Thursday, April 20, 2006

Durai have to do his own cheebye stunt

I read from the Shin Min newspaper that cheebye face NKF bloodsucker TT Durai is kena charge and can go jail 5 year or even $100,000 fine.

Hong kan liao loh!

But please lah, KNN what is $100,000 fine? It is only peanuts! Less than one peanut, man! Because one lan cheow peanut is more than half million dollar!

Actually you have to respect this gahmen. Their timing sibei jun. Durai case all this time no noise. Maybe he also think, heng ah, no more on the radar already. Then just before the election, newspaper come out the headline big big: Durai Kena Fuck Backside!

Like this then the people who angry the gahmen for the NKF then can say, wah the PAP take action, vote them is the best!

Dong dong chang! Dong dong chang!

Not even Seven Month of the Hungry Ghost already got wayang!

Even the bus fare and MRT fare increase suppose to in July one, also kena push to October. So your election ang pow better don't spend all on your mistress in Batam, wait later not enough to pay the After Election Tax! Hahahahaha!!!

Ok, got to go liao. Karen waiting for me to go out for lunch. The fish and scallop here very cheap and fresh. Her scallop also nice to eat. Hahaha! The weather here very nice. Not too hot, not too cold. At night cooling feeling is very shiok for the bang bang! Hahahahaha!!!!

Wah today the Sydney news got one guy kena langga by two car on the highway. I think Durai will feel like this after the judge langga him. Hahahahaha!!!


darren said...

darren.. 1st again for the dunno what time hahahaha

Anonymous said...


Ice said...

Yeah!! I'm the 1st!! Wats $100,000 to Durai? 1/6 of a peanut? Should ask him to go perform some stunts for a donation drive!

Anonymous said...

4th! Salute you!

Anonymous said...

5th!!! La di da~

Anonymous said...

oh yeah.. 6th!!! LOL

Gd luck Durai.. muahaha


Anonymous said...


Kwek said...

8th!!!! At last I got in before 10!!

Anonymous said...

9th.. me 2.. not in singapore?

Anonymous said...

what's with the top 10? got prize or $$ anot? all are farking farkers who dream too much.
ANyway... I'm number 10!!
link me up as 1 of the farkers

Kwek said...

HA! HA! HA! HA! Rockson, I really SALUTE you with my highest compliment! Your sense of humour easily transcends any other famous comedians! 'Gao xiao xing dong' airing every Monday getting so bored! Pls dun join the opposition, coz I really think you should join Jack Neo's Team to bring back the liveliness of the show. Also bring every Singaporeans out of 'Monday Blues'.

Anonymous said...

We are all 'Farkers' from ROCKSON FAN CLUB!!!! HA! HA! HA! Idol Rockson, ALL THE WAY!!!

Anonymous said...

13th Yah!!!

staying together, moving ahead

Anonymous said...

D <====3

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

17th.. wahaha.. agree with you..

da pao said...

18th . haha .....

girl said...

have fun in sydney! trying to zao from the election wayang rite! haha

girl said...

oh ya how come newspaper never go interview Mrs Goh about the peanuts this time round?

Anonymous said...

Lockson rocks!!

izo said...

another nice piece of blog. but well, some sort of feeling dat u r tonning down. haha... mayb only smarties (Karen) hav da answer?

Anonymous said...

Aiyah missed out on the top 20!!!

Anonymous said...

informative yet entertaining insight into the world of singaporean politics.....cheers mate!

Anonymous said...

still in top 30! eat more scallops!

Anonymous said...

Your "dong dong chang! dong dong chang" damn farnee

Anonymous said...

Be sure to go to the Sydney Fish Market and try the Prawn Laksa! They serve really big and fresh prawns for the Laksa. It will go nicely with a bottle of red ^_^

Sabs_H.C said...

yes i'm 28. Top 30!..

Jerome said...

