Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rockson Love Serina Swee!!!

CHEEBYE!!!!! You got see the Shitty Harvest Church case or not? Their pastor Gong Hee is so rich and can use church money to make his horseface wife, Some Ho, into sexy pop star in America! 

I didn't know do sexy dance in music video can help people believe in God one! But Gong Hee say it is for Crossed Over Project! So the money can anyhow fucking move here move there because it is all God money!

But the best reason I am interested in the case is one of the kena charge member! Their ex finance manager Serina Swee! I see her photo already I also want to become christian, man! My horse also want to join!

I am officially starting the Rockson Love Serina fan club here! Here is some of her photo!

She look so business woman in the photo up there! Like those OL I like! She can punish me anytime! Serina! I never do the accounts properly! Scold me! Tie me up!  Spank my backside!

You see how her dressing is fucking very style? Holding her expensive handbag also got style! Serina is like a angel! Even though her neh neh is not very big, we can forgive her!

 This is the Serina Lookdown look. Her hair is cover her face one side, sexy like fuck!

Again! Her hair-cover-half-the-face look! It is very sexy and make my horse very excited. But I am thinking, KNN how she see when she is walking, if her hair always cover one eye like that?

Serina and her one-eye look again but she got two people to help her to see now.

Here, Serina have to pull her hair one side to use both eye to see so she won't fall down. Still look cheebye hot!

Serina is looking like she is thinking, where am I going to shopping to make myself look even more chio?

Two other woman is in this photo with Serina but Serina is like a fucking sun, she is a fucking shining star and they are like the space rock flying around her!

Serina look at the camera and the camera also become a christian.

Serina got SMILE! She is pointing at something! That something became christian!

New look Serina! Fucking chio also! Hair tie behind and wear different kind of dress! From OL to Bored Housewife! I also like!

New look Serina climbing the stairs! The stairs also become christian! 

I hope this trial last a long time. Then I can collect more photos of Serina for my collection! She should start her own fucking church! Serina Harvest Church! I sure join!

Every week we will sing pop christian song of how great Serina is! She will be our goddess of love! And we will give all our money to her to put into her accounts! 

Give money to church is call tits-thing right? We will tits-thing every week!

And if we can get enough people to donate millions of dollar, we will fly Serina to America in a fucking first class aeroplane to become a pop star and let her stay in the $28k a month Hollywood house of Some Ho! Ask Horseface to come back because Serina can be the new China Wine! My horse will cross over to help her too! Hahahahahahahahahaha!