Sunday, July 31, 2005

I ask Lawrence about the homo photo show

Just came back from Raymond house play the mahjong and drink the beer but cannot tahan, man. These few night go out too much, thats why tonight 2.30am so early come back. Really have to sleep, going to peng san already but I go after I type this. Last time can havoc every day one whole week also not tired, now like ka su liao, slow down already. Fuck man.

Lawrence was there also playing mahjong with us, and when I drink the beer, I suddenly remember something so I scolded him upside down. Scold him why Wednesday the boring Mambo night he never tell me next door the Velvet got free beer from the homo photo show.

He look at me, his fingers arranging his pai and said, Wednesday Velvet where got lan cheow homo photo show?

I said GOT! I heard one chio bu in the Zouk told her friend Velvet got this homo photo show which give free Heineken beer even. Cheebye lah, if you tell me earlier, maybe we can have free beer and even see some lesbian photo also.

Lawrence think and think and think for a while, then he shout AIYAH puacheebye lah! You koteh! It is not a fucking HOMO show lah! Wednesday night that one is the Heineken LOMO show!

I still don't understand him so I say, Lomo is it another kind of Homo?

No lah, Lawerence said, Lomo is a expensive broken camera that take spoiled photos, and some people think is very nice. so they join club to take more spoiled photos and say is art. So it is LOMO, not HOMO lah, Rockson!

How I know right? But still should have gone there. Got free beer leh.

Friday, July 29, 2005

New fucking ERP and Wednesday went Mambo

I sibei sian. On Monday onwards, drive the CTE go Ang Mo Kio at night will have to pay the cheebye ERP, pay until 8pm then no need to pay.

I read the newspaper the Minister of car, bus and road, say that if this ERP night time charge can make the CTE less jam, then the Gahmen maybe no need to build a new north south expressway.

KNNBCCB!!!! Of course lah! Better we driver pay the ERP than you Gahmen spend money build the new expressway, right? Of course you like! Who dowan?

Wait, let me calculate. Is it better if I build the north south expressway spend a few billion dollar, but the jam at CTE improve? Or Is it better if I keep using the ERP on the CTE maybe change to even ALL DAY cheebye ERP, not only can make the jam less (maybe only) but can earn the stupid fucker Singapore driver money?

Never ask yourself, maybe the fucking CTE the road design is wrong? Maybe got too many fucking entry and exit, that's why so fucking jam?

Nooooo! Gahmen never wrong one. Our design is the most best! Only you fucker Singapore driver like to drive on CTE dunno for fuck, make until our CTE so jam! So more ERP for you!

I keep thinking the new ERP charge I also moody, so Wednesday night I went to Zouk. Normally I don't like to go there, because the drinks more expensive and the music cannot sing along one. I can only hear the Um-zi um-zi um-zi. Maybe this kind of music must take some kind of special drugs then can like.

Lawrence said come lah, got many chio bu can beoh, many of them young young one. Sometimes they wear very little, and the skirts damn short, and then dancing that time they chao geng he said.

Fuck lah, like that also shiok. I got nothing to do, and nobody want to go kbox with me, so i said ok.

I remember when they started the Mambo at the Zouk my army friends always like to go. Last time got even more people, want to stand also no space. I remember that time how many fight I get into around there. Now I think back, don't know fight for fuck. Must be because KNN young and drunk and fucked up. Now where got time to fight, got so many girl to know and introduce to my horse. Hahahahaha!!!! Man who kena hoot by pipe can only sleep on hospital bed and not on girl bed.

When I reach there I see got a lot of short skirt young girls and ah beng NS guys and they play old music! I think is Abba, Wa lao eh. Somemore the people dancing look like the National Day dance-together kind of dancing. And got people sing the songs at the same time as dancing, every word also got one dance. Even ah beng will say is obiang. But here the ah beng all like this kind of music and dancing, make a lot of noise and whistle the girls. I remember I saw this kind of dancing before, inside a community centre, got those auntie and the chee ko uncle all wear cowboy hat dance together.

I don't drink much, because I thought later want to drink with Raymond. Somemore I scared I drink already I also go and dance this dance. But Lawrence the fucker drink until vomit. Cannot drink want to hero. Stupid fucker.

I saw one chio bu, she look like never wear bra (nowadays is the fashion, I like), she was talking to her friend say she just come from next door the Velvet, say got some homo photo show and got free Heineken beer. Fuck, got this kind of show I didn't know, free beer and maybe got photo of lesbian to see also not bad what. The guys fuck guys photo I not so interested. Nabei this Lawrence never tell me, should have gone Velvet not Mambo.

