Friday, October 21, 2005

Only the Elite-Genius-Super-Long-Lan-Cheow stream can be Singapore leader

My office friend was telling me he very worried his children school exam. This year one boy is streaming, one girl is PSLE. he stress until want to vomit blood and die.

I told him don't so stress, you see me? I never study simi lan cheow degree, also ok what!

He said, your time and my time not the same. Now is all paper. Now the PSLE is so hard, even the poobor teacher who set the question also can make mistake, draw the triangle and square wrongly. And if the children young young don't do their study well, is be hong kan liao. Big already the gahmen will tell them go and do $800 job. So that's why he stress, he said.

Maybe thats why nowadays married people only fuck but never have baby (some couple stress until don't even fuck). Think of the baby big already have to kena so stress from exam and economy, better not to let the siao shoot the egg.

If I am the egg, I also dowan come out. Come out and see the dengue, see the bird flu, suunamee, earthquake and Primary 3 streaming exam, the egg will also say fuck this world motherbackside lah, I stay inside better.

Talk about exam, I read the newspaper and cheebye lah, Singapore only get 5th prize in whole world corruption exam.

KNNBCCB we lose to this four country:

-Danmark (they make the sibei good to eat butter cookie)
-New Zeeland (got more fucking sheep than human people)
-Finsland (they make the Nokia phone and their snow is like our Singapore sun, nonstop one)
-Icedland (there got no people, only polar bear, penguin, and one singer her cheebye name I cannot pronounce)

Our minister salary make high is to so that there is no corruption. So how come we is not be first prize hah? How come we is not be get 100 fucking marks? No 一百分? The other four country that beat us also got no minister earn more than our minister. How come they can win us this world corruption exam ah?

Must be we normal Singaporean fault that Singapore never get first prize. Our gahmen is 一百分 pure and white virgin cheebye one, but maybe is because we normal Singaporean got some get FAIL in corruption. Then pull the mark down, make Singapore never get first. Fucking normal Singaporean! Take bribe and make until Singapore only get 5th prize.

Maybe must make the pay of normal Singaporean high high also. Then normal Singaporean will not so easy get bribe. Hahahaha!!!

You know why Singapore got so few corruption? Because corruption is need human to do one and Singapore only got robot. Singapore got the most 听话 and bestest robot worker in the world, that is why we must get the angmoh come here and be the human to think. Singapore also got many animal, because we Do Cow Do Horse. Cow and horse also won't kena bribe one. (My horse is not the same, is for fucking not for working, hahahahaha!!!!)

Actually I don't mind here corruption so low. Not like other country, KNN, like Malaysia and Indon, every fuck thing also must pay bribe. What to do, they have many poor people and they is used to it liao. But Singapore the no corruption pattern must pay until very expensive then can get, I think.

Anyway Singaporean must be happy. See? Newspaper come out shout got many many new job. Gahmen announce the June got 2.3 million people got job ok? It is like magic! Lightning come down from the sky and Singapore kena got job! It is call the Election Ai Lai Liao Good News Report! Newspaper sit in lorry use microphone shout this good news to you!

Then my PAP MP also send letter give me say he want to come my house and ask me my problem. My MP is so love me! Even though I never vote him (my block is walkover one)! Five year see you one time! Sorry paisei please wait I clean my house nice nice for you first, ok? Wipe all the sperm from my floor and TV first.

I think Singapore gahmen like to get 100 marks too much. Everything also like to get 100 cheebye marks. Airport 100 marks. Ship port 100 marks. Even election also must want to get high high marks.

Die die also must be the top school party. Just pass is not enough even though just pass is consider win already. Cannot give some marks to other school people issit?

Ok lah, other school people is not wear the pure and white virgin cheebye shirt one, but they also want to help Singaporean what. Ok, some of them are blur fuck monkey idiot who wear slipper and say waste time things, but got many of them is normal people who just want to try and give Singaporean another voice.

Sometime I think the Opposition party is like the lousy school those EM3 student and the PAP is like the RI student (RI is stand for Raffle Instantuition). The EM3 student try how hard also cannot win the RI student one. All the best teacher and all the best school building and all the best student is give to the RI school one. RI school how to fucking lose?

EM3 student get 50 marks for exam, RI student will get 70 marks. EM3 student get 70 marks, RI student will get 100 marks. EM3 student get 100 marks, RI student will nabei get 110 marks!!!

Then when sports contest time, EM3 school send one sports champion , the RI genius school will send 5-man team. Sorry, this event only can 5-man team then you can join one. Your EM3 one-man show must go and fuck spider. Other school also don't have 5-man team, so walkover lor! Automatic win.

But gahmen tell us, this RI school student party is very important because we must have the most smart student to be the country boss. Then the rest of the Singaporean, the EM3, Normal and ITE school Singaporean who are not Elite-Genius-Super-Long-Lan-Cheow stream people can have their normal job. Only Elite-Genius-Super-Long-Lan-Cheow people know how to make job magicly come out. So don't complain.

One Elite-Genius-Super-Long-Lan-Cheow school is enough. No need go and vote those Ah Tur Ah Kow in. They not good enough to be your gahmen. If their brain is really the smart enough, they will be in our Elite-Genius-Super-Long-Lan-Cheow school long ago liao.

Who call them mother egg father sperm not strong enough?


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IA said...

wow... i am the 1st ...

nabil said...

this is the first time i dont see comments in the hundreds. but in due time, in due time

Anonymous said...


redalf said...

aiya... tot i'm the first, next time post comments first then read...

Anonymous said...

wwwooo.5th. first time normally i see 100 plus

Anonymous said...

Another very true commentary on Singapore. :)

Anonymous said...

kaka was here!

Anonymous said...

but i wanna be in the elite-genius-super-long-lan-cheow stream cause i want big

Wynx said...

Top Ten!!! Steady pun pi pi

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! HAha, this is hilarious :P


SugarBoyfriend said...

RI sucks big time lah

Anonymous said...

my 15 mins.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, lucky 13 !

Linus said...

nice post :D

SkyfireX said...

nice post. keep going man

andrew said...

yah.. top 15 .. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Wah piang I am no 12..........

dav said...

hmmm. sensitive issues, better be careful...
singapore only has her people, so of course will want to have elite people..
that's why everything is so competitive.
sigh, i hate it.

Anonymous said...

sian lousy

cheedi said...

yayyy no. 10

Anonymous said...

Fuck Retarded Institution
Institution full of slanty eyed chinks

Anonymous said...

Rockson you are back man!

continue to rock on :)

Dont let those lousy critics change your style of writing.

Anonymous said...

errr say

So if we need only elites. Why not send all those not elite away to exchange elites from other country. So elites will run elites. That is a perfect solution for a country plague with non-elite problems.
Maybe can seperate the island into three section. Elite zone run by elites. Not so elite run themselves and the leftovers to feed on whatever the other two groups have left.

Anonymous said...

But the egg stay inside too long also ganna flush out and end up in toilet bowl...

Anonymous said...

