, you sure must get free police for your show. Wait terrorist bomb all the come from backside door minister liao Singapore then we have to vote for new gahmen how? Like this is very inconvenient for Singaporean one.

If you are Opposition, and terrorist come and bomb your show, only Hougang and Potong Pasir will got no MP. Hahahahahaha!!!

I heard Singapore going to have no poor people anymore. Gahmen giving out one-fuck bonus. Give you feel good one time then you will forget the last four year you no job and everyfuckthing get more and more expensive.

Lao Lee plant his every year tree time, he say our economy very promising. I also say. Promise this promise that, promise promise promise. Cheebye.

Never mind, last time election they very promising good economy also, in the end we four years kena the most puacheeybye jobless time of the Singapore history. BUT! It is Sars kena make the economy bad, ok? Sars fault hor. Not gahmen fault.

This time they also very promising good economy, so Singaporean all must be happy like fuck. Ah Seng look at me when I told him Lao Lee say his promising, and he said wah yay and spit on the floor.

Tell me when the promising come true hor, he say.

Newspaper say life is become good what, so must be true. Singapore newspaper is number one in Singapore, number 140 in the world. But Lao Goh (so is he plant the peanut tree?) got say, Singapore is very special one. People say we freedom of newspaper is last of the world we fuck care them! We don't need have freedom of newspaper. Got one good virgin cheebye clean gahmen can already.

Newspaper in Singapore no need to report those not happy things one. Like this is not help country. Just need to be guai guai can already. Don't say those make Singapore people angry things. Left hand look like write about the real thing, right hand carry the gahmen lampa.

Must help no job no money Singapore worker be happy and sing song. This call the help country newspaper.

Lan cheow ok?

Anyway after Karen call me I meet her in town. She bring me to this shop, outside got many design. I ask her what kind of shop is this? She said don't worry, it won't pain one.

I said pain? What pain? You bring me come here do what thing?

She laugh and tell me, I think your horse will look very nice if got earring.