Thursday, April 20, 2006

Durai have to do his own cheebye stunt

I read from the Shin Min newspaper that cheebye face NKF bloodsucker TT Durai is kena charge and can go jail 5 year or even $100,000 fine.

Hong kan liao loh!

But please lah, KNN what is $100,000 fine? It is only peanuts! Less than one peanut, man! Because one lan cheow peanut is more than half million dollar!

Actually you have to respect this gahmen. Their timing sibei jun. Durai case all this time no noise. Maybe he also think, heng ah, no more on the radar already. Then just before the election, newspaper come out the headline big big: Durai Kena Fuck Backside!

Like this then the people who angry the gahmen for the NKF then can say, wah the PAP take action, vote them is the best!

Dong dong chang! Dong dong chang!

Not even Seven Month of the Hungry Ghost already got wayang!

Even the bus fare and MRT fare increase suppose to in July one, also kena push to October. So your election ang pow better don't spend all on your mistress in Batam, wait later not enough to pay the After Election Tax! Hahahahaha!!!

Ok, got to go liao. Karen waiting for me to go out for lunch. The fish and scallop here very cheap and fresh. Her scallop also nice to eat. Hahaha! The weather here very nice. Not too hot, not too cold. At night cooling feeling is very shiok for the bang bang! Hahahahaha!!!!

Wah today the Sydney news got one guy kena langga by two car on the highway. I think Durai will feel like this after the judge langga him. Hahahahaha!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Young girls and guys kena fuck on TV

Lawrence ask me today whether I got see TV yesterday. Channel News Singapore got Lau Lee talking session with young people.

I laughed and told him nowadays young punk where got time watch TV? Want to find the young people on Wednesday night, must fucking go to zouk (is Mambo night) or on internet. Young people all is not interested in Singapore monopoly TV and newspaper. That is why even though the newspaper company is almost monopoly they this year lose more than $180 million dollar. People want to see or use classify ads internet got many for them to see, no need use the expensive Strait Time company one liao.

Somemore yesterday and today I am busy pack my bag going to go visit Karen. The last few week even though got meet a few sexy new girl (even got one go out never wear underwear one!) but neh neh no matter how big after a while also squeeze until sian.

I got my Gahmen Progress Money coming, so can buy my Australia ticket. But must careful save some of the election free money to pay the after-election price and tax increase that sure will KNN come one.

I ask him, you got watch meh? I thought you always online one, always do the cheebye msn and visit the lup sup website?

He said got watch a bit, half see the japanese sailor moon school girl kena rape and force to suck the cock on the computer, half see Lao Lee show on TV.

Why you waste your fucking time? i said. They say this wayang is for young people ask Lao Lee any question they like. How many young people in the show?

Got ten, Lawrence said.

Who are the stupid fuckers go on the TV let Lao Lee whack?

Got two is student, one is professional, and seven is reporter, Lawrence tell me.

KNN, seven reporter! Whole of Singapore cannot find other young people issit? Somemore is young reporter, just start work do the reporter job. You think they dare to say wrong thing make themself whole life henta kaki in the reporter job? Wait they kena demote to write bo liao sex story for the Wanbao then they know, go TV ask the Old War Horse embarasing question!

Must be the gahmen know got a lot of young people going to have chance to vote, scared they nowaday study more than their father mother, think they know what is politic and then anyhow vote some fucked up opposition become their MP.

Young people is always got many angers one. Angry this angry that. Somemore now they listen those rap music, make them lagi angry. So must got the TV show to tell them they are stupid young punk, dunno what is Singapore history and what is communist, and scold them boh tua boh suay.

But dunno why they bother do this kind of TV show. The young people those who can, already fly oversea dowan to come back liao. Think they can more freedom and better life in ang moh country. Those who no money go oversea will stay here, bochup because they know whether life is good or bad for them here, the gahmen will still the same.

Wah lao! You put 10 young punk in the stage with Lao Lee, tell them actually can ask any question, sure all kena brainbully by the old man one. How to win him in argument? His brain bigger than you. He eat more salt than you eat rice. He got fight the communist before you is even a sperm in your father's lampa.

Go there sure kena backside rape one.

Ya Lawrence said, the young people in the show like at first ask a lot of fucking question, but he sometime never direct answer the question, sometime ask them back hard question, sometime tell them they boh tua boh suay or tell one of his old war story.

Hahahahahahaha!!! I said to Lawrence, and when he tell his war story means is time to shut your fucking cheebye mouth up and don't ask anymore this question, right? Hahahahahaha!!!!!

If it is me, I sure scared until lao sai in my pant one, I told him.

So when do you think will have opposition member get their own TV show with young people, you think? Wait long long ah! When your lan cheow become cheebye, I think! Hahahahahahaaha!!!!

