Monday, March 27, 2006

Gahmen new MP beauty contest

Nabei the way PAP announce their new candidate is like beauty contest liddat except they don't wear the bikini but is wear white shirt and pant. Lucky they never wear bikini. Or else sure got many people tor.

The newspaper also use so many page to show them, even the New Paper take leave from their sex and cheebye stories to interview them.

Why? Scared people dunno issit? Scared people see them new bird so won't voting them issit? KNN scared for what? First, how many Singaporean got chance to vote? Sure many walkover one. Just use the old style and put the new bird with the old bird, and tompang them in lor!

Wah, the gahmen really scared to lose, even have to send Lau Goh go to Hougang and Potong Pasir to support the forever loser there. And plus must use upgrading to bribe the people there. Some more say if the PAP MP in this two town win, they can be like the PAP Opposition Party. Where got such thing?!!! Even opposition also must be PAP approve one ah?

Actually the opposition MP also damn poor thing, their town always not enough money do the upgrading. The normal PAP MP and PAP town council can use special gahmen million and million of dollar (is actually Singaporean million and million) to upgrade their town. But the opposition MP only got enough paint here paint there.

The money is also fucking Singaporean one. How come suddenly become only PAP MP can use?

The newspaper and TV all also reporting all the good news. Good news ka sai ah!

Where got economy good? I go and ask the hawker and the shop uncle and auntie, they all say economy is fucked up until cannot fuck any more. All of them only survive only. I ask them, Uncle! What business is good to do if your one is no good?

All the uncle and auntie all say the best business to do is "BE GAHMEN LOR!"

Hahahahahaha!!! The only never lose money business in Singapore!

And every election hear the same lan cheow song! Upgrading and upgrading! Got no new idea ah?

You go the Geylang and fuck also the prostitute there will try a few pattern for you. If everytime is the same pattern, you fuck also fuck until sian, right?

So how come Singaporean all is gian by the same gahmen pattern? We underneath and gahmen on top every KNN election year. And some more the gahmen only show you their goodie five year one time. The other years we ownself rub ownself. And must pay extra to pak chew cheng also.

You just see lah. After the election over your goodie become higher GST and all kind of new fuck tax.

If real prostitute only let you fuck her five year one time, then only choot one pattern, and sing same song, and then after she let you touch her neneh, she raise her price, you say she will got business or not? Sure no business one!

But dunno why, we every five year get this one free fuck then happy until forget after the free fuck we will kena fuck backside.

Not say the opposition got that many goodie to show us. Most of them is got heart no sexy body. Is like the ugly girl who want to be your girlfriend. All the sexy girl is take by the gahmen gang, and the good heart ugly girl left behind. And Singaporean is not think with their heart, but think with their lan cheow. Who can give me goodie, I will give my business.

But last few year, life very hard. Even now is still hard. Maybe goodie also not enough. People still remember the no job days, the NKF, the casino that many people don't agree. Dunno whether this time the backside kena fucked feeling is stronger or the cock kena rub five year one time feeling is stronger.

I think and think also angry. But never mind, I next week going to Australia find Karen. I work so hard now then got chance to go holiday. It will be good to see Karen again. She got more sex pattern than PAP, hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!