Friday, October 28, 2005

Tiger got new beer and new girl

new tiger girl
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Lawrence make for me new Tiger Girl kopitiam poster because he say Tiger beer now got new bottle and new model (the Fantastic 4 that chio girl call Jessica Abba).

He know I like to collect those kopi tiam beer poster with the big neh neh girls so he make for me.

He also help me put this photo in my flicker and my blog. I just type the word in his PC and he shoot this photo to my blog!!!

Fuck man, this flicker is damn fucking solid!

KNNBCCB!!! I see this Jessica Abba I also want to nosebleed liao. I give her play my horse bottle any time!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Buy 4D and go the Zouk renovation-finish party

Viceroy Menthol Light, Raymond say to the uncle at the shop. He last time is smoke Marlboro one, but now he change to cheaper brand, because the gahmen make until the hoon kee price very ex. Want to kill ownself faster with cigerete also must pay tax.

I long time quit the smoking liao. Want to support my baobei car then must cut something. Cannot support too many high tax thing, like car and hoon kee. Like this is like kena fuck mouth and fuck kar chng by Gahmen, front also kena fuck, back also kena fuck.

Sometime I stress for work until I think maybe want to start smoke again. Liddat then can die faster no need grow old in Singapore. But wait become sick don't die how? In Singapore you want to fall sick you better die, don't half live half dead, or else the doctor bill will kill you slowly.

It was Friday afternoon. We walk pass the Turf Club after lunch and Raymond start to gian.

You wait for me here ah? Raymond say. I go and buy somemore Toto and 4D.

This is Raymond most favouriter Turf Club to buy his every week the Toto and 4D. He say a lot of people always win from here one, so must die die also buy from here. I see him buy so many year, also never see him win big. I think only the Singapore Pool company is the one who win big.

I already very toolan my smelly cheebye luck, the Wednesday first prize for 4D is 3007. That is my last time car number, and I always buy but that week never buy. Never buy then come out. Cheebye.

If I strike, maybe can upgrade my baobei car, or I can don't work for a while and just go out and chiong, go drinking, bang a few new girlfren.

But I never win, so can only bang balls.

Inside this shop, got many people line up buy their 一个小希望, their One Little Hope. Got many kind of people, office people, old people, young people. Uncle, Auntie, Ah Pek, Ah Boy, all also want to strike. Many many dream stuck inside this dark dark place.

Got job want to strike 4D and quit job. No job want to strike 4D and then no need to look for job.

I also dunno why so many people kowpeh the casino and think until so hard how to stop Singaporean to go inside the Singapore casino. We already have the casino what. Got what thing we don't gamble here one? 4D, Toto, Big Sweep (damn hard to win this one), horse race, football, jackpot machine and shares, we all also have. And if want to play the casino card game, can just go Genting or people funeral. Sure got a few table there.

Raymond young that time is collect people 4D number at the coffee shop for the illegal 4D one. Those is not gahmen one, and the ticket cheaper (prize also smaller) so a lot people especially poor one like to buy, but win already you can get your money also not so confirm.

Raymond say he stop to do this line, because the Gahmen ownself start the gambling business and make until his kind of 4D very hard to do. Police come and squeeze and squeeze until his gambling gang the lampa also blue colour liao.

Gahmen is also gangster, but is got license kind of gangster.

Inside this Turf Club, I even see a few sexy office girl. The kind wear until the skirt tight tight and got wear jacket one. Wah seh, tight until the g-string line also can see. They wear the jacket in office but when come out eat lunch and buy 4D, they take out the jacket let you beoh their underneath the sexy speggeti top. Must be Singapore weather hot, so they don't wear shirt under their jacket.

Talk about Turf Club and club, that night I also go the Zouk renovation-finish party. I long time never go there liao, since that time go Mambo with Lawrence.

KNN! The queue damn long sial. Queue until the fucking Cocktorn hotel. And got a lot of bouncer and security. Tighter than guy virgin backside hole.

But Raymond got friend help us get in no need to queue.

I heard they spend a few million on the reno but I don't think the design is so good. Look like same leh. I think the toilets looks like change liao. At first I cannot find the tap! Then I find the tap and try to use it and I turn and turn the cheebye tap but cannot!!! KNNBCCB!!!!