Want to simi free lan cheow speech better do homework first and learn to tahan lao cheow speaker like Lau Lee those kind of words tackle. You throw your rock, he throw you back one missle. A smart man is don't take knife go gun fight one. He is will bring two gun.

Or else just guai guai go home and diam diam, let the gahmen take care the country and wipe your backside for you. Be like the rest of the sheep is better, ba ba blacksheep complain forever and forever, then election time come still vote same.

So you got watch until the end? I ask Lawrence who pass me my socks to put into my bag.

Actually I want to, he said. Some of the girl in the show quite chio, like the one wear green one in front. But when I watch come until the part LKY say if PAP become soft, it will kena replace, the Sailor Moon girl in my computer her breast kena the bukkake, so I also shoot liao. So I cannot watch finish the show, have to go and get tissue paper and wash hand, Lawrence said.

I fuck him upside down because he was holding my towel to help me pack. KNNBCCB dunno he got wash hand properly or not! Pua cheebye!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Renew my lan cheow, ok?

The other day, I got see the Strait Time say the PAP and the gahmen (they are the same thing) is like to do something call Retire, Refresh and Renew.

This is I think a fucking hao lian way to say Look! We always got change our MP one, let the old one retire to enjoy their million dollar salary, and let the new young punk come out to show they can also be gahmen.

Fuck your mother backside lah. Renew my lan cheow, ok? If they really believe in the new blood, how come still got Lau Lee and Lau Goh still there? Where is the Retire part?

Even go and find one Refresh President also cannot, have to keep a 80 plus old man who want to long long want to Retire as president. Where is the Renew?

My friend father 55 year old also kena retrench, but we have Minister, Head of the Judge, and President all is old enough to be my friend grandfather.

Then every few day, gahmen show a few new MP, three by three. KNN. It is like arm got plaster, want to pull hurry up pull, don't nabei pull slowly.

Singaporean all know what is the ending liao. Just tell us when is the election day, tomorrow vote also can. Why still want to slowly slowy take own sweet time and show us your confirm winners? In the end, who will remember their name or fuck face? Just remember our town got 5 people from the gahmen party continue to be our leader, get our million billion dollar of the upgrading, and five year time see them again.

Lawrence told me but they are not MP yet what, just kah kia or is call candiedates. But I told him just tompang the old Minister or lau cheow MP, enter by back door, then become MP by autogear lor! So call them MP now also can what!

I see the new MP the PAP introduce, is all look like cheebye made of gold. All is elite special forces one. Doctor, lawyer, boss, lawyer, CEO, lawyer... every mother son got dunno how many degree, make how much money a year, and all want to change the world become better place type.

Want to change the world, go and be opposition lah! They need your help. Gahmen party don't need your help, they already confirm win liao. Some more never join the opposition party never mind. Still go and join the gahmen party and say to the reporter, Opposition standard not good, they not enough talented people.

Fuck you understand? You got so much talent and want make the change of the world, why not you go and help make the fucked up Opposition better standard?

At least say the honest thing. We join the gahmen party because they are the winner. They got the money. They got the power. Join them no risk. No need scared kena sue. No need scared lose. No need scared kena all your shameful family story all come out in the newspaper for Singaporean to read. Want to build lift for my estate those flat can use special Singaporean tax money to build, not like opposition MP cannot use it.

(Cheebye, people who live in opposition estate is not Singaporean ah? They never pay tax one ah? Then how come their opposition MP cannot use this special money? Cheebye!)

Don't come and tell me you young punk want to make the change of the world. You young elite talent join the gahmen party is got nothing to do with simi lan cheow change. Change what change? Nothing is will change. The party you join still the same. Everything is still the same.

If all the best talent in the world is join the elite school, of course the neighbourhood school will kena only condemn students left. And they will forever be the condemn school, cannot be Number One. The rich become richer. The Number One keep be Number One. Because the elite school get all the best of the best.

And how is this kind of super elite people going to make we common man lan cheow happy? If all your customer is those one fuck $300 type, how you suck the cock of the poor man of the street who can only pay $30?

Singapore cannot find a few normal infantry man or NCO to be in gahmen is it? How come all the men they find is only General?

At least last time in 1960 that time, the gahmen party those old horse have to fight communist, have to rub shoulder with the poor people and feel their pain and feel their happy. Nowaday those new MP, come from rich family or good school or good powerful job, how many of them got this kind of experience? Most of them don't even need to fight in election because always so many walkover.

Too bad I not super elite lawyer or doctor or CEO, and my life story got many dirty thing cannot print in newspaper one. If not I also don't mind join the confirm-champion party of Singapore and help change the world. But then if I become MP, then I want to be MP of Gelyang! Every day free fuck by the golden cheebye of the elite prostitute there! My horse can become Golden Horse! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!