Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nobody Bloggers start Association of Bloggers (Singapore)

Yesterday, Lawrence ask me, eh! Rockson! You never join the Association of Singapore Blogger ah?

I said, what cheebye association of Singapore blogger?

Then he show me the Today newspaper article and the website of their leader, some blogger call Jayne from some blog call EastCoastWife, that I never hear before.

(She is the long hair lau auntie in the centre of the photo.)

Who are these Nobody Blogger that nobody read, that come up this fucked up association and even dare to collect money to join their Nobody Club?

Even my hero, Cowboy Caleb never start a Association but he got many follower! If your blog is good, people will follow you. No need to start some association, register with gahmen as society, and give interview to newspaper to tell them you are there.

(I just realise Cowboy link to my twitter, wah!)

Another famous Singapore blogger, the long hair fat guy who don't look like he have sex before, Agar Agar Googah, he also say about this Association of Singapore Burger.

This kind of lancheow association is usually start by those blogger who tired of their blog read by only their mother, so want to become more famous.

Lawrence told me the president of this Singapore blogger association, Jayne, is a siao char bor who did not win some blogging award then now want to take revenge.

So it is not 10 Nobody Blogger Association but Association of 9 Nobody Blogger and 1 Siao Char Bor president.

Like that win already lor.

And they want to represent the Singapore blogging sphere.

Fuck you understand? You are not even got the power to represent my lumpar hair, understand? My lumpar hair can blog better than you, and got more readers!

These losers even give themselves tuaki title, like President, Vice President - Operations, Vice President - Membership, Marketing Director, Events Director.


I, Rockson Tan, can also call myself President of Fuck Many Girl and Vice President of Biggest Horse in Blogging World, and start my own Association of Rockson Blog.

You can join for free, if you are hot sexy girl and member can ride my horse for free! Hahahahahaha!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Singapore MP kena burn by crazy fucker

This is Ong Kah Chua who they said give Yio Chu Kang MP Seng Han Tong fire perfume. The fucker go and pour dunno what kerosene or thinner down Ah Seng neck, then use lighter and light it. Ah Seng was giving ang pow at the CC when he kena burn.

KNNBCCB! Other country the angry people throw shoe at President Bush, who will guess Singapore also got this kind of big balls (or small brains) person do this kind of thing!

This MP Ah Seng also damn suay. First time kena whack by taxi driver get black eye, now kena burn by Wong Fei Hong.

Must be the MP damn guai lan or else how come got TWO fucker want to whack him? They change the law to make those who whack MP get 20 fucking year jail because of this MP. Now they have to change the law to say burn MP will get hang first then caning lah!

You don't think the MP-burner look like Wong Fei Hong meh? Look like right? The Kwan Tak Hing version!

I think must be his half brother or half father, man.

Some people say our MP is kanina nua kind, chor boh lan fuckers. But you can see this Ah Seng MP is very warm to the people and got burning passion to help his resident. Hahahahahahaha!

Get well soon, Ah Seng ok? Ask for transfer when you come out, don't do Yio Chu Kang anymore! Better tell PM, "Oi! Ah Long! Limpeh sian liao! KNN! Yio Chu Kang got too many mental patient and old people who hate me! Transfer me go to Tanjong Pagar! There the resident scared of Lau Lee so won't burn their MP one!"

The economy must be damn fucked up, man. If gahmen cannot see the people are damn tulan, damn angry, then the gahmen is blind. It is easy to say the Ong is siao one, mental hospital patient. But I think got many normal people also angry about gahmen do fucking nothing to help them.

Next time the Meet the Peoples session by MP will have new rule! MP must wear fire proof jacket and surround by Gurka police (but not from Whitley Road ISD branch, those Gurka is fucked up)! Resident want to see MP must kena strip and search see got lighter and kerosene hide in their body or asshole! Gahmen will make sure your backside never hide any weapon.

Don't worry Gahmen very experience in fucking Singaporean backside one!


I show you another photo of Kwan Tak Hing. Really look like the Ong Kah Chua guy, right?