Na bei Chao Chee bye

Cannot tahan what singapore had become. Whore state for money and paper qualification. If you can whore you backside for guys and cheebye for gals maybe you can live a better life. NBCCB what the fiat is going on in our society. People elect a government to suppress themselves. What the FUCK is happening here. I cannot believe what the people of Singapore is walking into. Digging a grave deep enough for themselves? Maybe it is high time that a new breed of opposition should rise to cut down this Kind of CCB government. If we do not like the government vote a new one. It is easily done if the right opposition party is setup. Right now the opposition party is like single chop sticks that could be broken one by one by the government. The government is like a thick bundle of chopstick. Sorry it is high quality steel chopsticks compare to opposition use and throw chopsticks. What the fuck is the opposition in Singapore doing. Wayang only. Fuck too much SAF shit in their ass head. FUcking selfish on the individual opposition party. Each has their own agenda. I mean their own agenda(Personal Gain) Not working for the people. They are like the middle person between the goverment and the people. Zo BO and make alot of shit for the people. Useless bunch of shit. I cannot believe that Singapore have not talented people to set up a true opposition party. Shit must I wait for another revolution to take place in a small island at the age of sixty. Fuck What shit smells good?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wah.. Excellent sports day analogy !!! All the opposition really go fuck spider liao... How to fight the GRC treams?

Anonymous said...

need to vent my anger on this blog comment section on the current situation of the country.
NA BEI CHAO CHEEEEEE BYEEEEEE. Singapore have no place for those who have no paper qualification and string pulling technique people.
Life is so fucking stress and the government still want to fuck our nose and ears after fucking our chee bye, mouth and kah cheng

Wa Lan eh can pan chan on the ears or not. Sperm coming out from all the holes on the body oredi.

Shit also have to keep back for the government to fuck. No wonder so many people sick and getting dengue. it not he mosquitoes doing but the government. Ha. Report shows that stress reduce the immune system strength. SO WHO is responsible for health deterioting Singaporean. The Government of course. I got fuck so many times in my life that all my holes can hold bucket of Siao.

Shit. Life sucks oredi but why make iworst with a government like that.

Anonymous said...

what to do!! We are in SIngapore!

Anonymous said...

wow this is deep sia...


Anonymous said...

you are such a fucker, disgrace to singapore.

FUCK YOU said...


Anonymous said...

>>Then when sports contest time, EM3 school send one sports champion , the RI genius school will send 5-man team. Sorry, this event only can 5-man team then you can join one. Your EM3 one-man show must go and fuck spider. Other school also don't have 5-man team, so walkover lor! Automatic win.


hdl said...

For those who complain about the opposition or government or whatever, stfu, get off your ass and do something. Barking here won't help.

Anyway, today's entry also about government, rockson blog about your life leh!

Anonymous said...

good blog entry! =)

n0body said...

funny.. and sadly true..

Anonymous said...

rockson, what a long wait!

Cyst said...

You are the best lah, Rockson!

Anonymous said...

yeah i'm 39th!

Anonymous said...

Blog more frequently =)

Anonymous said...

ya lor, 5 mans team sure win. If no other school can send 5 mans we should also vote. See how many vote against. if less than 50% support, the competition must reset to become one-man team competition, than it is fare, some other school can send one-man team.

Anonymous said...

good posting...but your spelling F*CKING SUX!!!

Anonymous said...

I am in top 50!!

Anonymous said...

u're finally back! nice post~ once again..

WeiDe said...

hmm...thou we not first in corruption thing,
quite happpy liaoz leh...haha...

Anonymous said...

dun talk so much la. wait u get sued by other ppl. always NATO..

shan said...

one word ......POWER arh....this blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

no. 48!! :D :P:P:P

Sarah said...

Hahahaha. I like the RI ref. I wonder if the RI boys have seen this yet. :D But what to do. Smart then smart what.

Anonymous said...

No. 50!! Aniwae nice post.. keep on blogging!


I agree

Mormal pp like us grow up in HDB flats can never fucking be the same as those in Bukit Timah private housing..

Anonymous said...

Populist blogger. I like.

CONRAD (jojo) said...

WOOO a bit talk cok

Well said...

Cool. Quite true about the education system though. Even the best schools have the best sports' students to join them because of trophies, certificates. They just need to win trophies for the school cupboard.

For example: The education system is trying to change the way pupils can enter the school. One of the critiera is for the sportsman to be in the National Team and such. everyone can be passionate about the sports but cannot develop their interests because they are not in the National Team. KNS.

Anonymous said...

stop pretending to give the voice of a " I never study simi lan cheow degree"

ur posts are structured and always in sync with the latest news. ur fake misspelled words are too bad to be real.
ur initial blog of complaining about ur own life has turned to an affair on politics.
think properly before scolding vulgarities. itz the easiest way to rally support. a testament to your character.

Anonymous said...

(Ph)uck and (Ph)uck

Anonymous said...

Hey guy, this is my first few times reading ur blog and u really make me LAUGH.

how to fuck spider *roar* ?

thank for the new word KNNBCCB - luv it

Anonymous said...

its raffles institution for god's sake. raffle instantution. hurhur.

Anonymous said...

Hey the chee bai kia above me use CAPITAL letters after fulls stop la chee bai. Go learn your fucking grammer and vocab before u wanna correct someone. Retarded sia

Anonymous said...

Hey fuckers? NOT HAPPY DONT READ LA!!! So simple also cannot understand? NOT happy dont come here KPKB la. Chee bai ah qua jins. SO thick skinned. Say bad things about rockson but why keep coming back? Buai hiao bai chee bai kias.

joel said...

you cheebye la dont anyhow kao peh RI lah people study hard get in then you bu shuang say unfair. got such a big fucking problem with RI then you go complain to government lor, tell them RI shouldnt be so good. ri is good cos ri IS good. you got problem you go and complain to solve problem lor, we all singaporean only know how to complain dont know how to work

Anonymous said...

Rockson, you are smart but at time bordo. Corroption is because you pai-seh but take the money in the dark; if kena catch you go jail. If you can grant yourself be paid more than US president why you still want to corrupt, doesn't make sense. After all with that type of money one can buy one car in one month totally paid for, for some people, maybe got to work ten years still duno can own a car or not (fully paid for). Never mind lah just make it cheap, cheap for me to take bus I am happy loh, but lan cheow bus fare goes up.
Talk about the Em3. Sometimes really pityful, kena bully by the IR boy directly on the face, cannot do anything, but he really a gentleman, say sorry to him everything okay, if Em3 happened to offend the IR boy the same way, I think backside ko-yak loh. See already sometimes very tu-lan man, EM3 also is a respectable boy what, why treat him like this. If every people kena bully like that how people want to contribute, just like my father like to screw me, wrong kena screw, right also kena screw, so keep quite lah, also kena screw. Nowadays, born dumb and mute, is better, the whole country will look after you and sar-young you also. Hahaha..

Anonymous said...

North Korea, Eritrea and Turkmenistan are the world’s “black holes” for news

Western democracies slip back, with the US falling more than 20 places

North Korea once again comes bottom of the Reporters Without Borders fourth annual World Press Freedom Index, released today. It is closely followed in the 167-country list by Eritrea (166th) and Turkmenistan (165th), which are other “black holes” for news where the privately-owned media is not allowed and freedom of expression does not exist.

