Friday, December 23, 2005

We close our eyes because we dowan to see

This few day damn many report on NKF. The more I read the more I angry. KNNBCCB!!! Can go Las Vegges for holiday call it work! Your girl can from $1300 PR exec can earn until $12,500 cheebye dollar one month! Plus quit already get backpay and somemore can give business for her company!!! Fuck you understand!

Her service to that TT Durian lancheow face must be damn solid man! Only got one job in the world can get this kind of promotion and salary. That job is be call Mistress.

We are so stupid, Singaporeans. Everything we also believe. Look! Cannot be one! NKF is got gahmen support so how can be cheat people money!

Actually you want to fuck, I think Durian is not the only fucker to fuck. You want to find the real fuckers of the NKF cheater, it is those Board of Director, people like Richard Yong, Mathilda Chua (Durian favourite girl) and Alwyn Lim. You think they just give Durian power for fun one ah? Of course give Durian so many power is so that they also can enjoy.

The Richard Yong insurance company call Tenet Insurance can get business of $11,000 from NKF. The Mathilda Chua computer company can get computer business of few million dollar from NKF (the cheebye software also never write finish can get paid!). And the Alywn Lim who is also the NKF vice chairman and accountant never tell people he is some Senior Advicer of Shanghai Intelligence Consultants, some China HR company who got $55,000 business from NKF.

Raymond tell me that Alwyn Lim fucker got one PRC mistress in the Shanghai Intelligence Consultants. Nabei no wonder so easy to make money from NKF lah!

Next time remember, you want to get big business from dirty Board of Director of charity, make sure you know how to make his lancheow happy. Do for him the best stunt in the bed, and he will give you all the donation money you want. Look! I can balance my cheebye on your lancheow! Donate to my company! My neh nehs is so big, I lie down also they still stand sedia! Donate donate! See! I know how to suck your cock and rub my cheebye on your face! Donate some more!

10 cent for the poor and the sick. 90 cent for the chanpion fund raiser and cock sucker of the world.

I think Durian also stupid. Must be he join the Lau Goh camp then Lao Lee toolan and buay song, call the Strait Time dogs to go and tear Durian lan cheow also become cheebye hole.

If I am the new NKF, I will change my name now. Put one NEW in front is no use one. People see the name of NKF already want to pui chau nua, you still want to keep the name because of the first NKF CEO who is real good heart one? I think best is change name to No More Durai Kidney Federation, NMDKF. Like this maybe people will trust you again.

Another thing is sell away those expensive puacheebye chair the Durian gang buy for their diamond backside, sell away the beautiful fish tanks I see inside the kidney centre (so which Board of Director mistress is own the fish tank company one ah?), sell away all the golden tap and first class ticket, and use the money to pay back the poor fuckers who kena sue by Durian when they dare to say his bad things. They are the real heros, come and say Durians evil thing, but kena tekan by his lawyers.

Now we know they last time is telling the truth.

You know who else is sian by all this NKF problem? Mediacock. I tell you, the one who make million from NKF is them. Every year do all the charity show, they also earn good money. You think the Zoe Tay and the Fann Wong of the world like to do the cheebye stunt? Lan cheow ok! My friend who got Mediacock mistress tell me, every year, the Singapore star not just have to act their normal tv show, they also have to do all the cheebye stunt for the different charity show Mediacock make money from.

Most of the do stunt star is got no OT (not like NKF Durian and gang), no backpay, no extra money. Mediacock say you must do, means you must do. One year do so many stunt, the only one who make the money is not the actor or actress (and now not even the kidney patient). The one that make the money is Mediacock and NKF Durian gang.

Singaporean need to stop being stupid. We think everything is take care by Gahmen, even charity also will not cheat people. Now we know even Gahmen also can make mistake. The only people you can trust is yourself. So many big company and gahmen department involve, now then they catch NKF.

PWC: I dunno
National Charity Ministry: I dunno
Health Ministry: I dunno
Income Tax Ministry: I dunno

They dunno who fucking know?

NKF last time say, we are make ourself like gahmen, pure and white. Now we know they also follow gahmen style, pay themself high high pay, say themself is the Only Best Charity of Singapore, and use lawyer and court to tekan and sue people dare to say anything bad about them.

When you don't have transparent, the see-until-you-can-see-cheebye kind of transparent, NKF is what you get. But then Singaporean is use to not have transparent. How many of you have seen the gahmen cheebye? You think the gahmen dog call Strait Time will show for you? You can wait long long! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Go Zoukout see bikini chio bu

Saturday Lawrence drag me to Zoukout at Sentosa. At first he told me it is Tanjong Beach, so I take taxi to Tanjong Katong (when he said Tanjong Beach I thought -- Nabei! Tanjong Katong got beach meh?). Then I call him from the Katong laksa place and he said, No lah you bodoh it is at Sentosa!

