Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Stupid fucker wanted to make fren with Vietnam KTV mei mei

Dear Mr Kusotare,

I just read your forum post. You are a stupid fucker. You go to KTV, touch touch here, touch touch there, then you think maybe this Vietnam KTV girl will be your friend? For FREE?

What kind of cheebye brain are you?

Just because you ask her to go see bird in Sentosa and not touch bird in the KTV, you think she will be your friend without need you to pay her?

This girl is just here to make money from loser like you, so that she can build a fucking house for her family of 23 in Vietnam. Why do you think she got time to make friend with you? FOR FUCKING FREE?

You are not just fucking naive. You are fucking loser to think you can find real friend in a foreign talent working in a KTV.

Just consider yourself lucky there was a girl who need the money enough to go out with a lancheow face like you. If it was a Singapore girl who have higher standard and golden cheebye, you pay her she also won't go out with loser like you.

Eh, Kusotare! I know many Filipino in Paramount Hotel want to go Sentosa with you leh. They can even play guitar and sing with you at the beach! They can even stroke your dolphin! Very cheap! Let me know and I arrange for some new friend for you!


Yours sincerely,

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Need your opinion, please..thks for ur time

Dear all

I've known this viet girl from a KTV for 6 months. Always ask her to sit with me as I've enjoyed her company, we've never went to hotel or anything before.

Just last week, I ask her out to Sentosa. Pure intention was to show her around Singapore and shopping. We were clear from the start that there is no hotel or hanky panky. We set off in the morning at Vivo and proceed to Sentosa after lunch. Everything was ok and fun except during the mid afternoon she start talking about ex-customers who bring her out and still give her money. I thought she was just joking...

So before dinner she repeated it again...and I felt a bit like "hm..." Not because I don't have the money. My pure intention was to bring her out for her to enjoy herself...with good lunch+dinner+all the attractions. Easily I spent 300 dollars.

In any case I send her home and while smoking near her house, she repeated her story again. So I asked her straight.."are you expecting me to give you money?" She didn't answer straight but just say that she came Singapore to earn money, by going out with me, she didn't work for full day and really paid quite a bit to come here. I gave her 100 and said good bye. Before leaving, I told her that I'm really disappointed with her, I brought her out as a friend and she considered it working.

I think the main point is that both of us had different expectations. Firstly, I didn't expect I've to pay..and I just wanted her to had fun. For her, it seems more like a sacrifice that she has to make to accompany me out....

Any opinion on this? Is it justifiable for me to be PISS off with her big time...I know I'm a bit naive, maybe we can just leave out that part for the moment.