I agree with you.100 000 is less than "peanuts" ( a term coined by Mrs Goh Chok Tong ) I hope he will be given the maximum penalty, 5 year old jail sentence and $100 000fine.If he is not jailed for 5 years then I think the authorities are not doing their job.The KPMG audit reveals for every 1 dollar,90 cents goes to everywhere except the patient. If I'm not wrong , when the scandal first surface,the minster of Health assure the public that the amount donated is in good hands and the members of the Ministry of Health did their jobs as in ensuring that there's not corruption.( I paraphrased )But what happened??? What happened? I'm sure the people who donated do not have big paychecks ( most don't ) compared to the ministers.

Okok.I admit , this comment was written in a slightly angry mood.

jingles`bitch said...

haha...rockson!u damn funny..yah i agree tt the fine shld be more strict...hope u haf a nice day wif ur dear karen at aussie~

du5tzz said...

I tot up to 10 years.. He sld be fined S$1 million. At least.... If not we wun feel shoik

Anonymous said...

32th!!!! Yay!!

Anonymous said...

how does ur karen look like? show her pic lar.. or show u fucking her lar.. dun dere always say shoik to bang bang but we got nothing to see...

Anonymous said...

Oliginal song from Eminem (ASS LIKE THAT)
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Fuck is wrong with you? (ha!)

Jerome said...

I remember something about the Mentor Minister dialogue with the young people.
( The below conversation will be paraphrased , as I forgot the actual words but I try to be as accurate as possible.Correct me if there's anything wrong with the conversation.For example the contents. )

Young person : Do you think Singapore should level the playing field for opposition parties? It seems that the PAP has monopoly of the media.

Mentor Minister : You go take a look at other countries.See which ruling party level the playing field.

Now the thoughts that come to my mind, is when the Mentor Minister is questioned about the lack of leveled playing field,we are told to see if other countries are letting the opposition have a leveled playing field.

But when it comes to stuff like press freedom and death penalty, we are not told "Go and see if other countries have press freedom or see if other countries have capital punishment or not."

If I'm not wrong the PAP's response to the Progress Package is that its not Pork Barrel Politics.

If giving perks to citizens just before the General Election is not Pork Barrel Politics then what is it ?

Why not give after the election ??

I believe the issues raised above by me is worth some thinking.

Anonymous said...

siao liao, siao liao!! i think got elite reading rockson's blog liao!!! werry the chim ler! aiya, durian deserve it lar, then how come now neber see the durian's daughter come out and say sorry to the public ah? i thought that time she say she want the public to say sorry to her golden tap lao pek? knn, maybe durian also installed a golden tap in her room for her to rub when she is free, that is why she diam diam now.hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Hey, Fuck her hard Ok?!

Anonymous said...

Nabei! Fine already money also go Gahmen what! Where got give us? Jail better! Must cane also!

Ezann said...

TOP #40 WOOT!!

Anonymous said...

Rockson, u damm power lah. Actually, I think too many things that happen recently abt election too jun liao. But then again, that's wat politics is all about mah.

Ur take on Durai also damm funny, I think the police must be waiting for long time to go catch that Durai liao. Then maybe the "director" suddenly say "Action", then the police start the "show", haha..

Anyway, I believe that Durai surely kena whack in jail one, if I were the gangster, I surely won't let him off, so 5 years or not, he will already kena jia lat, haha..

Anonymous said...

no 40 lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

Shouldnt he be coughing out wat he had taken from nkf? 100,000 fine???
wat the fark!!Den every mother farker ceo also can eat money den pay a small fine. if i ceo den i start to think liao, profitable leh!!

kean bon said...

concur. every single word.

coolbabe said... So u in syd ah? mus go darling harbour w ur darleeng..can drink the wine and makan the gd food.thier seafood v fresh..especially oysters..v useful for after dinner or bedtime activities.Mus try their shiraz,k?pleeeease dun req 4 beer n put ice...v lao kui 1! If u heng,sum x got fireworks..if dun hve,create ur own fireworks lor!Since u always like to brag ur horse so strong,karen sure tak boleh prob..go king's cross.Sure got many volunteer to help u. cheers!!

Bobo the Bimbo said...

That's the way things go.

Anonymous said...