Anyway if you drunk and dancing like seow you won't notice the design ugly or not. I think they use too many white colour, wait easy to dirty then they know. Raymond say he went the KL Zouk before, and the new Singapore one is look the same. Maybe they use the same designer got discount.

But they got change the speaker inside Zouk make until kan si lang big. Nabei the hi-fi is look like a HDB flat like that. I think even now my head still got the um-zi um-zi sound haven't go away yet. Tiu na seng.

That night also got a few Singapore star go Zouk (is those kind that go oversea people is dunno know who they are kind of star). I saw the stoner actor Benadick Goh and the fat become skinny girl-look-like-guy singer Ohlinda Choo. Also got those Mediacops last time star come. Maybe no show to act then they very free come here and show their face.

Lawrence went and drink until vomit and we have to put him inside taxi go home. Stupid fucker see the buy one drink get one drink free already very gian, and in the end drink so much. Same like last time at Mambo!!! I hate go Zouk this kind of place with him, he always drink until siao then tor. Heng I don't drive my baobei car go because parking damn fucked up and drive already cannot drink with them. Or else Lawrence sure fucking merlion inside my car one. Cheebye.

When I finish put the fucker Lawrence in the taxi I go back, and I saw got one fight outside the Phuture, but got the bouncer come and stop it. I think is got ang moh involve one.

But fight for fuck, man, go Phuture inside got a lot of chio bu to see. Dancing the R and B music on the dancing floor with big tv. Wear until sexy sexy, got the tube top, tank top and teh teh top. Tip top man.

There got a lot of girl hear the music already dance until like their cheebye itchy liddat. I think many is very young or no experience to drink, drink a bit only dance so sexy. But my horse and me never complain. Hahahahaha!!!!

I saw a few guy like to squeeze inside the crowded place and touch girl body. KNN cannot cow the girl have to like this then can touch girl kar chng. CMI man. If can make the girl to like you, you no need to secret secret touch her one. She will touch you first.

I wait for Raymond to buy the drink because we finish our whiskey liao. Suddenly I feel my arm got one girl rest her head there. Her face a bit red but she very friendly. And damn chio, short short, and hair long long, and longkang deep deep. My horse also sedia. Her nose is small small and got one ear ring.

We talk (actually more like shout) damn long time and drink some more. Her English very good like got study before one. She like don't mind my English so fucked up.

Her face remind me of last time got this girl I know who is study degree one, and everytime like to have orgy with her university friends and teachers in the university student hotel.

She said her fren is all dunno go where. So crowded this place. So she stay here and talk to me. She sit more and more closer to me when we talk, then her hand also start to touch me here and there.

Lets get out of here, she say, I am fucking sick of this shit.

I try to look for Raymond but the place very crowded and she pull me outside very fast.

We can go my place, she say, my roommates are out.

KNN! I thought I strike 4D, and Toto and Big Sweep all together, man.

I show you where my other ear ring is later, she say and laugh.

My horse happy until want to escape my jean and come out to play.

But no kar chng sex hor, she say, last time go this twisted fucker from my uni fuck my kar chng and I three days cannot get the fucking condom come out.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Only the Elite-Genius-Super-Long-Lan-Cheow stream can be Singapore leader

My office friend was telling me he very worried his children school exam. This year one boy is streaming, one girl is PSLE. he stress until want to vomit blood and die.

I told him don't so stress, you see me? I never study simi lan cheow degree, also ok what!

He said, your time and my time not the same. Now is all paper. Now the PSLE is so hard, even the poobor teacher who set the question also can make mistake, draw the triangle and square wrongly. And if the children young young don't do their study well, is be hong kan liao. Big already the gahmen will tell them go and do $800 job. So that's why he stress, he said.

Maybe thats why nowadays married people only fuck but never have baby (some couple stress until don't even fuck). Think of the baby big already have to kena so stress from exam and economy, better not to let the siao shoot the egg.

If I am the egg, I also dowan come out. Come out and see the dengue, see the bird flu, suunamee, earthquake and Primary 3 streaming exam, the egg will also say fuck this world motherbackside lah, I stay inside better.