Wah, so brave, these homo. Go club and hold the homo photo show. Must be this thing I heard, the gay and the lesbian very angry the Gahmen don't let them hold big party in Sentosa on National Day, so must go Phuket. Then i heard those who no money to go Phuket they will make the August to be the Proud to be Gay and Lesbian month, got art show got photo show and got some party. They even got some name for it, something to do with they angry at the Gahmen, I think it is Sibei Toolan Month or something like that.

I think maybe the Gahmen too fast to chase the gay go Phuket to party liao, because they blame them for the Aids. Last time every year they have one big gay party in Sentosa on National Day, now look like the whole month of National Day also become the gay month too. From one party become one month! Hahahaha!!!!

I think people want to fuck each other backside or eat each other cheebye let them fuck and eat lor. Just make sure they got rubber to use, wait their lan cheow drop off, like a few of my friends who go Geylang fuck the pros never wear then kena dunno what cheebye disease. People want to fuck girl fuck guy fuck dog how do you stop them? Just give them the rubber, like the Army give for overseas exercise. Even army also know you cannot stop people from fucking.

See lah, now they go Phuket and fuck, and we celebrate the country 40 years birthday and the emperor's son first national day, together celebrate with the gay month.

The whole August become National Gay Parade. Hahahahaha!!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Singapore buy house no need to come out money, cheebye where got such thing

I went with Raymond and Lawrence to some lup sup bar again yesterday. Those fuckers always like to go this kind of place, because the waitress carry your beer for you, and your hands can rest on their neh nehs to play.

These kind of woman they also like, their pua cheebye dunno how many man fuck before, hole big until can put jack fruit inside. Wait their lan cheow fall off then they know.

But Raymond say he buy the drinks, so I go with them. When we are drinking he told me that the new property law now can let you buy house with very little money.

Must be election coming, gahmen so good, make it easier for you to buy house, even though you still cannot find job. Is like those prostitute, let you touch touch their neh neh, make your lan cheow hard, then you forget the last time what sex disease they give you that you cannot pronounce the name one.

Singaporean is like that too. Always let the gahmen rub their cock, make them forget all the bad times.

Raymond said, last time can only loan 80%, now can loan 90%, and downpayment only 10%. Somemore 5% can CPF and 5% can be cash.

I said, ler gong simi lan cheow? What the fuck you talking, percent here percent there, I not fucking maths teacher, ok?

Oh, he said, is very simple.

Last time if the condom cost $500,000, need to come out $100k downpayment, then the rest ($400k) take loan. Now can come out only $25k cash, $25k from CPF for downpayment, then take $450k loan.

He said sian, I want to buy, but my HDB 5-room I bought too expensive, $400,000, in 2000, now the value only $300,000. Sell already sure confirm lugi, lose money until will tng kor. But fuck leh, I also want to buy private condom, he said.

I ask him, so now this new law change means house is cheaper issit?

Raymond said, no lah. Probably house price will go up, because more people see the 5% cash law sure gian one because no need come out so much cash to buy and then can take loan for long long time, like 35 years, then pay less every month lor, he said.

I told Raymond, 35 years is fucking long time to loan leh. Cheebye lah, you think you can have job for 35 years nobody retrench you ah? You don't forget, last 5 years, you kena retrench twice liao leh. So this time if you take new loan, then no job again, then how? Hong kan liao lor!

This gahmen is not god, ok, even though they want you to believe they can do magic and make the new job. Even blow job they also cannot promise you.

I told him, somemore if I take more loan like the new 90%, means my interest also more, right? (This one is I learn from I buy car.)

Ya lah, he said, but less to pay in front, and less to pay every month. Can one lah.

And then, I said, interest rate leh? Interest rate 35 years won't change meh? House price won't drop meh? Lan cheow, ok!

Singaporean damn like to pay by installment. Car installment, house also installment, even buy the fucking furniture and big tv also installment. I think my friends, if buy one fuck also can pay by installment, they will also apply.

Maybe next time the bank will issue new credit card, call the Geylang Gold Fuck Card. Go Geylang no need use money, just pay by installment. Fuck 5 times, get 1 suck free. Fuck 10 times, get 1 fuck free. Fuck 20 times, can win lucky draw prize of sports car and one night free with Irene Ang the Phua Chu Kang wife (the new skinny version, not the old fat one..... actually both also bad). Hahahahahahaha!!!!