Journalists there simply relay government propaganda. Anyone out of step is harshly dealt with. A word too many, a commentary that deviates from the official line or a wrongly-spelled name and the author may be thrown in prison or draw the wrath of those in power. Harassment, psychological pressure, intimidation and round-the-clock surveillance are routine.

East Asia (Burma 163rd, China 159th, Vietnam 158th, Laos 155th), Central Asia (Turkmenistan 165th, Uzbekistan 155th, Afghanistan 125th, Kazakhstan 119th) and the Middle East (Iran 164th, Iraq 157th, Saudi Arabia 154th, Syria 145th) are where journalists have the toughest time and where government repression or armed groups prevent the media operating freely.

The situation in Iraq (157th) deteriorated further during the year as the safety of journalists became more precarious. At least 24 journalists and media assistants have been killed so far this year, making it the mostly deadly conflict for the media since World War II. A total of 72 media workers have been killed since the fighting began in March 2003.

But more and more African and Latin American countries (Benin 25th, Namibia 25th, El Salvador 28th, Cape Verde 29th, Mauritius 34th, Mali 37th, Costa Rica 41st and Bolivia 45th) are getting very good rankings.

Western democracies slip back
Some Western democracies slipped down the Index. The United States (44th) fell more than 20 places, mainly because of the imprisonment of New York Times reporter Judith Miller and legal moves undermining the privacy of journalistic sources. Canada (21st) also dropped several places due to decisions that weakened the privacy of sources and sometimes turned journalists into “court auxiliaries.” France (30th) also slipped, largely because of searches of media offices, interrogations of journalists and introduction of new press offences.

At the top of the Index once again are northern European countries Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway and the Netherlands, where robust press freedom is firmly established. The top 10 countries are all European. New Zealand (12th), Trinidad and Tobago (12th), Benin (25th) and South Korea (34th) are the highest-ranked countries in other continents.

Press freedom, economic development and independence
Countries that have recently won their independence or have recovered it are very observant of press freedom and give the lie to the insistence of many authoritarian leaders that democracy takes decades to establish itself. Nine states that have had independence (or recovered it within the past 15 years) are among the top 60 countries - Slovenia (9th), Estonia (11th), Latvia (16th), Lithuania (21st), Namibia (25th), Bosnia-Herzegovina (33rd), Macedonia (43rd), Croatia (56th) and East Timor (58th).

The Index also contradicts the frequent argument by leaders of poor and repressive countries that economic development is a vital precondition for democracy and respect for human rights. The top of the Index is heavily dominated by rich countries, but several very poor ones (with a per capita GDP of less than $1,000 in 2003) are among the top 60, such as Benin (25th), Mali (37th), Bolivia (45th), Mozambique (49th), Mongolia (53rd), Niger (57th) and East Timor (58th).

Reporters Without Borders compiled this Index of 167 countries by asking its partner organizations (14 freedom of expression groups from around the world) and its network of 130 correspondents, as well as journalists, researchers, legal experts and human rights activists, to answer 50 questions designed to assess a country’s level of press freedom. Some countries are not mentioned for lack of information about them.

1 Denmark 0,50
- Finland 0,50
- Iceland 0,50
- Ireland 0,50
- Netherlands 0,50
- Norway 0,50
- Switzerland 0,50
8 Slovakia 0,75
9 Czech Republic 1,00
- Slovenia 1,00
11 Estonia 1,50
12 Hungary 2,00
- New Zealand 2,00
- Sweden 2,00
- Trinidad and Tobago 2,00
16 Austria 2,50
- Latvia 2,50
18 Belgium 4,00
- Germany 4,00
- Greece 4,00
21 Canada 4,50
- Lithuania 4,50
23 Portugal 4,83
24 United Kingdom 5,17
25 Benin 5,50
- Cyprus 5,50
- Namibia 5,50
28 El Salvador 5,75
29 Cape Verde 6,00
30 France 6,25
31 Australia 6,50
- South Africa 6,50
33 Bosnia and Herzegovina 7,00
34 Jamaica 7,50
- Mauritius 7,50
- South Korea 7,50
37 Japan 8,00
- Mali 8,00
39 Hong-Kong 8,25
40 Spain 8,33
41 Costa Rica 8,50
42 Italy 8,67
43 Macedonia 8,75
44 United States of America (American territory) 9,50
45 Bolivia 9,67
46 Uruguay 9,75
47 Israel 10,00
48 Bulgaria 10,25
49 Mozambique 10,50
50 Chile 11,75
51 Dominican Republic 12,25
- Taiwan 12,25
53 Cyprus (North) 12,50
- Mongolia 12,50
- Poland 12,50
56 Croatia 12,83
57 Niger 13,00
58 Timor-Leste 13,50
59 Argentina 13,67
60 Botswana 14,00
- Fiji 14,00
62 Albania 14,17
63 Brazil 14,50
- Tonga 14,50
65 Serbia and Montenegro 14,83
66 Ghana 15,00
- Panama 15,00
68 Nicaragua 15,25
69 Paraguay 15,50
70 Romania 16,17
71 Congo 17,00
- Guinea-Bissau 17,00
- Seychelles 17,00
74 Moldova 17,50
- Tanzania 17,50
76 Angola 18,00
- Honduras 18,00
78 Burkina Faso 19,00
- Senegal 19,00
80 Uganda 19,25
81 Lesotho 19,50
82 Central African Republic 19,75
83 Cameroon 20,50
- Liberia 20,50
85 Kuwait 21,25
86 Guatemala 21,50
87 Ecuador 21,75
88 Comoros 22,00
89 Malawi 22,75
90 Burundi 23,00
- Cambodia 23,00
- Qatar 23,00
- Venezuela 23,00
- Zambia 23,00
95 Togo 23,75
96 Jordan 24,00
97 Madagascar 24,50
98 Turkey 25,00
99 Georgia 25,17
100 Kosovo 25,75
- United Arab Emirates 25,75
102 Armenia 26,00
- Gabon 26,00
- Guinea 26,00
- Indonesia 26,00
106 India 27,00
107 Thailand 28,00
108 Lebanon 28,25
109 Chad 30,00
- Kenya 30,00
111 Kyrgyzstan 32,00
112 Ukraine 32,50
113 Malaysia 33,00
- Tajikistan 33,00
115 Sri Lanka 33,25
116 Peru 33,33
117 Haiti 33,50
118 Swaziland 35,00
119 Kazakhstan 36,17
- Morocco 36,17
121 Djibouti 37,00
122 Rwanda 38,00
123 Bahrein 38,75
- Nigeria 38,75
125 Afghanistan 39,17
126 Sierra Leone 39,50
127 Mauritania 40,00
128 Colombia 40,17
129 Algeria 40,33
130 Gambia 41,00
131 Ethiopia 42,00
132 Palestinian Authority 42,50
133 Equatorial Guinea 44,00
- Sudan 44,00
135 Mexico 45,50
136 Yemen 46,25
137 United States of America (in Iraq) 48,50
138 Russia 48,67
139 Philippines 50,00
140 Singapore 50,67
141 Azerbaijan 51,00
142 Bhutan 51,50
143 Egypt 52,00
144 Côte d’Ivoire 52,25
145 Syria 55,00
146 Democratic Republic of Congo 57,33
147 Tunisia 57,50
148 Maldives 58,50
149 Somalia 59,00
150 Pakistan 60,75
151 Bangladesh 61,25
152 Belarus 61,33
153 Zimbabwe 64,25
154 Saudi Arabia 66,00
155 Laos 66,50
- Uzbekistan 66,50
157 Iraq 67,00
158 Vietnam 73,25
159 China 83,00
160 Nepal 86,75
161 Cuba 87,00
162 Libya 88,75
163 Burma 88,83
164 Iran 89,17
165 Turkmenistan 93,50
166 Eritrea 99,75
167 North Korea 109,00

Rhythmzlogy said...