Talk about exam, I read the newspaper and cheebye lah, Singapore only get 5th prize in whole world corruption exam.

KNNBCCB we lose to this four country:

-Danmark (they make the sibei good to eat butter cookie)
-New Zeeland (got more fucking sheep than human people)
-Finsland (they make the Nokia phone and their snow is like our Singapore sun, nonstop one)
-Icedland (there got no people, only polar bear, penguin, and one singer her cheebye name I cannot pronounce)

Our minister salary make high is to so that there is no corruption. So how come we is not be first prize hah? How come we is not be get 100 fucking marks? No 一百分? The other four country that beat us also got no minister earn more than our minister. How come they can win us this world corruption exam ah?

Must be we normal Singaporean fault that Singapore never get first prize. Our gahmen is 一百分 pure and white virgin cheebye one, but maybe is because we normal Singaporean got some get FAIL in corruption. Then pull the mark down, make Singapore never get first. Fucking normal Singaporean! Take bribe and make until Singapore only get 5th prize.

Maybe must make the pay of normal Singaporean high high also. Then normal Singaporean will not so easy get bribe. Hahahaha!!!

You know why Singapore got so few corruption? Because corruption is need human to do one and Singapore only got robot. Singapore got the most 听话 and bestest robot worker in the world, that is why we must get the angmoh come here and be the human to think. Singapore also got many animal, because we Do Cow Do Horse. Cow and horse also won't kena bribe one. (My horse is not the same, is for fucking not for working, hahahahaha!!!!)

Actually I don't mind here corruption so low. Not like other country, KNN, like Malaysia and Indon, every fuck thing also must pay bribe. What to do, they have many poor people and they is used to it liao. But Singapore the no corruption pattern must pay until very expensive then can get, I think.

Anyway Singaporean must be happy. See? Newspaper come out shout got many many new job. Gahmen announce the June got 2.3 million people got job ok? It is like magic! Lightning come down from the sky and Singapore kena got job! It is call the Election Ai Lai Liao Good News Report! Newspaper sit in lorry use microphone shout this good news to you!

Then my PAP MP also send letter give me say he want to come my house and ask me my problem. My MP is so love me! Even though I never vote him (my block is walkover one)! Five year see you one time! Sorry paisei please wait I clean my house nice nice for you first, ok? Wipe all the sperm from my floor and TV first.

I think Singapore gahmen like to get 100 marks too much. Everything also like to get 100 cheebye marks. Airport 100 marks. Ship port 100 marks. Even election also must want to get high high marks.

Die die also must be the top school party. Just pass is not enough even though just pass is consider win already. Cannot give some marks to other school people issit?

Ok lah, other school people is not wear the pure and white virgin cheebye shirt one, but they also want to help Singaporean what. Ok, some of them are blur fuck monkey idiot who wear slipper and say waste time things, but got many of them is normal people who just want to try and give Singaporean another voice.

Sometime I think the Opposition party is like the lousy school those EM3 student and the PAP is like the RI student (RI is stand for Raffle Instantuition). The EM3 student try how hard also cannot win the RI student one. All the best teacher and all the best school building and all the best student is give to the RI school one. RI school how to fucking lose?

EM3 student get 50 marks for exam, RI student will get 70 marks. EM3 student get 70 marks, RI student will get 100 marks. EM3 student get 100 marks, RI student will nabei get 110 marks!!!

Then when sports contest time, EM3 school send one sports champion , the RI genius school will send 5-man team. Sorry, this event only can 5-man team then you can join one. Your EM3 one-man show must go and fuck spider. Other school also don't have 5-man team, so walkover lor! Automatic win.

But gahmen tell us, this RI school student party is very important because we must have the most smart student to be the country boss. Then the rest of the Singaporean, the EM3, Normal and ITE school Singaporean who are not Elite-Genius-Super-Long-Lan-Cheow stream people can have their normal job. Only Elite-Genius-Super-Long-Lan-Cheow people know how to make job magicly come out. So don't complain.