The Durai and NKF kena fuck backside is just for show la. The gahmen timing perfect lor. I wont be suprised if he is like jailed for one month. As we all knew, its for show. =D

bah bah said...


Anonymous said...

Rockson...where u running to get elected? Lim Peh will surely vote for your horse party!

emiriyoshikawa said...

Nothing compared to what he've done... and that's only the maximum possible sentence... he might got off lightly right after the big show is over.

You know lah, later he spill shit all over and alot more asshole might join him... so they act only lah...

Anonymous said...

Vote Rockson to take over Lao Lee... Join the Horse Party...

Anonymous said...

V for Vendetta

Sutler: What we need right now is a clear message to the people of this country. This message must be read in every newspaper, heard on every radio, seen on every television... I want *everyone* to *remember*, why they *need* us!

V: Fear became the ultimate tool of this government.

Evey Hammond: My father once told me that artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use lies to cover the truth up.

V: People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

Scarletr0se said...


wa you and karen really happy la! :)

and i dun like durai!

icy princess said...


i soo jealous of karen...always get big horse and funny ah beng

i oni get boring small ponies...damn!! life is so not fair


anonymous rapper...u vely funny la...i like

Anonymous said...

Why did MOM not pursue the case against NKF even when it says it has evidence on infringements of Employment of Foreign Workers Act, only issue "stern warning"? Maybe involve govt ppl? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

hey ah hey ah hey..rockson..SDP n WP really needs u...though u too many la sup stuffs for them to write too..but u can work behind e scene like e mole!!!hohoho...i ove to hate u more stuffs boy..TT keigo

Anonymous said...

Rock on.

However I thought you would blog about a JC student commit suicide because his lan cheow too small.

Anonymous said...

yo Rockson! been your fan. But u youngsters all ah... I think never grew up in kampong b4 lah..... where we shit in a metal container and the man come and take away every morning!! Eeeh yucks! If you are the last person to shit that day then liao... If u guys had gone thru that period, u all will appreciate the government especially MM! MM I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lockson... also ah... the gahmen give u $$ on 1 May becos want you to shop lah its a pubic holiday mah.... In case no time to shop on 1 May then can do after the election on 6 May lah! KNNCCB u all hor stupid meh... see gahmen always wants to look after yr interest. Follow the opposition then soon have to berak in metal container again.... follow lah...follow lah..

Anonymous said...

haha... opposition only give you their saliva. that's the fact. if you think you prefer saliva than $$$, then vote them lor.

Anonymous said...

hey pple...this is my first comment. Always been following up on this blog. Very Interesting. Notice that there are quite a number of readers of his blog, so I'll take this oppourtunity to raise a question. Since the coming elections is just around the corner, have you guys ever wondered if your voting ticket is being tagged? What if it is tagged and they actually have a way to find out who you voted for? Can you imagine if you voted for the opposition and the effects that it will have if it is really traceable if you are working for or wants to work for the ministries or in some govt. related company? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...


spare us the god damn chim shit novel trailers can?

whatever you remember from some part of your memory if you got a blog write the damn thing down if you will; u won't get F-ed by the law for doing so if you speak in BBC.

being a school prefect now? who's good books u wanna get in? are u the straits times? do u want to include the weather report in your future "reports" in future???

get a girlfriend or something lol, or go watch TV or w/e.

Anonymous said...

just vote for whoever u want n never let fear take a grip over ur life. must be a person of principle and substance... if not just the same as durai

sporeans must brave abit...

The Horny Bitch said...

Govt ant us to shut up? Better stuff our mouths with more money.

Kwek said...

"just vote for whoever u want n never let fear take a grip over ur life. must be a person of principle and substance... if not just the same as durai

sporeans must brave abit..."

I agree 110% with this comment! We Singaporeans should stand up on our rights and vote for whoever that can contribute to our well-being. There is no fear to vote for opposition if they can contribute to the progress of our country.

the Horny Fucker said...

The Horny Bitch, how about some saliva on your mouth if you vote oppositon? that is what oppositon can give you, what else you want?

fear me not said...