Another good entry by rockson.

I got nth to say liao. U have reached the lvl of god in writing blog. Hope your horse still grow longer.

Anonymous said...

Sorry.. I think next time competition, no more 5 pple team.
1) Must be 10, or no, must be 50 per team.
2) Then must be in this ratio: ethic ratio 60% chin, 20% mal..., 10% indiii, 10%??????
3) every person pay competition fee 10000 US (not S$)
4) must got COE then can compete.......
WOnder if i can get back my cpf if i
stay in another part of the WORLD...
dont play here...
Then at least my house and money will be mine safe safe no confisicate one....

Anonymous said...

Joel tiam la chee bai fucker! RI and ACS(I) all fucked up school got government backing even thou they are independent school. They fucking steal all the sportsboy from other school into their own school ok. RI and ACS(I) fuckers always tell those sportsboys from other school if they play sport for them (RI or ACS(I) they will give them a place to study there even thou the PSLE aggrigrate dont meat the requirements. Of cos all those dumb sportsboy sure consider their future first wad so all accept. Then the entry exams the RI and ACS(I) people all set easy easy one so those dumb sportsboy can pass and enter. And the government dont care at all. Just let them do as they please.

TapTurnsLoose said...

power entry..

Kashiva said...

Lol. Not *all* sportsboys/girls in leet schools get in through DSA. Some are trained from scratch! (or close)

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I read about this small country that gambling( I mean casino) and tourism make the gahmen rich and the people are comfortable and peaceful. The gahmen take care their people properly. But strange never heard of them being ranked world number one or two or si-mi-lan-cheow but people know that is a properous country and their people are happy with the gahmen. I think our gahmen want to follow them make casino eventually make all Singaporean happy like what they did, maybe I am just daydreaming .

the man said...

knnbccb, i see one ri boi i whack one.. ive noticed dat some students from good schs seem to tink dat they are superior.. they tink they good sch they do anything their ka chng wont peet. but ive proved one of them wrong last week. he from ri, sibeh guai lan, think he can study is tia zai zai.. mother fcuking cb.. TO THOSE GOOD SCH PEOPLE DOWN THERE, U CAN STUDY ZAI, UR TAI JI, BUT IF U TRY TO BE GUAI LAN, DUN BE AFRAID TO GET UR KA CHNG SPLIT APART BY ME.

Tri Elite said...

67th! YAY. Within 6 hours, there are appoximately 70 people visiting your blog. Which means 1 hour, 12 people visit ur blog!

Anonymous said...

You are damn funny... Forgot about my depression. Forgot to take depression pills prescribed by my doctor. I think your blog works better than my depression pills. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Rockson, this article sounds a little 'strained'. What's wrong with you? Let it flow, man, be natural. Or are thoughts of being hauled up by the ISD stressing you out, and afecting your writing?

Anonymous said...

Where were you the last 10 days? Been waiting for your blog.. loggIN and loggOUT also no blog. No joke man! You know how desperate huh?

Anonymous said...

i cant believe it. ppl post comments not because they got anything to say, but because they want to be first. fucking waste everyone time. waste the freedom of speech given to them. sad man. den complain say spore cannot talk.

and yeah lah true lah spore if not elite also no chance go gahmen. but even though they damn dua pai and haolian, is true they run the country damn well wad. maybe not best. but already fucking good liao. all the lan cheow chee bye want no stress den sell their HDB flat go thailand country side stay lah. stay with the cow and dog and crops. u want or not? give u 100 thousand, 200 thousand, 300 thousand us dollar you also don want lor. so in the end KB KB so much, still actually want to stay here.
wad to do. our opposition party BUAY GAN. got no plan. u think, if they REALLY REALLY REALLY can do a better job, singaporeans wont vote them meh? is cos they like fuck, so ppl in the end still vote pap.

and i dunno lah. i think raffles or acs all the same lah. as long as u are smarter, richer, more handsome, ppl will always be jealous and try to shoot u down even tho they dunno anything. how many ppl actually got talk to ri guy before. everytime see face only wad. like that ur face like fuck ppl see also buay song.

aiya. zhong er yan zhi. this is the life u get. good or bad, lan lan suck thumb. do the best u can. if ur best not good enough, still lan lan. boh bian. be content with wad u have lah. if no one really wrong u also forget it lah. no point fight all the time. no one want to fight with u also

Anonymous said...

rockson talks so much sense.

Shiokness said...

Superb. Very strong undercurrent. Insightful and hilarious. Another outstanding piece of work!

yip said...

why point finger at ppl from ri? as for sports i believe its true that many ppl in good sec schools are trained from scratch. pri schs got alot of sports talent meh? i dun think pri schs offer such a wide range of ccas as compared to sec schs. so how would you explain those sec sch students who are pro at sports that primary schools dont offer? must be they get into sec sch and train hard one what.

Howie said...

Yalor...Ri boys actually very ke lian when they go shopping centre then those EM3 guys all like say in sarcastic tone "whoa ri so pro so pro" then Ri bois very sad =(

Anonymous said...

Eh wake up lar...rockson is just using RI as an analogy...why so anal? Spore is the fucking elitist system...the whole world know tat..if u are a scholar (albeit bond breaking, racist and all), u jump 10 ranks in the civil service, u get a normal degree u can wait ten years to hit the same rank as tat of a starting scholar...our education system really kinda embodies de polictical system in my opinion... no wonder so many politicians are formerly from RI....once again, rockson, i think u are a really smart guy...A+ for political fact i suspect u graduated with tat degree....

Shaft said...

But crap it all, you'll have to accept that there needs to be a balance of smart and "less-educated" people. There needs to be a balance of people in the different jobs that are in the country. Without cleaners, without security officers, etc.

Its repeatedly said again and again, untill your life gets so sian. But its the truth =/

Anonymous said...

hey...whole day only flame ri...haha...nth better to do. stereotypical. no ri = no LKY no small Lee no GCT and NO SG. Good GAME. thnx... still talk. stupid.

Anonymous said...

Dun talk so bad about RI students, its not their fault but wad society thinks tt result in tis mentality tt RI students are future thinkers, leaders pioneers. Give gd facilities n gd teachers to other schools too, to level the playing field n u will see the true quality of students frm raffles. I bet u too are highly educated. when u got a hammer, everything looks like a nail =)

Anonymous said...

do u think SG is a communism? or a democracy?

jim said...

wah, u make my brain go round n round before finally writing about gerrymandering. not scared kena catch by secret service and then they tie your horse in knots ah? hohoho

Anonymous said...

im from ri. ri teachers suck.

