Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nicole Seah is my favourite new election XMM!!!!!

KNN just when I thought PAP the Tin Pei Ling was the most chio politics girl, fucking cheebye Lawrence send me this photo of new and youngest politician girl to join the election: NICOLE SEAH!!!!!

Fuck man, this time Opposition is really win the PAP in the young and chioness department. 24 years old only and she dare to join the other side instead of tompang minister into the parliment. I RESPECT!

All the time I thought NSP is a fucking Ah Pek Party (should be call APP hahahahaha!) but look like they want to show they can also be Now Sexy Party!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

My Horse see Nicole Seah already also want put his Horse hand up and join Opposition.

Here is another photo of her:

Fucking CHIO!!!!!!

Last time I heard she is Reformer Party one. Must be she damn toolan the Kenner Jeyafatham, the son of the famous JB's Jeyafatham, that's why she join the Now Sexy Party. That Kenner must be another cheebye kia. His Reformer Party got so many people in and out, in and out, like the Changi Village 20-cent public toilet like that.

I already like her Facebook page because I am sure got many more photo of her will come out. Nabei, she can come and give my Horse walkabout anytime! I sure buy her newsletter one!

Actually now I see the NSP logo, remind me of look like someone head explode. Another angle also look like kachng hole explode! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Nabei got her video liao! Just skip all the fucking boring Ah Pek and the warehouse assistant talking in front! After one minute my Little Nonya talk! Her voice is just as sexy as her face!