Bank will love you long time, because your installment will never finish paying, every month you like to only pay the interest. Then you pray and hope your god will give you bonus at the end of the year to pay the rest.

Actually, bank is like the Ah Long and the Orh Gui Tao put together. Lend you money to go fuck yourself.

Anyway, I said to him, Gahmen also love to make you buy house loan long time. Like this you toolan here also won't dare to go overseas or vote opposition. With car loan 10 years and house loan 35 years to pay, you will guai guai sit there let them do what fuck they like, and hope their cheebye will always be like angel virgin clean, and won't give you disease until you die.

But by this time, Raymond never listen to me, because he too drunk already. And his hands very busy playing the waitress neh neh.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Fuck, London kena bomb again, and Marina got new name

London explode again, three times. Cheebye terrorists. This time I heard it is copycat one. I hope they catch this stupid terrorists, because they don't even have new idea, just copy the first terrorists. Fuck you lah! Want to original go and put bomb on yourself and explode yourself and the rest of your cheebye terrorist friend in the desert lah! That one sure can get terrorist medal. Normal people will also give you medal.

I call Jennice, and she said she is ok. So I am not so worried now. She said, this English people sibei zhai, got bomb explode still never panic and migrate. I think if Singapore kena bombs, people sure fly to Australia or US one, especially those got money people (the poor people no money to go overseas, so have to stay in Singapore to fight, or have to swim to Batam or JB).

Be poor in Singapore is damn fucked up, I think. Less and less job for you, and then can only sit and see the rich people make more and more money. How to catch up? No wonder the police say got more crime. No wonder so many people hear the NKF story also get so angry.

Last night I went Marina and sat one taxi (my baobei car was in the workshop) the driver tell me now harder and harder to make money. Drive all day also cannot cover the rental.

I said, not bad what, now they make the booking more expensive (cheebye), and the meter jump faster in the jam (cheebye again), you sure make more money like this.

Mana uuuu, he said, that money mostly go to the see-lang taxi company one. We taxi driver get what? Get lan ah.

I feel damn sorry for him, poor people can only be taxi driver, road sweeper (now got new name but same job), and other job that those educated people don't want to do. I give him the money, I told him no need to give me change.

At Marina I go to play snooker and bowling. Not bad, there got a few chio bu to beoh. But I play snooker try not to see too many girls, or else cannot reach the table to shoot, because my horse kena block me. Hahahahahaha!!!!

The new Marina is quite nice, but they still got the renovation so I keep getting lost. Damn toolan, man. Quickly finish the stupid renovation can or not?

I walk past the cinema there, I think is Golden Village one, and I saw they have big big sign say cannot eat outside food. Fuck their motherbackside man. The ticket already more and more expensive, now you want people to go and buy your expensive popcorn and lan cheow hotdog some more?

No wonder people buy the pirate DVD!!!

Last time, when we go see show, we can bring any food we like. The most we buy the kachang puteh from the indian man there. Ok, the cinema last time don't have so nice seats as now, a lot of them is wooden bench type, and sometimes even no aircon and also got cockroach and rat watch movie with you.

But fuck lah, nowadays they earn our ticket money not enough, have to make us pay $6.50 for some hotdog and a coke. Your hotdog is use sharks fin to make one ah? Cheebye.

I only like the new cinema with the two seats together one. That kind can sit with girl and do all kind of fun thing for two hours, sometimes three hours, because some director like to make their movie longer and longer (as if movie more longer already can win Golden Horse award..... Golden Horse, hahaha, that one I sure win one).

But if the price of going to see show get more expensive, may as well I take the money go to Hotel 81 to get one room for half day, got aircon, got bed, plus can watch the JB pirate DVD movie, still cheaper. Watch finish play finish still can use the nice toilet take bath together. Shiok.

I also read today the newspaper that they wanted to change the Marina Bay name. Gahmen call some overseas new name expert people to think of new names. You know how much they pay these fuckers? $400,000!!!!

And you know what is the name they choose in the end?


KNNBCCB!!! Spend $400,000 of Singapore people's money, and in the end come out this kind of fuck thing? Marina Bay change name to Marina Bay!!!

Waaah, you so clever lor. Think and think and think and come up this new old name.

Marina Chow Chee Bay lah!

Must be this overseas ang moh advertising company know how to make the Gahmen give them money to come up this kind of fucked up idea, still can say well done. If is only local company, sure kena fuck by Gahmen for this idea.