Anonymous said...

don't blog abt ri guys horse la about your own horse

Anonymous said...

oh, so poor thing these ri boys. kena left, right, centre for nothing. LOL

Anonymous said...

Eh wad was irritating is that you generalized ri boys.
So some are arrogant but there are ppl who are just as normal as everyone else .
Not bloody all of them are rich or got sports skills, thats a bloody insult cos there are those from not very well off families who work hard to get into the school.
Use your analogies carefully cos it can irritate readers who actually appreciate your blog.

anyway wtf is wrong wif all those who kao bei ri boys. ri is like bloody any other school with the same types of prevailing attitudes as any other school. u have arrogant asses in other schools also just like you got nice ppl in ri. so f off all you annon ppl who kao bei ri boys cos you have bloody zero experience unless you are actually one yourself. you all sound like bloody whining losers.

Anonymous said...

singapore sux isn't it?

Anonymous said...

well to the anonymous who speaks without brain above 2 comments from this one:

well so what if rockson insulted RI boys.. fark off.. who ask you to come here and read at first place... you come here and read and bcome an idiot then scold around?? hahah...

you can always surf other good looking blogs ^_^ well that suite for you so called good RI supporters.. ^_^ come here look for troubles..

you the most stupid guy/girl i've ever met..

Anonymous said...

oh joel... you mentioned about singaporeans only know how to complain dunno how to work right???

well we have a few example here.. ^_^

and you also..only know how to complain....

most of the singaporeans are idiots.. damn..

juice parade said...

"Most singaporeans are idiots"
thats why so many dont get into top schools and dont get into the government.
See,thats why we need i-think-i-can-own-the-world-mother-chee bye students from RI to take over the government.
Give us students from Neighbouring school,can meh?
Country confirm be soft ah! Like my rockson's horse when he finish pak chiew cheng-ing in front of 200,000 pple in National stadium with Ann kok's Photo

Clarence said...

Nice comments. My laptop just crashed and i m damn sad. :S

Anonymous said...

yeah top 100... song bo i love ur blog... knn better type more often lar don whole day use ur horse... otherwise my horse also overused... haha...

Anonymous said...

rockson rox!!!

fark the PAP and their pariah dogs

gorillaz said...

PAP is a farking disgrace to S'pore

Anonymous said...

Actually, theres probably a chance that Rockson was from RI. HAha.

Anonymous said...

What insult RI boys coz we dunnoe anything? You ever talked to RI boyz before or not so arrogant sia they all. When they talk they use their sibei kan ni na out of this uniworld ang mo to speak like some arrogant chee na big shot fuckers. They think they who?

Anonymous said...

Who said good sportsman is train froms sec school one? You retarded issit? this chee bai kia YIP. Sportsman are good becos they train from young ages like 4-8 years old ok! even if the fucking primary school dont offer the CCA they can also go to their respective SPORTS CLUB to fucking train. U DUMB CHEE BAI. Your brain must have fell out of your head when you digging your ears.

outram star said...

Outram Secondary School is 100 times better than RI :-)

Anonymous said...

Woah! Rock roz! I agree tat Govt is f up and 'force' us to do alot of things! But wad to do? Who tell us to live in Singapore. Haiz. Rockson, u go for Opposition la, i sure vote for u. ;p

Hock-son said...

let the keyboard flow, rockson. oppression and bending of the truth will end the dominance of local political parties.

Yee Ha!

- Hock-son.

Anonymous said...

wah lau eh funny sia this entry

Anonymous said...

ri just like any other school. ppl think ri boys are crap because they smarter/better than them. some ri boys are poor like shit, but they study hard hard hoping to make parents proud. cannot say that they all rich rich pay money spam tuition then go in. hai i think ri boys damn poor thing, tio stereotyped like some bomb.

Hock-son said...

As long as the other political parties can provide the same sort of privileges to the foreign business communities, there is no reason why the dominant political party cannot be replaced.

at82 said...

Hey I think many had misunderstood the article.

Rockson is not complaining about RI students is better or wat. He is kaopehing about the fact the all the resource is only gg to 1 elite place instead of spread evenly and also that the rules of the game is always made in favour of the elite team, thus making it a unfair competition between the elite team and normal team.

I think tat the suspected RI ppl whom commented here din not really understand the gist of the article.


PSLE is fucking easy la c'mon. i nvr even study and slacked like siao and got this damn mark of 272 (: anyway my school top scorer was 282 LOL which make me in the 10th position. wtf.

Anonymous said...

One of my colleagues told me that if you don't like the company why that you joined the company and why not quit.
I told him that in the advertisement long ago, it didn't state that the company is so screwed up. After gotten into it you hope that you can help the company to improve as an employee that's why one should not quit.
This is our country, all of us must try to help make lives better. The smart one should not only look after their own interest but for the fools, the old, the underpriviledged as well. After all we are human beings that all works are for the betterment of human race, unlike the animal grasping food by killing others as prey.

Sarah said...

Oyy. He's not bitching out RI boys, larh. He's just using them as an example. C'mon, man, if he mentioned MY school as comparision I would think it was funny.

Lighten up, people.

Anonymous said...

Life in Iceland rules.

Get drunk, bum around, fuck blondies with big tits.

Get Drunk.

Repeat :)

No Corruption hahaha

Anonymous said...

you, THE insane.

Anonymous said...

in the end society will judge you by how much money you got in your pocket not by which school you from ok......

Anonymous said...

fuck you la rockson you cheebye

yamies said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
yamies said...

a lot of RI sportsmen aren't 'bought in', and they're trained from scratched in secondary schools. i admit there are a lot of sportsmen being 'imported' in for the ccas, but you shouldn't generalize that way. and i believe that in singapore not many sportsmen train from 4-5 years old.. most of them start later when they are talent spotted in sec schools.

well but it's true that RI sports generally get more money than other schools. independent schools are richer after all.

just don't slam people for being in any school. don't think any primary6 kid would think "oh my god ri has so many advantages over the other schools, i shall be fair and not join them!" primary6 kid get good marks happy liao join the best school he can get in.

im not really reply to rockson's post btw im reply to some guy who slammed sportsmen in ri. (in comments)

Anonymous said...

actually i think maybe the ri ppl are offended by the reference to them as "Elite-Genius-Super-Long-Lan-Cheow stream"

Catherine Zeta Zones said...

Don't be fooled by his Singlish... He might be holding several Master degrees. Hmmmmmm Pai Kai in disguise..

Catherine Zeta Zones said...

Errrr How long is super long? As long as foot long sausage in Daves Deli?

Catherine Zeta Zones said...

Rock.. you are a Xiou Te Ko, hehehehe

socrates said...

we complain too much..but compare ourselves with those living in third world countries..we're much better off than them =)

Mrs Takumi Ajinomoto said...

You are embarassing me, son. Asked you to study last time, you slept under the table. Now you write 3 write 4 here. When dad is back you will get a good spanking!

Markie said...

