Sunday, January 15, 2006

Orh-seem iFuck!

Nabei! Lawrence do for me this photo of my idea, Rockson's iFuck! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy New Year and everyday fucking raining

I think its be for the best for Karen. Here no job one. Fucking cheebye newspaper everyday front page say all the good news. House price fucking go up, economy fucking go up, job fucking go up, share price fucking go up. Ya, you got money, sure can make money from share. No money no job buy what lan cheow share?

I think it is best for her to go. Valentime Day no need buy flower for her! Hahahahaha! Then I can valentime with more girl hahahahaha!

Yesterday the newspaper front page big big say the stock market will be good and is bull. Inside small small got one part say the Singapore election estate is going to change. Always like that, very easy to settle those estate toolan the gahmen one. Today you is Cheng San, tomorrow you is Ang Mo Kio. Cheebye.

It is for her own good lah. Anyway she like ang moh country more. Singapore got no place for her and her life science degree. Singapore only got time for the phd and the scholar and the gifted in exam one. At least she never go Korea that fucked up country. All their clowning result is all bluff one! Cannot say cannot lah! Fake the result make the whole world laugh at your country the science!

She at first tell me on that day I pick up her at the airport after I talk to Ah Heng. I thought she joking. She was not.

So last few week, I help her pack and drive her to buy her thing. Woman got many things one! Fucking so many shoe and dress! I think have to use a ship to send there!

We went to the New Year party. Quite fun but so many cheebye people. And the Bangra worker also there to disco and touch touch our woman. Got one or two young Ah Beng boy try to run and spray their white christmas snow at Karen so they can eat her bean curd but she give one of them a kick in the lampa before he got chance to spray. And Raymond and me chase after the other two guy and punch them until their face and lan cheow also become blue black. I think don't say spray white christmas snow, after Raymond and me take care them, they also cannot spray their own white thing for a few weeks liao.

Some things cannot depend on Singapore gahmen or police to settle one. Better to settle yourself. Anyway this kind of big party sure got all kind of cheebye fuckers come and try to molest girl. Break a few arm and leg and they will learn to next time touch themself body and not other people girl.

The other day I saw the tv got this advetisment for some new osim thing. The cowboy girl is sit on something and making all kind of sex sound. I think it is call iHorse or something. Suppose to be for exercise one!

Nabei like this all the girl who ride my horse also can get a lot of exercise too! Hahahahahahaha!!! No need what osim machine! Dunno if they got sell different plastic lancheow to attach to the seat for more exercise! Small, Medium, Large, Extra large and Rockson! Hahahhaha!!

Maybe can make one model for two person sit one, then Karen and me and Karen cheebye ear-ring really can do a lot of stunt! Call it osim iFuck! Hahahhaha!!!!

This few day, it is been raining. Rain and rain and rain. KNNBCCB want to go out with Karen also hard. So we just stay at her house and pack, sleep and fuck a lot.

Australia weather is better. Ya, I think its be best for Karen lah.