Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cheebye! Mr Brown kena fuck by Gahmen!

Kan nee na bei chow chee bye puah chee bye!!!!!

I just find out from my mechanic friend the Mr Brown who write his blog and do that funny bak cho mee potcast show and who write for the Today newspaper is kena fuck by the gahmen!

I like to read his newspaper article every Friday one! He is our people voice and say our heart want to say those things and he is also quite funny! Just a family man who trying to make a living like us, and know how to write funny thing, they also want to bully! One of his daughter even got brain problem some more!

Fuck their mothercheebye!

Why the cheebye Ministry of information, communism and art secretary go and write this kind of letter to condemn him?

This is the article Mr Brown write about our fucked up life in Singapore every thing get more and more expensive! click this!

This is the letter she write to the Today, click this!

Fuck their mothercheebye!

And why the Today newspaper director so fast feed their most popular writer to the gahmen wolf to eat?

Make until Mr Brown got no more Today job, and and make his whole family so worried, even his mother!

You see he lose his job! click this!

Fuck their mothercheebye!

Rockson busy make money to pay all my baobei car thing, so no time to blog, come back only see this kind of lan cheow news!

Fuck their mothercheebye!

Mr Brown is one of us. Got family, got job and got bill to pay. This is the kind of Singapore gahmen we have, even the small people, they also whack. If can happen to him this kind of nice family man, it can happen to you also.

I listen to his his podcast about be a Singaporean, I want to cry liao.

His wife also got do, I hear already I cry even more!!!

This is two Singaporean who love Singapore!

How can the gahmen whack simple people like them?

Fuck their mothercheebye!

I think write to Today newspaper reporter is no use, they got no power. Must be their big boss of Mediacock call them do this one!!! My mechanic friend say his friends write in the letter support Mr Brown but no letter is got printed! Like kena blackout!!!!

Fuck their mothercheebye!

Write to the MICA also no use, that Mr Bavani who write the letter to whack Mr Brown is only the running dog for the minister of censor singaporean, so write to Lee Boon Young better!!! My mechanic friend tell me many his friends also write in to the Bavani but never get reply!

Fuck their mothercheebye!

And write to Small Lee and tell him also. Tell him to stop his attack dog to attack simple people like Mr Brown and us. This is not the Singapore our Prime Minister promise us!!! This is not the Singapore we want!!!

I am Rockson! I am Singaporean! Fuck their mothercheebye! So we also say!