Is there any fear? If you never do any wrong, why scare? You only fear when you know what you did or said was not right or no fact.

Anonymous said...

V for Vendetta

Sutler: What we need right now is a clear message to the people of this country. This message must be read in every newspaper, heard on every radio, seen on every television... I want *everyone* to *remember*, why they *need* us!

V: Fear became the ultimate tool of this government.

Evey Hammond: My father once told me that artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use lies to cover the truth up.

V: People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

Anonymous said...

whah, rocksen, in sydney aye? must be eating alot of ang moh beaver. lol.

no wonder, can say all this crap about nkf and gahmen from afar. less risky, no ISA. anyway, enjoy eating the abaloney in osstralia. kakakak.

Durai had some misjudgment, now he's paying a deep price and your right, who is to gain out of his misfortune and bad publicity?

of course the gahmen lar. Credit doesn't go to opposition, bcos they not in power and dun have the means to act. but they can criticize and watch on the sidelines. so watch more for election sweeteners and shallow voters.

Anonymous said...

Karen's blackforest will make your horse go haywire ah! becareful of forest fire!! eh.. dont come back to land of elites only liao lar. stay there and be the PR there. unless u gian the small ang pao gahmen give out every 5 years??

Anonymous said...

Support PAP

I Love You All ; )

Anonymous said...

itz rilly bery dumb lo stop toking shyt la

Anonymous said...

*shakes head*

Don't you bona-fide bengs get it yet?

Rockson isn't a beng. He's an elite.

Anonymous said...

Rockson, just apply for Australian PR for yourself and your family. Given your work experience or/and education, you will surely be granted PR. You can still come back for holidays and meet up with friends.

At the rate we are going, Singaporeans gain residencies in angmoh countries and the Chinese mainlanders take over our spot. But I'm sure most are using Singapore as a stepping stone to angmoh countries as well.

Angmoh beavers? Don't just go Kingscross lah. Ask Karen to bring you to Surry Hills, lots of young Korean girls. Orgy must have international flavor these days, cannot be racist, so please grant angmoh and asian chicks the horsey experience of a lifetime.

-//miKe__* said...

eh i tink most of the ppl posting comments are retarded. come here say WOOT IM 1ST and stuff. dun u all have more constructive comments? -.-

anyway $100,100 from durai is really chicken shit. he kope so much call him pay $100,000 only, i fuck u ah. if i fuck ur mother 10times den i let u fuck my mother 1time u wan? mai siao la.

Anonymous said...

dude see this.

the grey sheep said...

too light...
100k is not even peanuts for him...maybe just the peanut shell -__-

he's still walking away with a profit.

Anonymous said...

you prefer colin or kero? or lawrence?

Ivan said...

australia got shin min ah... read shin min, then still got aussie news at the same time...

Death Blade said...

wow... I am 79th... visit me @

Anonymous said...

u like to blog LJ n elite, y not blog abt that elite JC student suicide because his lan cheow too small?

Kenny said...

Blog about yourself and Karen!!!

Anonymous said...

wa man.,.. rockson u r a damn funny piece of shit sia... love ur blogs... haha


Anonymous said...

hey look not bad.. i fuck your cheebye also can?


dc said...

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sugar said...

And some more the NKF purchasing guy got screwed for free seafood - how come free egg with kway teow no kena charged?

Recruit Ong said...

NKF articles nothing wrong leh... i read like very normal leh

but i nt lawyer lor

sÞ¡ηηєє said...

now it's reported maybe 10 yrs.

seriously 10 yrs not enough!

why not sentence him to be a beggar forever and all proceeds to go to the needy?

and sue him bankrupt!

SERIOUSLY, no matter how much good or intention he had in the first place, it's a fact he had make a mistake.

damn. still can't imagine my contribution landed up in his toilet!

Anonymous said...

if durai gets whacked too hard, will he spill the beans? scarli he crack under pressure and implicate some bigshot gahmen people then how? i think the trial thing is for show only lah (like lockson say, erection coming mah). the emperor must show the peasant that his dynasty is clean and not corrupt mah. sadly, the majority of peasants are politically naive. maybe prembery and suckerdary school that time kenah force to sing too many patriotic national song liao LOL.

