Thursday, May 26, 2016

I like Umbrella Girl!

Lawrence just send me this video about a fight between some Singaporean and two mechanic (they sound like Malaysian) at a workshop. FUCKING funny lah!

I like the Umbrella Girl, man! FUCK! She damn fierce can? Scold Pua Chee Bye like a SUPER LIAN! Rockson LIKE!

Look at her run after the fella with her fucking umbrella! Look! She is like Xiao Long Nu like that! Sexy like fuck!

Then later she even use leg to kick the fella, and her panty all can see! Rockson Horse LIKE EVEN MORE!

This kind of fierce girl sure very good in bed one! Like riding wild horse like that! Rockson Horse can open her umbrella wide wide lor! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

You can see the whole video here. I think tonight I will watch this video and play with my Horse. UMBRELLA GIRL, WHO ARE YOU? COME AND PLAY WITH ROCKSON!