For all those who are blaming RI boys for talking cheem angmoh to them, blame your own english standard.
For all those who say RI and ACSI import students with special talents, look at what they benefitted from there compared to your own school.
For those who say RI and ACSI depend on imported talents, look at the CCA's which primary schools do not have. ]
For all those who say RI and ACSI guys are arrogant, check out the meaning of the word, "generalization" or even better "the mirror".
For all those who love this blog, please find another blogger to read where he does not commit one fallacy per sentence.
For those who blame RI guys for being too smart, tear your PSLE report card.
For those who say rockson was just using RI as an analogy, please let him know another example better than RI to use.
For those who think the sportsmen that reach RI cannot do well in studies, you should be facing the wall and asking, "How bout me?"

Darez said...'nt corruption a bad thing?

Catherine Zeta Zones said...

Rockson, I want to share with you this amusing letter.

Dear Sir, very honoured and respectful.

I asking for job. I can do any kind of work by virtue of my flexible brain and my very advance training. I matriculation passed in very large College. The flexible brain I have in my possession will bend towards any kind of work your Honour orders me. English I passing very good credit and spelling good so i can be burdened with correspondence writing. I am also History and Geography and Botany pass. I can tell your Honour what river flooding what town at high water. Looking at all angles, you can see plenty of advantages there is for your Honour to employ me. I can most ungrudgingly give more information regarding rearing all kinds of plants without even asking for more pay. Satisfaction in the line guaranteed or salary refunded. From the above facts, if your Honour will be good enough to employ me, I will be duty bound, pray night and day for your Honour's long life. My prayers have always been heard, as I always pray very loud. If wanting my services, I can come suddenly. Accomodation is no problem as I am a man of easy virtue. If your Honourable leaving home, I can sleep in your Honour's bed and look after your Honour's wife. You can trust me as I will admire her greatly. If she complains my services not satisfactory, you can terminate my employment after giving me one month's notice of your intention to do so. Putting myself at your Honour's large feet, I pray to become your Honour's humble servant. God will bless your kindness in employing me. Thanking you very kindly and hearing you very soon.

Your obediently,

So what say you? To give or not to give him a job?

Anonymous said...

i 125 leh !!

at82 said...

to markie:

"For those who say rockson was just using RI as an analogy, please let him know another example better than RI to use."

How about u giving one better eg yourself, since you are asking ppl reflect on their thinking.

Anonymous said...

rockson you need to be funnier. you lost your touch.

W.L said... long neber update...i tot you kenna catch by the gahmen

Sexual Innuendo said...

Well, this is life here in singapore. EIther you be the best or you ship out. Sad but true.

Lockson said...

Everyone relac la. It's just a blog.

Lestat said...

bjork. the icedland singer is called bjork.

Anonymous said...

not the cranberries meh?they also from iceland

Anonymous said...

RI is still a good sch and ppl from there are still proud to be associated to it no matter how much yall diss it lah ;try the other way round,naming out an ordinary sch and critize..wah i tell u,the reactions will be very different..

Jurong Kia

Catherine Zeta Zones said...

Ya... Relax. It's just a blog. Hmmm some people need to be reminded over and over again. Why so defensive? What's the problem here?

Well, rockson, you can please all people some time but you can't please them all the time.

*Covers Rockson's eyes*....

Go back to your blogging...

Cyn-* said...

It's really difficult to run a country & not everyone can do it. But that doesn't mean the "EM3"-type of people can't do it too. It's takes a lot of time & effort to gain the knowledge & skills required. Therefore, the question is.. How many people are actually up to it?

Anonymous said...

bjork? how to pronounce eh? i also don't know. BlowJork eh?

Anonymous said...

Its Björk, not bjork. pronounced "Be".. as in the first syllable from the word "BEyond", and "york" as in "new YORK"

Catherine Zeta Zones said...

How did you get that two dots above the letter 'o'?

markie said...

at82, apparently you didn't get what i was implying. Then please also refer to my first sentence. :D I was saying that rockson was not using RI as an example but really criticising it because there really ain't another school like it. Read it again at82.

Robin said...

Horse please,not about RI boys.

aynihs said...

i tell you lor.. RI people are clever at books nia. actually they're not street smart at all!! i saw a few RI students trying to cross the wide road at orchard without knowing there's a underpass to go thru LOL!!!!!!

RI ppl are retarded idiots mann!!! they help sg can liao! neighbourhood schools can dont give a fuck abt sg and fuck people!!!!

there will ALWAYS be a barrier between top top schools and neighbourhood schools. top top schools will think 7 subjects not enough for O levels while neighbourhood schools will think 10 subjects for O level is only inhuman will take that.

Catherine Zeta Zones said...

Can everyone care to stop for a moment and listen to Markie?

Anonymous said...

ri sucks big time. pple in ri are so Elite-Genius-Super-Long-Lan-Cheow that they convince themselves there's nth wrong with them.

Anonymous said...

RI people can only study but they can make money through investment, you know what I mean......

Anonymous said...

RI people make the worst investors.

Mrs Takumi Ajinomoto said...

See what you have done son.... you made so many people angry.... (pulls rockson's right ear).

Enough everyone... I have just punished my son.

at82 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
at82 said...

To markie:

Hmmm no other skool like RI? Why? In what way RI is so unique? At least to me, Hua Chong is filled with ppl juz as smart as RI. No? (PS. I not from HC…)

Also in the article by Rockson there aren’t any references to "cheem english", "RI import talents" or "arrogant", "RI ppl too smart" or "sportmen that reach RI cannot do well". All these appear in the comments, not in Rockson article.

So i don't understand why u use these egs. to say rockson is critising RI. If u use the "Elite-Genius-Super-Long-Lan-Cheow school" in your orginal comment i can understand. From your 1st comment, I thought you are addressing the ppl who had commented.

Anyway relac lah markie. Stereotyping is common flaw of all people, including me. I am sure there are times that u had stereotyped other people too. ;)

kennyyyyyy said...

zzz.wads with everyone dissing ri man..

i'm from ri and i dun see much stuff wrong with us.

those stuff about proud and being arrogant.

its plain stereotyping base on one single individual who happened to be like that.

some of u dissers out that havent even had a single encounter with any ri boi at all.but u noe wad?

u jus wanna follow along with the common perception and persecute us.

thats jus plain shallow.

Anonymous said...

CB!! Rockson just use RI as example in blog then some people come in start kpkb ri people. see 1 or 2 proud ri people then say all ri people are proud. that's not the point lor. and to those "suspected" ri people who posted in response, think before u post lah, dun let other people think ri pple are REALLY like that..

but like some people said, it doesnt matter what sch u go to, as long as u work hard. i believe got a lot of hardworking and humble people study in good schools one..

Nutz about Rockson said...

Good blog ... gutsy and succinct. The Government leaves much to be desired definitely. But I feel it is also the result of the complacent nature of the Singaporean people ... There are mistakes the government has made and at times ... truly glaring ... I'm pretty disgusted by it all (I'm sure everyone as well) but given the alternative ... a weak opposition with little\no agenda ... PAP is still doing much better. That being said ... our opposition is precisely weak due to our tendency to let the government to do everything ... we have been molly-coddled to point that we have failed stand up what we feel is right and pursue it with vigour. Many will point to various Government policies that we make such initiatives difficult, if not impossible ... and that is true, to a certain extent ... but that imho, simply emphasizes our generation of passive following rather than being revolutionary in our thinking. A perfect example is the constant endeacour by the government itself to run entrpreneurial programmes ... Singaporeans do not take lead well and that is the sad fact ... so until such time our character evolves into a more forewarding stance ... there is little leeway in which the government will take a more consultative demeanour ... We, the people, have not (collectively) grown up enough to take lead in independent thinking.