Anonymous said...

deal is simple. fine durai for some peanut amount to appease the peasants.

durai lose some peanuts, go jail for sometime. book out from jail, he is still one rich man.

peasants believe in the wayang act and the dynasty lives another day.

everyone is happy.

Anonymous said...

I think our garment respect this type of people that know how to con properly that's why the fine is peanut. If he con the garment money I think the fine would be another few zero more and maybe go prison also. Alas as long as you gave less money to NkF you got con less that's the consolation, why go and bother so much.

Anonymous said...

durai is elite ok? dun play play.

peasants die die must vote pap one, u dare to vote opposition meh? scarli they track ur IC# to your vote then how?

Anonymous said...

na bei, durai fine only $100k nia?
just little slap on the wrist???

he should be made to do some time or community service, like wash the buttocks of all the donors and contributors, or sell books on the speaker's corner to pay the fine.

bcos he take all the money and keep the rest for the organisation and not spend enuff to the disadvantaged and needy in society.

Anonymous said...

locksen, dun be a quitter. come back to singapore. stop whinging.

u want to make a change, then come back and be a independent mp. stop complaining and poking gahmen and opposition in the backside. use ur head and your mouth to make a difference.

otherwise when u whinge, looks like u use your hand and talk with your horse like "pak chiu cheng". lol.

Anonymous said...

Gahmen average pay $1,000,000 = Fair and Just

Durai's pay $600,000 = Peanuts because less than $1,000,000 mah. Durai's pay is below average.

Peasant's average pay $40,000 - $60,000 = Si Mi Lan Jiao?

Peasant go overseas to make money = Quitter

PAP lose 1 GRC this election = Priceless

iNspirE- said...

lol i like the above comment.

Kwek said...

Me too - The best comment!!

Anonymous said...

i agree w jerome on the fair level playing field issue...anyway, that young person shouldn't have posted that question in the 1st place...when u know what kind of answer u will get from mm.

with regards to durai's judgement, does it matter how much n how long jail term he is gonna get, for god knows if he really gets all these. will we check in w him in the same cell to make sure he stays in there for 5yrs physically? will we have the chance to witness him paying 100k to the court for the fine? all i can say...will we ever get to know the actual account?

durai benefitted the authorities somehow, do u think they would do this to him? the fine was merely a smoke screen effect win votes. so is the jail term...who knows he might have been "arranged" to continue w the $$$generating elsewhere in this world.

Anonymous said...

yeah i'm no.13th...wth...

Anonymous said...

93th la...stupid!

Anonymous said...

Rockson, you rock. You my man!~

Anonymous said...

to the guy who call lockson a quitter. fuck u understand?

ppl trying to make a living, trying to make more money, build a better life. and then u cheebye call him a quitter! fuck u lah

how much u making yourself? if u make $1,000,000 a year then fuck off. u can say anything u want. fuck if i make $1,000,000 i will call all overseas singaporeans quitters too. in fact, whatever LKY wants me to say, i will do it. but u must pay me $1,000,000 a year first. if i make any mistake, u can only fine me $100,000 ok?! so fuck u!

lockson is my hero. long live lockson!

Anonymous said...

holiday no more liao!! knnbccb!!! saturday vote simi lanjiao lar!!!! spoil me holiday plan!

Anonymous said...

fuck that cunt that say want to make money and quit. suck my lan cheow u cunt. want to make a better place, go and vote. dun complaining and complaing lan cheow so small. usually all the rich cunts like urself overseas and leave everyone behind. bo lan cheow, always take easy route out. fagg

not everyone make 1 million. always talk cock, make a decent living is hard enuff, where got 1 million, up yours!!! fucker, want to make 1 million, go and tu lan, go and ask that tt durai to give u and his backside. chee bai gia.

what a chee bye face. typical kiasu fucker. pui.

Lun said...