Ang moh can be very smart, gong wei sibei kiang (mouth very clever).

Make you suck his cock already you will still give him money and say thank you for letting me suck your cock sir, want me to suck another time?

Singaporean must learn from them, or else our country will not be so rich.

Next time want to choose name, I help you. Rockson Choose Name Company will charge you less. $4000 can already. What is your old name? Ang Mo Kio Central? No problem, I choose for you new name, wait, I am thinking and doing researching..... your new name is...... Ang Mo Kio Central!

You like or not? Thank you, $4000 please.

Lan cheow, ok?

Monday, July 18, 2005

Sunday morning running for IPPT

Sunday I wake up early go and running to get ready for my reservist IPPT. Scared fail already have to kena burn Saturday and Wednesday do RT. Damn sian one, do the fucking Remedal Training. Worse is the Saturday one, have to go at 4 o'clock, by the time you doing their cheebye exercise, you at night also no strength to go and chiong already.

I was a bit tired in the morning, because Saturday night we go and drink at a few bar, make a few new girlfriend (got one friendly one call Amber, she damn chio with small round teh-tehs and she never wear the bra and the aircon was very cold, nabei I almost nose bleed, man) and get their number. Amber and her friends drink a lot, those girls, and after a while start to talk nonsense and kiss each other for fun also. I almost did not want to leave. But we go to a few not so clean bars because that fucker Raymond like to squeeze the neh neh of those waitress there, then I go his house to play a bit of mahjong, not enough still buy the 7-11 Tiger beer and drink somemore, drink until 5 oclock.

So Sunday morning wake up was very difficult, KNNBCCB the head damn pain.

But I have to run, cannot don't exercise. Nowadays the army got so many incident the nsman just suddenly die like that, and the MO so fucked up, many of them don't know whether the soldier is really sick or just bluff one. So I don't want to get any medical problem have to see army doctor, better try to be fit.

I wear my running short (the short kind because it is more windy not so hot) and my army tank top and wear the army New balance shoe and rush out of my house. Then I go and run near my place.

I run and run and run for 5 minutes like that, morning quite nice. The weather just rain, so sibei cooling. I thinking maybe if I train more, maybe can even get the SAF money, then can buy a few new things for my baobei car. Suddenly I saw this sibei sexy tan chio bu in front of me, waiting near a bus stop for a taxi.

Her hair was long, her eyes was very big, and her there also very big. She was wearing those top look like a big hankerchief fold into a triangle then tie at the back type and the top like going to burst liao. Her neck there can see her skin got bikini line. And her mini jeans shorts also the low low kind, can see the shiny kind of g-string peep on top, and her long tan legs come out below. She look like she going to the beach, because she also carrying a big beach bag and have sunglass on her head.

I see her already actually want to run faster, show her I very fit, but then I thought, maybe can beoh a bit a longer. So I stop and run on the spot near her, try to look like I have to do some more warm up.

I stretch here stretch there, turn here turn there, bend here bend there. I can see the girl very impress, because she smile at me a lot. I stretch some more, then her eyes suddenly become very big, and then she start to giggle.

I thought, hosei liao, I can ask her for her number because she look like she like me, so I smile back, and get ready to go and talk to her. When I jog to her, she giggle some more and her eyes look like looking at my legs.

I stop to look at why she look at me there, then fuck! I know why!!! My horse is sticking out of my running short left leg, he also want to look at her. No wonder feel a bit cold there! Must be in the morning I rushing and blur like fuck, forgot to wear the underwear! Hahahahahaha!!!!

I try to push my horse back inside because I don't want her to be scared (very hard to do this when the horse is hard), but when I look up she already get into her taxi and still smiling at me. Too bad, but if she live around here, I still got chance.

Lucky I never do pushup in front of her, or else will really look I am trying to fuck the floor.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Singapore newspapers is like gangster

I was trying to read my newspaper today and everywhere I turn, like got this NKF news. Fuck lah. All the English Chinese Malay Indian paper also got this NKF fucker news. Ya lah, quit lah, step down liao lah. So many page. Damn sian, man.

The world don't have other news ah?

Then got people write in their letter page say the newspaper company so hero, expose the NKF and their gold tap and 600k and expensive cars, thank you very much our best newspaper in the world of Singapore.

Fuck you, understand?

Please lah, you think this Singapore only newspaper company is so virgin angel with the clean cheeybye ah? Lan cheow ok? They are also another kind of bully. NKF is only the charity bully, but the newspaper company is the rich news bully and also the Gahmen mouth.

