Wednesday, January 19, 2011

KNN, I make a YPAP Chairman of Toa Payoh angry

Just came back from chionging at St James Power Station and Lawrence told me the last few days got a lot of people talking about me and the Cheo Ming Shen guy who say Lee Kuan Yew is like Nelson Mandela.

I said Fuck you lah, where got? Then Lawrence (he sometimes help me read my Twitter because I got no time and he is also more techno than me) show me this link of Temasek Reveals, a famous internet website that talk about politics, like Strait Time, but without the carry PAP balls part (I like their sponsor advertisements the most, because got show many local chiobu to date).

Here is the headline:

Another website also got mention this on their Facebook page.

Nabei! I didn't know this cheebyekia is also Young PAP Chairman of Toa Payoh East! I only know he was boss of Muffnang, a internet company that sell blogger advertisement and internet banner to big company that dunno people don't click or look at banner anymore (at first I even thought it was sell cheebye one).

Fuck man, if I know he is YPAP, I won't anyhow call him cheebyekia on my Twitter lor.

PAP people is very powerful one, even the Young one. They can call their lawyer sue you, call ISD come and catch you, and even cassette you as politics association.

I heard from Lawrence that a guy call The Online Citizen just kena cassette by PAP (I think this website very powerful! One citizen can write so many thing!). When PAP give you the cassette, you must register then they tie the cassette tape around your lampa tight tight until you cannot breathe. Very painful, I heard. Don't ask me why PAP use cassette, nowadays we all use iPod already. My baobei car also no more cassette deck, only CD and mp3 player.

Fucking cheebye, if the Online Citizen he can kena cassette, then I also can kena cassette lor. I am just a Nobody Blogger who like to talk lancheow words and fuck gers! I heard politics association cannot take money from foreigner. This actually don't affect me so much. Normally is I give money to foreigner who show me her talent. Hahahahahahahaha!

KNN, it is very stupid of me to call a YPAP Chairman a cheebyekia like this. One day, he can become a Minister then hunt for me how? Somemore his kind is rich (he got $10000 to buy Lao Lee's new book with Lao Lee signature ok? I don't even have enough money to buy the normal No-Lao-Lee signature one lor!). And he is so young is already call himself a boss (his Twitter account, Lawrence told me, is @bossming), and is those win Young Enterporner award kind of boss ok?

I should have know he is a very powerful man from his photo, who show his special guitars and got his own rubber chicken. Here is another photo of this powerful man doing busy things on his powerful computer!

And I heard he have many friend like MP Josephine Teo because I heard he help her in the Meet the Peoples session!

Actually talk about Josephine Teo, I think she is one of the most chiobu PAP MP around. Not the usual fat and ugly fuckface woman they usually find. She is a General in the NTUC somemore. I will Upturn her Downturn any time, man! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Maybe I should try to be a better Online Citizen and help at those PAP event. Can go and tell the resident their MP is coming please open the door, can make friend with chiobu MP like Josephine, and maybe one day can ride a big minister to win a GRC!

KNN, my Horse is so big, can win a GRC all by himself, I think! Hahahahahahahaahahaha!