Hi rockson..have been reading your blog for ages but didn't bother to type anything due to the heavy traffic la....That bastard..tell him to f off lol... happen to have msn?

Angel said...

Eh rockson.. ure in Sydney meh.. y never see ure horse around here leh.. come meet me lah.. come sydney also never visit me.. *ehem* :)

Jam said...

Oh man.
Rockson has done it again.

Three cheers for rockson!

(although the idiot is happily enjoying his life overseas and leaving us mere s'poreans in the lurch)

Anonymous said...

why you guys like to complain about being left behind by overseas singaporean? if life is really so frustrating in singapore just leave. come on, you are adults. our great-grandparents left china too. stop being cry babies. our population is being replenished by mainlanders anyway. our "elites" are paid $1,000,000 anyway, the mainlanders pay them salary $2,000 a month they happy like fuck liao. meanwhile, average singaporeans kenah squeezed by singaporean elites and mainlanders. just like kenah fucked in the mouth and asshole at the same time.

the people will deserve whatever government they voted in. like double penetration? like to get gangbanged? vote PAP! long live PAP! LKY dynasty forever! wan shui, wan shui, wan wan shui !!!

Anonymous said...

speaking of dynasties, founder of ming dynasty - zhu yuan zhang, likes to claim credit for restoring peace and order, defeating the mongolians. constantly try to brainwash the peasants.

in the end did the ming dynasty last forever? sure china prospered under ming but with wealth comes corruption.

constantly brainwashing us with claims of restoring peace to singapore, suppressing riots in singapore in the 60s....thats broken record man. the fact is the disparity between rich and poor in singapore is getting wider and wider.

meanwhile SDP try to accuse PAP of corruption and now threatened to get sued again. what news? LOL.

anyone with different, independent thoughts will be destroyed. PAP is like the old man in The Matrix. They set the rules.

so those left behind, don't want to do anything to improve their family's life. keep calling overseas singaporeans quitter for fuck? how does that improve your OWN life? stop complaining or you really end up deserving the government you put into power.

cs said...

i dun understand a fuck u r tokin... wtf sia u..

Jerome said...

This is the "Report on the National Kidney Foundation" prepared by KPMG.Its for those who missed it.

Its worth a read.

Jerome said...

Sorry , the address wasn't shown properly.Another time.

Anonymous said...

why austrailia got shin min??

Anonymous said...

cos it's air flown there for lockson mah

Anonymous said...


On the Thai elections

Thaksin Shinawatra generates some sympathy fawning from some normally critical local bloggers. It's not easy to see why: he was on the verge of a long historical project to turn the kingdom into a benevolently authoritarian one-party state, replacing unproductive party politics with pragmatic, technocratic business sense, and instituting some control over the nation's independent media. What's there to hate in people who sincerely want to imitate your country?

So newspapers here were the only ones caught out of the loop. Local reporters were fawning and predicting 2006 will be Thailand's 1966, that the decision of the oppposition parties to boycott the election undo them and propel Thaksin's ascension to legal and legitimate one-party rule. That's a national blind spot for you, but surely they should've rmembered that when history actually repeats itself, the second time is always a farce?

What they did not count on (the national blind spot!) was the constitution of Thailand, which was written to prevent precisely these travesties from occuring. In constituencies with a walkover, the unopposed candidate is not confirmed unless 20% of the voters turn up to vote for him anyway. Voters are also given the choice to cast a "no vote", essentially a vote for "none of the above" that in sufficient numbers will invalidate the winner of the election. These are safeguards that prevent the country from sliding into a one-party state with a fake opposition.

Today, Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej gives the best sign that Singapore should be the one emulating Thailand instead. Speaking out at the "complete mess" that Thaksin's snap elections caused, the monarch commented strongly: "The current election is undemocratic. Where there is only one candidate it is not considered a democracy."

King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the true senior statesman of Asia.

Anonymous said...

knn lar! dont tok porritics la!!! PAP will win so what?? let it go lar! lets tok abt lockson's karen lar! still waiting to see her ride on the big horse ler!!!