They whack the NKF so hard is not for any charity reason, is only because the NKF stupid and dare to sue them first what. They toolan the NKF boss so they call their newspapers and reporters and lawyer all hoot him together, like those gang fight grab parang and run after one fella, except the newspaper company gang is not use parang, but is use words.

Actually this NKF boss, sorry hor, going to be ex NKF boss, his name Durai sound like Durex the condom company, quite true because he got one kind of lan cheow face. I don't like Durex condom, because never have my size, because my horse so big, hahahahahaha!!!! Wear their normal condom only cover my horse a bit only. Eh, I am not stupid ok? Seat belt must always wear, wait get the sex disease and my lan cheow fall off then no more shiok shiok fun fun liao (The Gahmen say the Aids is from the gay, I don't believe. I think the Aids is even more from the lup sup girls and the men who fuck these girls.)

So, the Strait Times Holding know the whole Singapore only got them as a newspaper company, they can do what fuck they like. I think got another newspaper company call Today but they are very small fuck. Some more I ever see those Strait Times Holding delivery man throw away the Today from people's house then put their own Straits Time or Zaobao there. This kind of kuai lan thing they also do, small fuck newspaper also want to kan.

Anyway, if the Singapore only newspaper company is so hero why they never talk about other things in Singapore, like the Gahmen control everything, price of everything always go up, and so many people still no jobs.

I see the price of bus, mrt, taxi, petrol, hospital and other things go up, I also angry. My baobei car getting more and more expensive to drive. But the Singapore only newspapers never say bad things about our Gahmen. I see even the Malaysia newspaper, they also dare to ask their Gahmen those difficult question. Why our hero newspaper never ask why our minister earn so much (Gahmen always say because we are the best of the best and pay must be high or else got corruption..... like that they win liao lor).

This NKF boss make so much money, is also learn from our own Gahmen what. Cannot use peanuts or else get monkey. But no one dare to ask about minister salary, wait get fuck. Wait the Gahmen call the Singapore only newspaper gang and their commando lawyers to come and tear your backside hole bigger, like they tear the NKF ah neh backside, give him three new ass hole.

Lucky the Gahmen here is quite smart and good and clean, just very kuai lan and sometimes don't like to listen to the people idea, like they know all the idea.

Now the people want to make the NKF and the other charity transperent because charity is use working people's money one. Maybe next time they will also ask the Gahmen to be more transperent also, because Gahmen is working people choose one. Singapore people now know how to buay song liao, can be quite scary, angry enough can even go and use paint spray the NKF building, rotan also not scared.

Talk about high pay, you go and ask the reporter how many months bonus they get every year lah? If my English is not so fucked up, I also want to be a reporter for Singapore newspaper company. But cannot one. Wait I write all the fuckyourmothercheebye lancheow KNNBCCB words in my article, then the police come and catch me hahahahaha!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

NKF boss got cheebye 12-months bonus!!!!

KNNBCCB!!! I just read the newspaper that the boss of the National Kidneys Foundation earn $25,000 one month, and last 3 year got 10 to 12 months bonus!!!

Yao jiu ling ling your chao chee bye lah!

This mean that one year, his salary is 500k to 600k, ok?

I do not hate charity organisation, I think people must help other poor and sick people. But fuck lah, you mean when on the tv the people who earn $1000 a month donate and the number on the NKF tv show jump $100,000 to $200,000 to $300,000..... when reach $600,000 of donation, is only cover this CEO salary?

No wonder Zoe Tay have to do so many cheebye stunt!!!

12 fucking months bonus is a lot ok? Some people don't even smell 1 month bonus but he charity boss get 12 months? Lan cheow, ok?!!!

And his one month salary 25k (not yet count the bonus) is more than many of my friends earn in one cheebye year!!! And my friends donates to his charity ok?

Wah, sue the Singapore newspaper for their article, then now kena the whole world know your top secret salary. It is like score own goal, man. Want to sue the Singapore newspaper not so easy, ok? Singapore newspaper is the most kuai lan and richest and powerfulest company in the world, and their reporters is bullet-proof one, you also dare to fuck. See lah? Now kena fuck back.

You ask all the opposition party people who ever try to sue Singapore newspaper before to show you their backside hole. You will see that their holes is very big and now they fart no sound already, because their backside kena fuck by Singapore kuai lan newspaper.