All in all, the government is evolving .. its not perfect ... but there is more freedom to express oneself than ever before. So I for one am thankful (In light of the world at large) Society must also play apart in being responisble in exercising our right to be vocal, to be heard and to be heeded. Otherwise, we will simply traverse the paths that our Western counterparts have been embroiled in ... (Hint: The First Amendment). There are arguements for the freer democratic government employed elsewhere but that is a debate for another time.

Anonymous said...


socrates said...

even though u've used pretty much good facts abt the govt...but it still boils down to the fact that you only know how to whine and complain...this is the world,and its hard accept with it and live with it.

Anonymous said...

i think its great to see mature comments around here =) and no hostile feelings. imagine rockson sitting around somewhere laughing at everyone arguing about ri lol

socrates said...

too bad can be dissing abt this and that for all your life...but u know wad? the world doesnt owe u a living.and if you feel that the world or society is not bending towards u..then fit urself in first.and even by proving how bad RI boys are(even though i'm not related to them) doesn't prove any good of u either...

Anonymous said...

There are only 2 type of people in this world who doesnt complain at all.

1)The guy who has everything. His life is so perfect there basically no need for him to complain at all.

2)The chicken hearted wuss which is most of you. Some of you are so afraid of how society will judge/cirtise your statements and hence choose to keep your opinion and thoughs within. <---balless chickens.

OH ya to the balless bo liao retarded kiddie. Why u keep spamming in capital letters? Are you really that hard up for attention that you have to repeat your post like a 1000 times? Seriously, if you want attention you should hire gay social escort for you since you are such a retarded gay boy kiddie who craves for attention.

Anonymous said...

fuck off lar all u bastards dat scold RI pple. u jealous of RI pple den buay song. u tink u wan get in den can get in? they are in there bcz they haf the brains n they put in hard work. "the man" can fuck off

Andrew said...

full of crap, boring blog. i'm dozing off, pls wake up your idea...

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

was just talking to a friend today about how Singaporeans have become so indifferent to everything around them. We are not as outspoken as the Indians, not as passionate and gungho as the Taiwanese (their minister fight in Parliament one...gangsters siah) and we are not even as courageous as the Hong Kongers who will take to the streets to protest if they are not happy about somethings.

Singaporeans - are just plain cold fish. As long as their rice bowl is protected, they really don't give a damn abt anything else, except themselves.

Sad.....Our education system sux. We have created a bunch of mindless fools then smart Silicon Valley geniuses.

When will they ever learn?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rockson, I follow your blog very keenly. I'm a Singaporean studying in America right now. Love your blog. Keeps me in touch with back home. Its so true what you say.
Meanwhile, I'm trying to do you and the rest of the Singaporeans proud by screwing the White gals here!

Anonymous said...

hey for all ya'll know rockson could be from ri. thats why he knows their lp so big?

anyways yeah its just a blog so don't be such prudes about it. its funny. laugh.

Cyn-* said...

Lucky he didn't blog about rgs.. Heh.

Anonymous said...

hey this time ur blog not nice la
boring story

Anonymous said...

The RI(Raffles Institution) of today is not the same of yesterday. In my time, we got into RI simply because we studied hard and did well in our primary school. No tution, no white horses, no China scholars to jack up the Mandarin grades. As a matter of fact, most RI students did well in all subjects except mandarin. And, compared to ACS, St Andrews, SJI (other premier) schools, RI students were particularly poor. Our parents were washer women, toilet cleaners, hawkers, taxi drivers, kachang puteh and ice ball sellers. Goh Keng Swee, whose son was in ACS, told of the story when he was asked by his son to drop him off a distance from his school, because the boy didn't want his ACS classmates to see his dad driving a Japanese car. Quite different, eh?

pretty-babe said...

rockson, ur a very clever boy; ur my No.1 read every week. ; )

Hemogoblin said...

confirm from RI act ah beng ....

Anonymous said...

all good but since when does a RI boy ever get 70? always 110 one!! =) muahaha.

huangy said...

They even have mini-PAP uniform! Coool.

Actually I think its the bloody retarded school system that is so very kiasu that gives RI its infamy. 5-man team, wtf.

And for people whining about sedition, try looking up freedom of speech. (and seriously I can't see why people still think that rockson takumi tan is who he claims to be when it is INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS that he does possess an undercurrent of sly intelligence better than most bengs. Then again SG people with their speak-good-engrish movement crap like to judge people by the way they talk without taking in the importance of CONTEXT, right? :P)

Takumi-boy, I like your balls. Salut!

Anonymous said...

Don't your fingers hurt? For all you know, Rockson is sitting in one corner laughing at you!!!

Anonymous said...

Support the BEST BLOG in Singapore!!!

Anonymous said...

Support the BEST BLOG in Singapore!!!

Chewy_gum said...

Singapore is having a chicken and egg story everyday in day out.

First, everyone think opp. party is weak. Secondly, everyone think ruling party is strong....


If you ask me who is better driver? One that drive everyday or one that rarely drive?

If Singapore is not giving opp. party a chance, who else will? If you don't give them a chance to learn and proof themselve? What the fuck you expect? A ready made Smart, rich, good network opp. party? Where? Drop from the sky er?

I am always sooo amazed by Singapore shooting their foot every fucking second!

That why Singapore deserve to get FUCK all the time! No pity and no mercy!

Anonymous said...

Don't know what say, Fuck everything lah.

kennyyyyyy said...


it's heartening to know at least there are still people with a respectable level of maturity out there who can look at matters beyond the stereotypical kinda mindset.

on the other hand.

it doesnt help that some 'pro-ri' ppl are scolding the dissers stuff like "CB LA" or "FUCK U LA"


askin them to reflect and stuff..

it only further proves their point that ri ppl are arrogant clownheads doesnt it?

nevertheless.i'm sure other ri ppl readin em appreciate the effort.

( :

Anonymous said...


Astra and Yin said...

i think it's true that singapore's run by mostly robots <_<

i was applying for tuition grant bond deferment because i received sponsorship for further study...

told them i can't afford to issue banker's guarantee of 40k sgd(i mean, if i can do so, i'd pay off the 30k sgd tuition grant amount already)

i explained to them the situation of my father's company(fuel price increased more than double in indonesia... his company hasn't been profiting for months... almost stopped running now)

after pleading for more than 3 months, they told us to produce a banker's guarantee of 33k sgd...

i don't know what's in their mind.. i don't know... ~_~ the lady who "helped" me told me to "Serve my bond" forgo this chance of me getting further education, and go back to singapore to serve my bond.


Little fish said...

wow....i am the top 200...

top 200!

erm... yay?

rockson know how to protect against spam siah....

Anonymous said...