One Elite-Genius-Super-Long-Lan-Cheow school is enough. No need go and vote those Ah Tur Ah Kow in. They not good enough to be your gahmen. If their brain is really the smart enough, they will be in our Elite-Genius-Super-Long-Lan-Cheow school long ago liao.

Who call them mother egg father sperm not strong enough?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Remember the Lan Cheow Things Since Last Election

Yesterday Lawrence call me to tell me he install finish my computer the new hard disk. He say now got a lot of space, so he put for me the XXX photo and the XXX movie. I hope the fucker never put those video of woman have sex with dog one, like last time. The fucker.

He also very excited when he call me. He said gahmen going to pump $160 million to make his Aljunied (he live in Simei) become more solid. I say him he is like pregnant woman who forget how pain the baby last time make her cheebye, and now want to seh baby again.

Everytime got election, gahmen like to give us many goodie, like neh neh for us to suck. Singapore share (is like Indon gahmen give rupiah to the village to vote them), upgrading the flat (because last time they too ngeow never install the lift), plus promise this and promise that. Hope that people smell the cheebye already will forget the bad thing in the last four year.

More Simi Lan Cheow Good Year.

I, Rockson, don't like to forget the bad lan cheow thing, so I write here to remember. This is my blog, help me to remember my life.

- Buangkok MRT still never open

- No fucking jobs

- World most clean country can have Dengew Fever

- Still no fucking jobs

- NKF and their peanut and gold tap

- Build casino never listen the people

- Still no fucking jobs but pretend got those toilet cleaner job is counted

- Fuck people who say the emperor make his son the new king

- GST is become more and more

- Nicoll Highway collapse make people die and traffic jam

- Circle Line never finish

- Buangkok resident use paper white elephant to say their unhappy in the end kena police

- People kena retrench or have to do two job to tahan (day time do one job, night time drive taxi)

- ERP go up and longer hour

- Price of living go up

- Medicineshield price go up

- Petrol price for my baobei car go up

- Pubic transport fare of bus and train fare go up

- Easylink in the bus fucked up

- Easylink in the bus fucked up but blame the people

- Tekan blogger

- HDB flat people have to change their window nail

- The upper class become more upper class

- The middle class become the lower class

- The lower class become no class

- No chance for vote President

- No holiday because no chance for vote President

- 81 years old can still be President, but Singapore worker 40 years old kena retrench

- House price drop $100,000 cannot sell, sell already lose money until kar chng peet

- Study so hard come out no job

- Study so hard come out job take by cheebye foreigner

- $600,000 is consider peanut

- Singapore worker is too fussy because dowan $800 salary, but Minister salary must high because they are the best of the best

- China share become pang sai chua

- Waste our money on China Suzou park

So many year, we put the scotch tape on our mouth. We think never mind, no need have any voice, as long got job got goodie, Singaporean can don't shake the boat.

Now the boat already kena leak water and the Singaporean is paddle water.

Now maybe goodie is not enough. Maybe idea must come from many place not just one. Maybe no job but at least got a few more voice for us is better than no job and no voice.

I think already I also sian 1/2. Also a bit the headache. Maybe I will see the XXX movie Lawrence give me. I hope is girl-girl or girl-guy one. Girl-guy-girl also can. But guy-guy one will remind me how my kar chng kena fuck.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bali terrorist fuckers and Singapore racister blogger

Today I meet Raymond because he morning want to see car. The COE drop so low, he very gian to change car. He read the newspaper say Car is Now Very Cheap! Buy Buy Buy!

Why those newspaper never say Car is Now Very Cheap Because Economy Fucked Up and People Scared No Job and Don't Dare to Buy?

After we see a few the showroom in Lengkee, we go and have lunch.

I order two teh tarek for us and sit down.

I saw one guy he read his newspaper about they trying to catch the pooky terrorist that bomb Bali.

Those terrorist go and bomb Bali again. Kill so many their own people also. What the fuck are they doing?!!! I say to Raymond.

Ya, he said. Next time I dowan go Holland V and those club got many ang moh one liao. Wait the muslim terrorist bomb there how?

I fuck him upside down. Lan cheow lah Raymond! Those people who use bomb and bomb other people is not real muslim!!! Please don't anyhow call them muslim. I got many real muslim friend and they don't like this kill people.