I also read this NKF fucker use the charity money fly first class aeroplane. You are charity company boss, have to fly where for fuck? Other country want to donate to you issit? And even if fly, cannot fly by economy ah? Your backside sitting that first class seat is paid by working people's donation, ok?

I think if continue like this, all those NKF charity tv show stunt also not enough. I think have to call the Zoe Tay and the Fiona Xie and the other TCS star to take off their clothes and suck cock on tv!!! Then maybe can collect enough money for the kidney patients plus this fucker salary and his first class tickets.

And maybe first prize is win a car, a condom house, and one fuck from Fann Wong! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Consolation prize can be those not so famous star like Sharon Au and Ann Kok suck your kok!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Yes, boy boy, papa not making a lot of money, but never mind, we have to donate help those poor kidney patient, children patient and cancer patient, and also make sure the NKF boss get his 12 month bonus.

Fuck your mothecheebye lah!!!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fuck those terrorists mothercheebye

I read the news that London mrt and bus kena bomb by the fucker terrorists from that cheebye extreme muslim group, al kada.

Why these fucker want to do this kind of fuck thing? I hope they kena rape by camel who got vd, and the camel fuck their backside until bleeding then their cock fall off and they die. Then when they see their allah god, their allah god tell them, "who call you fuckers go and make bomb kill innocence people? No virgins minah for you! Go to hell and kena rape by camels forever!!!!"

I have so many malay muslim friends, they never talk about want to bomb people. They are the real muslim, I think. Ok, a few of them secretly smoke and drink and sometimes they act blur during their fasting month but I am sure their allah forgive them this kind of thing. They hate the bomber muslims too. They say the bombers is not real muslim.

Those England people are not soldiers, and they never take guns shoot the terrorists family, so why must bomb them? England not just have ang mo people, they have Chinese, Indian and even Malay there.

I read some blog got people say the USA and England country deserve to kena bomb. Fuck your mother backside, ok? War is war, soldier want to bomb, bomb soldier. Where got soldier bomb mothers and children one? Only cheebye coward monster do that!!!

Just because you don't like the USA fight the Iraqianese war, means it is ok the al kada terrorist bomb people's mrt and bus and kill those normal people who are not soldiers? Lan cheow understand?

If it is your own mother children girlfriend die in those mrt bomb, you will not say this kind of fucked up idea. Study so many books and theory, they never teach you what is means killing innocence people is wrong?!!!

I was going to put picture of the explosion here, but too many shocking pictures, I cannot look.

My friend Jennice is in London now studying her hairdresser course. I hope she is ok.

Monday, July 04, 2005

ATM press wrong button

Today I went to the ATM to draw money. Then cheebye lah, it is those old type, the screen all fucked up blur blur alignment wrong kind. So I accidentally press out $1000. KNNBCCB!!!

So I went back to the bank branch to put back the money. Don't want later carry the money I will spend it all.

The queue is very long because nowadays the banks only know how to close branch. They want to spend less money, so close here close there. Damn kuai lan one.

I was lining up then I think maybe I can use the deposit money machine, but then I see the thing I scared. Wait the machine count wrongly or swallow my money how? I put my ATM card inside to try, and I looked inside the put money part when the hole open. How the machine count paper? I don't see the robot fingers. Just one hole and the door got teeth. So I cancel the button and go back and line up again.

KNNBCCB, the queue now longer. Now have to wait even longer.

But then when I reach my turn, not bad, the counter grl who serve me quite chio. Her skirt also very tight. She start to tell me about some investment and insurance thing (nowadays the cheebye banks not only close branch, also like to disturb people sell them things like investment things). I let her finish her speech, because she quite chio, can beoh a bit longer.

Then I say thank you, I don't need.

Maybe later when she finish work, I go and ask her want to go out or not. Maybe go and sing some song, drink some drink, and she can put my ATM horse into her ATM machine. Hahahahahaha!!!!

Shit lah, now I need the money, should not have put back all.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Cowboy like tar poh?

I read my comments and my hero Cowboy Caleb wrote something!

Cowboy he said:

"na beh lah this zhar bo.

Got many fish in the sea. Next time we go ktv together. The tar poh kind of ktv, ok?"

I am very impress by his Hokkien and swear words. Maybe he is not Ang Moh Eat Potatoe kind in the end.

Cowboy, though I like very much to go to ktv with you but you know that tar poh means guy right? I didn't know you like guy type. I think that kind of ktv, you go without me, ok? My microphone only for girls to use one, hahahahahahaha!!!!!