Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tin Pei Ling, sexy PAP XMM!

Diu! Who is this fucking chio ger?

Lawrence just send me this photo. Her name is Tin Pei Ling! He say it is new PAP candidate who is youngest to run in this year election! 27 years old only! Fucking chio man!

I don't know why she holding this paper bag from a brand call kate spade. Maybe she like gardening! I want to show her my spade also! My spade is call Horse!!! Hahahahahahahaha!

Just seeing her doing the kawaii sign I already steam. Then Lawrence send me this photo of her wearing her official PAP uniform!

knn! Even more sexy! I can tell she like her man to be fast, because she got the lightning badge on her chest! When I drive my baobei car, I am also fast as lightning!

And she even wear the white shirt with one button on top never button, lancheow tease or not! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

I find out she is in charge of the PAP internet department, and Lawrence say she intend to use "social media to reach out to the younger generation" in this coming election, "to build friendship online"!

This make me very excited because Lawrence show me her Twitter page. Wah! Her profile is got beach photo! Maybe even bikini kind!

But when I look for her Twitter name call @tinrina it is GONE!!! Fucking GONE! And her new Twitter account is LOCKED kind!

I see that lock I damn sian! Cheebye! How to build fucking friendship online like this?

But I am not scared. I already apply to be her friend on Twitter. I waiting for her to open her lock to let me come inside.

Come inside. Hahahahahahahahaha!

Temasick Review, the Wanbao of Internet Politics Blog, got publish these photo of her and some fat fuck. Nabei! Leave my Pei Ling alone! This cannot be her boyfriend! This kind of standard will never be able to be her man!

Lawrence tell me her husband is the private secretary of PM Mini-Lee and he is a 40 years old man. I don't know why she want to marry a man so fucking old and at the same time, got a girl job as a secretary.

Leave your old secretary husband and choose me, Pei Ling! My name is Rockson! And my Horse and me will vote for you! That is TWO VOTES! Hahahahahahahahahaha!


Lawrence just made this cute moving icon of idol for me. The pundek is so fucking solid with his puki computer when he is not watching his Japanese AV.

Resim hosting:

Nabei, I can fucking watch this for hours.