Anonymous said...

someone should call the newspaper to broadcast that if we don't see Durai go prison we will not donate to NKF anymore. Must be both pay 100K and go prison for 10 years. Sucker has enjoy too much already. Must get him to pay back all that.

Anonymous said...

Yup. So many poor people also donated the money. Then this sucker enjoying all the luxury. Seeing his Sucker face makes me angry. Better go prison for 10 years and pay 1 million back to NKF.

Anonymous said...

Ode to MM Lee

WITH a passion like his, it is never work but mere contribution to society.

With this approach to life, retirement never comes to the mind.

It simply does not exist in minds like these.

The only restrictions may be energy and vitality, which by being disciplined, he is blessed with more than most half his age.

So ageism is a failed fallacy in true glorious humanity.

To him, people at 62 have another 20 good years left to offer, at least, and he is absolutely right.

It takes happiness and empathy of a different kind to understand MM Lee's thoughts.

The attitude of giving makes one feel young, energetic and enthused all the time.

Would anyone want to have life any other way?

Long live MM Lee, our wise elders and opportunities in abundance for everyone in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

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The Minah Strikes Back said...

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Anonymous said...

now that election campaigning has started.. u hum chi le.. dare not write anything le huh?

Anonymous said...

U are so losing it u shud just shud the fuck up..

Anonymous said...

i love Singapore! i love PAP ! i love LKY !

LKY is our father. PAP is our country!

Anonymous said...

"For the first time in 18 years too, the People's Action Party yesterday was not returned to power on Nomination Day. It won only 37 seats in walkovers, less than half the total of 84. All 37 seats are in GRCs."

***** Matrix Revolution Begins *****

emiriyoshikawa said...

That's still more than enough for PAP... the opposition at most have only 20 candidates each.

Now I can safetly vote for the opposition.

Sian Ah ! said...

To "Kenny said...
Blog about yourself and Karen!!! "

Please try to use other reasons to advice this blogger to blog for other things if u don't like to see the comments here for that People Angry Party, evertime use this reason i see until very sian leh.

Anonymous said...

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so vote for PAP !!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

my grc walk over again! can move house to vote or not

Anonymous said...

Vote for Wait Fuck Bonus !!!

BlacksheeP said...

think only ppl compete for first comment on rockson's blogs?

Kelvin Lim said...

Aiyah... Everyone here vote for opposition also laggi no effect.

Gahmen dangle a bit of money a bit of upgrading, then everyone's problem like suddenly vanished.

Election over, then start to regret. HAha. Singaporeans are losers. Heh, most of them at least.

Anonymous said...

Please call mediacorp as member of the public to say how disgusting we find the misrepresentation of the non-PAP parties during their coverage of the election.

If everyone us call, they will be change. Trust me. Many of the reporters WANT to report the TRUTH! However, they are stopped by their bosses.

We are Professionals & thinking people must do our part by giving them pressure from all sides. We enough pressure and professionals support, the reports will have call in figures to back their desire to want to report the TRUTH.

Many reporters are on our side, many policemen are on our side, they are singaporeans too. We can support them by calling in & writing in.

Let's give them tons of calls and emails to press for TRUTH. We can make a different. Each call can make a different.

MediaCorp News Hotline 68 2222 68

Give us your feedback on our content.

What are you waiting for.....pick up the phone and call, logon and email. Give them support to report the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH.

Some reporters said they hate the censor and want to resign, they need our support, they need our encourgement, they need to hear from us to know that they are not fighting alone against their bosses.v

Anonymous said...

i think the situation is hopeless. the naive get brainwashed but get rewarded with the "stayer" title. those who can make it, go overseas but kenah called "quitter".

wouldn't LKY's ancestors be called some tua lan jiao "quitter" by the former dynasty? LOL.

webbe said...

"now that election campaigning has started.. u hum chi le.. dare not write anything le huh? "

do u dare to write half of what he has written? u dont.
so shut ur hum ji mouth

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

F Durai and all the indians who think he is a "Legend".

F them all - all Indians are F and smelly.