I say, These Jermina Ismylan or shortcut call JI is those fake muslim. Say they do for their God. Fuck you understand? These terrorist like to suicide bomb why don't all go inside one room in some Indon island got nobody live one, then all bomb each other together? Then can go their fake heaven of many virgin (actually go to fucking HELL of many devil!!!) and the world got less this kind of cheebye fucker.

Raymond say Wah don't say so loud leh, wait got muslim hear already beh song.

I say Please lah, people should all come out and fuck this kind of evil thing. Buddist and Christian and Muslim all should fuck the terrorist mothercheebye. Especially the real peaceful Muslim should condemn them. If I am them, I also will tulan these terrorist make my religion become name smelly liao. Make until all the good muslim and even those look a bit dark skin one kena USA custom check backside hole.

I drink my teh and say, KNNBCCB the Indo gahmen also one kind, the JI last time already bomb Bali one time liao, they not just never cut off their leader lampah (jail few fucking months only), they also never ban the JI gang.

Maybe hard to ban them meh? Raymond say.

Fuck lah, how many more their own people kena bomb by JI gangster fucker then the Indo gahmen will ban this JI, I say. If in Singapore, I think not just will ban them, they will cut off their lan cheow and lampah man!!

Raymond say, Aiyah, if the Indo gahmen ban the JI, I think will also have riot. I think the whole Indonesia only got JI give the poor people job. Suicide bomb terrorist is also a job what! Die liao the JI company still look after their family, help to look after their children so that when they big already, they can also like their father be a human bomb.

I drink my teh and nod my head.

Sometime be poor is very easy to become terrorist company chao recruit. If their economy not so fucked up and their gahmen not so corrupted, like to jiak lui, maybe won't have so many poor people will want do human bomb job.

My Lontong come and I start to eat first. Raymond go and order the nasi padang because the minah who is the rice stall owner daughter is very chio and her two burger-dil quite big. Raymond damn fucker one sometime.

Eh, Raymond said, you got hear the two blogger who write the Malay bad things kena charge kena jail leh!

Ya, those two fucker also stupid one, say this kind of fuck other race words, I say. Some more nowadays very touchy time.

One kena charge one day jail and fine 5k, the other one 1 month jail, man! Raymond say.

Nabei! One month ah? I say. Damn serious hor?

Ya lor, Raymond said. Like this many Chinese taxi uncle will also kena jail.

I say, Ya! You go the coffee shop and hear some of the Ah Pek talk, worse than this blogger, I think. Lucky the racister Ah Pek got no blog, or else sure will write a lot of fuck other race cheebye words and kena go jail! Haha!

The Malay uncle bring another teh tarek for us. We smile and say thank you uncle.

Raymond say, Actually whack the racister Singaporean like this I think is no use. Ok lor, the racister think, say race thing will kena jail, so we better keep inside, become secret racister. Then one day all the racister hate all explode out, his brain become like time bomb, because Singapore got no space for people to talk their problem. Noooo, Singapore got no racister problem one! All the racister go jail already!

I say, I also dunno why Singapore judge and gahmen like jail so much. Cheat your bus ezlink card also jail. Shoplifter also jail (11 years got one case!). Racister fuck other race in blog also jail. Ask for tolong pan-chan get DOUBLE JAIL!!!! Jail jail jail! They got no other idea issit? Maybe Singapore got a lot of reclaim land and empty HDB flat no one want to buy, so can make into jail, I say and laugh hahahahahaha!!!!

Raymond say, Maybe the judge bonus count by how many people go jail one hahahahaha!!!

I also laugh, you know what our mechanic Peter say last time? When your toolbox inside only got hammer, every cheebye problem is a nail. Hahahahahaha!!!!!

But those two blogger also damn stupid. They never live in the time when small small thing can kena fighting between the race. I know, I fight in those fight before when I young that time. Study so much but no brain to think, these two blogger. Do the thing that make you is become the Nail for gahmen Hammer to whack.

Rockson got no time for the hate other people race. Rockson is love all race! Rockson horse like to hammer all the girl of the world! Hahahahahahaha!!!!