The place so many people, cheebye, queue here queue there. Actually not look like disco, more like the Circus Dee Sorry (last time come to Singapore the France circus). Got clown, got those do stunt one, even got massage (not the Geylang suck cock kind).

Then at around 2am it fucking rain! KNNBCCB! But the rain also make the many bikini girls all even more sexy, because very cold and their neh neh sedia! My horse also sedia! Nosebleed man! Hahahahahaha!!!

And the music some I like, some I dunno how to understand, got no words one. And the DJ got many of them got name sound like Germany bad words. Some of the DJ even got those abc with the two cheebye dots on top of their name one (I don't know how to type for you to see).

Lawrence later went internet to look for chio bu Zoukout photos. He took a lot of girl photo himself because he sibei tee ko but he dowan to share with me, but he gave me a few other chio bu photo to put on my blog. I dunno where he get one but I check already, they are all 100% girl one (I still haven't forgive that pua cheebye Lawrence!). Please enjoy some Rockson Zoukout chio bu photo!

I read that Australia got also drunk beach party, but it is not same as Zoukout with sexy chio bu dancing type, but is drunk Ang Moh Ah Beng go and beat chocolate skin colour people kind of party. This beach is in Sydney, call Cuntulla. I think this kind of fucked up party no one want to go except drunk Australia Ah Beng and their police. I was worried Karen is ok in Australia, because she also in Sydney now.

If Karen here she sure go this Zoukout one. But she came back from France a while, and we chiong and shiok for a few days, then she have to fly to Australia to find another friend.

Karen not here, I a bit the sian, so I go back quite early, never stay over night on the beach. Some of the girl I meet there give me their phone number, but I don't have mood to call them. I also don't like sand go inside my horse there, make me walk already knn like my underwear is made of sandpaper liddat.

In the morning I went to have breakfast with Ah Heng, who is boss of no number secret society gang. I say him before in my post about President one. He drink his kopi kosong, and kow pei to me about the stupid loan shark runner who push the woman make her lose her baby one.

Ah Heng he say. Chow cheebye that fucker! I dunno who's man is he, but if I find him, I will cut off his lampa! KNN! Give we all loan shark bad name! We do business one, most hate cheebye problem like this because it make the gahmen have to show they are doing something then come and disturb our business.

Ah Heng say he want to cut off your lampa, you better hide or go other country. He don't use knife one, he use spoon. Those Chinese drink soup kind.

Ah Heng voice now a bit louder, but the other people in the kopi tiam don't dare to look at him, because they know who he is.

You see the newspaper complain us now, say all the loan shark is bad people? Ah Heng say, Why they never say the other kind of loan shark, call Bank? I don't go and ask you, you need money or not, right? No! You need money then you come and look for me!

But this fucker banks they everyday ask you to use their money, get loan to buy those big TV and other thing you cannot buy, then make you pay the loan until you fucking die. This kind of pookie thing, the gahmen close one eye, but they come and disturb money lender like me. I say fuck their motherchowcheebye!

I ask Ah Heng he want to order some more kopi or not, he nod his head and continue to kow pei.

He say, Many of the people come and borrow money from me is not they gamble one, ok? I hate those gamble casino and shares one! Those always the most hard to get back the money one! Make until my consultant have to work more hard to get back my money.

A lot of people is borrow money from me because their family member sick and they no money to pay the expensive famous Singapore gahmen hospital bill. This kind of poor people bank dowan to lend them money so they borrow from me first, then the insurance pay them that time, they pay me back. Good thing is the insurance fuckers always take long time to pay back the family or else I interest also hard to earn.

He drink his kopi and say, Now see lah! Have to slow down my business, and do other thing until the fire is not so hot. How I going to answer my investor? A lot of my investor is actually doctor, you know? They got a lot of cash from their doctor business (especially from write MC and sell cough medicine), don't want to pay gahmen tax so the fuckers give me their money to do this business. They sure toolan one. KNNBCCB!

Ah Heng get up and say he have to go. He got some dvd coming in he have to settle. I also have to go home and sleep. Sunday I sleep all day.

Karen just call say she is coming back tonight, and she got something to tell me. I am going to drive to airport to pick her up. She said she got sun tan line for me to see. My horse can also Zouk Out liao! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fuck that Lawrence pua chee bye


But I have to tell you something. Fuck that Lawrence pua chee bye. Later he sms me, You like the photo or not? See already your horse hard? I tell you, Rockson, the drunk neh neh girl is a GUY!!!!

Pui pui pui!!!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Girl drunk at bar kena take photo

Lawrence send me this neh neh photo link the other day. He say is take at Madam Wong bar and the girl is fucking drunk and din know got people take her photo.

This is the photo (better don't see in office, wait your boss see you say you use office time to look at neh neh picture).

Still got people go to Madam Wong meh?

Lucky she is not in Malaysia, or else sure kena do the take off clothes and squatting exercise one! Hahahahahahaha!!!!