Haha i like the raffle instant-tuition! Got problem call tuition teacher fix, steady sia. Actually ACS also have tuition teacher, just that RI tuition already come out strong, ACS tuition already still fail hehehe

Hiao Auntie said...

Rockson dear
sorri hor i need to point out some mistakes in your post
1) MOE already abolished primary school streaming
2) polar bears and penguins never live together... polar bears always in the north pole and penguins always in the south pole

rudolfom said...

Hahhah rockson!! U think u done a good job again?

Craftily engineering posts so the avg blog reader can identify with them, and than praise u non stop?

This time more helucated ppl are reading...
Get support of the commoner is ez.
Get support of the helucated ppl much harder.

Try harder next time...

Rudolfo "RockOn!" M.

F¡яєвџяN said...

R.I- Retarded Institute!!!!

Anonymous said...

that is a bit dumb. so are u proposing good schools shouldnt be so good? but people CHOOSE to go there. so what do u want to do about it? FORCE them to go to your "EM3" schools? u urself are branding the good and bad. and people can't help it if they've got talent or they worked hard. stop insulting the government, the people put them there. freedom of choice. are u saying to take it away?

Anonymous said...

No. i dunno wat

kennyyyyyy said...


maybe its time to evaluate.perhaps take a look into the mirror and think..

who's the retarded one here?

ur jus another one of those non-opinionated individual tryin to blend in without knowing exactly why ur sayin those things that u did.

Anonymous said...

after ns then go uni, then by the time graduate no work experience, lagi lose out lor. of course dowan to have children la!

Anonymous said...

If you point a gun at your rival and tell him to compete with you. I think "God" is the only one can compete with you. Rockson, if someone hold the things below your horse and ask you to fight him, do you think it is a fare duel ? Our spectators can only just look on and hold tight to their own horses to protect dignities. Try hold your own horse to fight....Hahahah.

Anonymous said...

i got in! via archives! eh! what happened! why take down ur blog! omg!

Anonymous said...

'stop insulting the government, the people put them there. freedom of choice.'

In terms of electing the government, 'choice' is illusory when the PAP has effectively quashed most viable opposition.

Never mind the defamation suits and censorship laws. The whole political infrastructure of Singapore has entrenched the PAP's power.

Town Councils, GRCs, CDCs are very political in nature. The number of seats in GRCs make up a large portion of Singapore's electorate because the PAP/Gov (the two are virtually interchangeable) keeps increasing the size of GRCs, often at short notice. Election boundaries are often redrawn shortly before elections too.

The odds are stacked against the opposition. These obstacles hinder the development of credible opposition. Any capable intelligent person with some sort of desire to remove the hegemony of the Singapore government will think many many many times before taking the path of becoming an opposition member.

Perhaps in a freer environment, a mere spark is all it would take for one to decide to take action (as opposed to NATO-ing). In Singapore, you'd have to be pretty darn crazy and bursting with zeal to take real steps to oppose the Gov.

And how many bright capable minds in Singapore have enough zeal for breaking this hegemony? And are willing to give up a stable, possibly high-flying career he/she could attain with all that talent, to form a credible opposition?

The present state of affairs don't really give voters much of an option. Freedom of choice only exists when there is a real choice in the first place.

sÞ¡ηηєє said...

despite the irony of writing in such context, the issues are very real and true.

kudos to u, rockson! *thumsbup*

Anonymous said...

I dun understand but what makes you guys think the Opposition party can run Singapore better than the PAP?

RI owns j00!

Anonymous said...

have children for wat? save the money to mod yr evo 9 la! that can be your wife, yr children, yr family.. all into one! and get a dog if u need something to hold.

Anonymous said...

wah lan..yr friend seow si no more streaming liao no read news paper meh..

not-so-long-lan-cheow said...

Interesting enough that so many people post criticisms, but how many of you can actually propose a better system? It is true that the government is high handed and it is also true that they do not seem to emphatise with the poor. The anger against those well endowed (with brains or big dicks) seems misplaced though. Is it rational to expect that they should be paid less despite their abilities? The most one can ask for is that this irrational system of judging a person by their intellect alone is changed so that equally competent people who are not so academically inclined get their shot at a decent living. Ultimately, no one is going to settle for a less productive worker as long as there are others who are better willing to be employed. Eh don't come chop my lan cheow for saying this ah. If you have a good solution to the inherent inequalities of genetics you can always air it. After all, I also want a bigger dick ah.

Sarah said...

actually i think maybe the ri ppl are offended by the reference to them as "Elite-Genius-Super-Long-Lan-Cheow stream"


Anonymous said...

to think of it hor, training the potential elites to be the best so as to serve the country in future is a veri logical and reasonable thing to after all (in theory).. see, if a tian cai is not given the chance to have properly education and training to develop his/her potentials, isn't that ke xi? and wat if a slacker who didn't wan to study hard BUT yet, he/she is given the chance to go to gd sch? wouldn't the end results be the pathetic? waste chance, waste resources... must make use of all resources you have mah.. esp sg.. got nothing except ppl. of course got to make full use of it lah..

BUT... this elite system got flaws one woh... coz elite is trained according to WAT the country EXPECT them to think.. so when they come out, government welcome them.. y?? coz they help them wash Brain liaoz.. from young train them.. so u see, NONE of them go to the opposition.. (eh.. i mean the REAL opposition that really think for the welfare of sg people and not their own benefits hor.. not the act act one okay..) Then u know y all the EM3 or the normal sch ppl didn't join them? COZ they dun wan to absorb wat the goverment wan them to think in sch.. then they find sch sian.. ridculous.. then didn't do as well as the elites. or drop out. or fail. or dunno wat. then thanx to our education system, they bo bian.. no long term wash brain sch to go. so early early go work and see the world liaoz.. then they understand society's real EXISTING problem. most important of all, they not brain washed. so if they emerged to be the real elite later, they'll be practical enough to know that sg is NOT a place for them.. and so? all these elite-with-no-elite-training go other countries to earn their big bucks.. then go there liaoz dun come back.. who cares as long as u can earn more $$ and have a better life in other countries? own a car and a beautiful house without working for 50 years.

in conclusion: next time sg no more REAL elite liaoz.. only elite from OTHER countries.. defense? NO PROB.. sign on loh.. army give small boy boy sweet. small boy boy happy. small boy boy sign the bond. small boy boy dun have to be smart. small boy boy only need to follow orders. by the time small boy boy grows old and know how to think liaoz? SOrrY! Opportunities MISSED. so, say with SAF and risk your lifes to ProTECT the country with only Overseas elite bah.. GD deal yeah? eh.. this is SinGApoRe leh..

Anonymous said...

eh i thought new zealand got more cows than humans instead of sheeps? lol..

Anonymous said...

wah.. so many jobs coming out??

mm.. maybe i shld change job aledi too..haa

kennyyyyyy said...

wads with labbelling people of 'elite' schools as being brain washed..? does memorising chemical formula or biological diagrams equate to brainwashing?

i dun think so.

Anonymous said...

wat the fuck is wrong with u ppl???if u cant stand wat rockson has writen here then fuck off and get a life elsewhere!! it's him and his idea and i think its a refreshing change for once..

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