Monday, February 27, 2006

Staircase Sex Video

KNNBCCB! Lawrence pass me the Part 2 and Part 3 video is not the Nanyang Polyclinic girl but is some ugly fucker dance here dance there! He dare to bluff me, I see him sure wack his cheebye face!

Anyway got another friend pass me new sex handphone video, is got this guy fuck three girl in the HDB stair case! Why? The void deck no space ah? Got Ah Pek play chess so must find stair case is it? Hahahahahaha!!!!

This guy even more fucked up than the NYP one. His video is all last a few minute only. You blink your eye he shoot liao.

Nabei, next time I see the wet wet thing on the stair case floor I sure siam one. Wait is not people spit but lan cheow spit!

Not like the NYP Ah Beng at least he can tahan more than 10 minute. Maybe stair case fuck must do it fast.

Got one of the girl is even wear school uniform one. Nabei young girl also want to poke. Sure kena police case one, because is consider stationary rape (this is means that even if a 15 years old mynah say she want to suck your cock, the police will still catch you and cut off your lam pah because she is the consider the under age).

Can tell his handphone also not so good as the NYP one. Every thing is square square. Face square square, chee bye square square, lan cheow also square square. Worse than the japanese AV! Want to shoot also shoot with better handphone lah! Later he go toilet to see the video and pak chew cheng also no shiok what!

This guy also like to flim his cock (see the picture). But his lan cheow the ram still not as good as Rockson horse! The handphone camera lense not big enough to see all my horse! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

NYP Tammy Video

I thought I will be free after Karen got to Australia look for work. But I still in Singapore, not Australia, and here the work is non-stop one. Work until you will die, don't work also will die.

But wah seh! Lawrence gave me this handphone video, say is take by a girl call Tammy from NYP sucking and fucking her Ah Beng boyfriend. Her handphone kena stolen and then the thief go and upload the video to the internet, let the whole world see. KNNBCCB the fucker steal her phone not enough, still go and show her sex show. Damn er xing man, do this kind of thing.

The video I saw already, is quite long and clear also, got shoot 10 minutes, must be use the new Nokia phone.

Lawrence said he very the impressed the guy cock very long (this lan cheow picture is from the video). Like that is considered long meh? Normal only! Not even near my horse size! But he still young, so can still grow, hahahahaha!

And Lawrence also say the guy very good, can last so long, wah 10 minute he say. Like this say last long. Lawrence idea of last long is 2 minutes. I think his Guiness Stout World of Record is 2 minutes 5 second. He told me before. KNN like the M16 put to full auto, one squeeze whole magazine shoot finish.

Nowsadays the girl 18 years old is so advance liao, know how to use handphone shoot video. But is very stupid thing to do, shoot this kind of personal lan cheow chee bye thing. Phone always got people steal, very easy to kena the video become internet free show.

When I 18 that time where got so good video phone? Only got those big big video recorder. Must two hand then can carry. Carry this old kind of video camera will have no strength to fuck already. Can even accident drop on the girl head wait she concuss.

Anyway, Rockson don't believe in shoot video. Shoot for fuck?

All the girl who ever fuck by Rockson will never forget. No need simi video! Fuck until they sleeping that time also can dream, wake up down there wet wet, face sweat sweat. Hahahahahaha!!!!!

I saw the video of this Nayang Poly girl I notice a few thing.

First is the guy got no experience. You must always make the girl feel good first! Can not just take out the gun and stick into this hole that hole! You like your microphone to be karaoke, she also like you to eat her oyster see-hum. Rubba rubba the girl is a must! Cannot be selfish or else your snake have to swim into dry cave.

Must be see too many the prawn movie, believe that girl no need to warm up one. In the prawn movie, all the girl are got big neneh, and their cheebye will auto gear get wet by just sucking the man cock. In the prawn movie, girl like you to shoot their face and eye and nose with your cock juice. KNN you learn from the prawn movie how to fuck, confirm you won’t see the girl again. You call your guy friend to shoot his lan cheow juice in your eye lah! See you like it or not!

Second is the guy look like never wear seat belt. Nabei this kind of thing they never teach student in school meh? Rubber is must wear! Wait the girl or the guy got any kind of pua chee bye disease, it is too late liao. Must be the school never teach about condom. Just tell student to don't do it. Might as well you tell the fish don't swim or the monkey don't scratch their backside and smell their finger. You cannot stop people to have sex one. They want to swim into the sea they will swim. You can only tell them how to wear the life jacket.

Actually I also dunno why Singaporeans is so shock. What? You believe that Singapore young people is all virgin? The only people who is not having the sex is the married couple because they kena the work pressure and cannot enjoy. Young people so free, will sure got fuck like hamster one.

Singaporeans also believes other thing, like Singapore is the most safe country in the world and got no gun and got no more gang. The police catch all of them liao, they say. Fuck you understand? How many murder this last few day? Even got gangster shoot gangster. Singapore black society is still there, you dunno only.

Anyway Lawrence tell me actually the sex video is only part 1. Still got Part 2 and Part 3. Wah, like Star War like that.

He give me the link, he say get from the Sammyboy kopitiam forum one so confirm good. I think the Part 1 video, even your mother also see liao (only Straits Time haven't see, the fucked up reporter there say he cannot find).

I don't have time to see the part 2 and 3 video yet. I have to sleep liao. Maybe I will ask Lawrence copy for me to my handphone so I can see it when I am free. Good thing I don’t shoot my own handphone sex video. The handphone memory also not enough. Hahahahahaha!!!!

Part 2 is here

Part 3 is this one