Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why the Marina Massage look like a giant cheebye?

Lawrence sent me this photo of the Marina Massage where they let go the water when got too much rain and now I know why Singapore flood so easy!

They design it like a woman cheebye!

If this is a virgin cheebye, then it will be fucking tight! If it is tight, of course water will not flow easily out lah! This kind of simple fuck idea also dunno.

Maybe I can lend them my Horse, help them make Marina Cheebye more looser! Hahahahahahaha!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fuck lah! Singapore become one big drain!

Kanena! What the fuck is this Minister, Dr Yakult Ibrahim, and his Ministry of Drain and Longkang doing?

First is Bukit Timah flood. Then Orchard Road flood. Now Joo Chiat too?

I think this Mat Minister need to wake up his idea and do his job. The latest flood is blame on some Typhoon and La Ninaboo weather pattern.

To cover his backside, this useless bugger now say, oh! We tender for the improvement work of the drain liao! Why don't you tender your resignation also? A bit too late right? Flood until cannot flood already then come and ask for tender of improvement work?

Every day, I see the fucking rain, I don't even dare to drive my baobei car out! My neighbour the car was park near Still Road the other day, his car kena go swimming. Confirm the engine is fucked up.

Even ask them to maintain one simple drain (Orchard Road got the Stamford Canal) also cannot do properly. The fucking canal can himself FLOOD. If a canal you also cannot make don't flood, how to trust you to make sure Orchard Road don't flood?

Even my Mat friends is angry at this minister. Their motorbike all kena spoil in the flood, now cannot deliver McDonald and KFC properly. I feel sad for them cannot make their living!

I think we can make sure this Dr Yakult do his job harder next time. Make him suck the cock of every man who have house, business or car get affected by a flood.

He better hope he don't meet someone like me who has big horse. Hahahahahahaha!

Learn from this Hong Kong ger!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lawrence show me Banned-in-Singapore video!

Today, Lawrence told me he set up a Youtube video channel for me and wanted to show me this video banned by Singapore gahmen.

I was very excited because I thought it was some kind of sex video of a PAP minister.

KNNBCCB!!!! It was just some video of a old man talking about some politics thing and scolding about Lao Lee! He last time kena catch by PAP go jail for 19 years for bring communist lover (dunno is it he fuck Mao Chee Tong wife or what).

Fuck lah! I thought got neh neh to see! Gahmen also damn free, this kind of boring thing also want to ban.

Anyway, if you want to see this kind of boring thing, about Operation Cold Slaw (or something like that), you can see at my new channel.

Next time I will find some sexy video upload for you to see. Lawrence the Fucker waste my time to upload this kind of politics thing.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

You can also see the whole thing at my Vimeo channel.