Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Vote for James Gomes that Cheebye Form be my MP

Raymond send me this email today. He say our Prime Minister Lee speech say if got too many opposition is no good for Singapore because then PAP cannot do good job. Too many fucking opposition will make Small Lee headache, have to think how to FIX them and BUY VOTE from supporter. Not I say one ok? Small Lee say one, don't believe you see below from the Channel News Singapore website" -----

Mr Lee says: "What is the opposition's job? It's not to help the PAP do a better job ... because if they help the PAP do a better job, you're going to vote for me again and they're going to be out of a job for a long time. So their job is to make life miserable for me.

"Right now we have Low Thia Khiang, Chiam See Tong, Steve Chia. We can deal with them. Suppose you had 10, 15, 20 opposition members in Parliament. Instead of spending my time thinking what is the right policy for Singapore, I'm going to spend all my time thinking what's the right way to fix them, to buy my supporters votes, how can I solve this week's problem and forget about next year's challenges?"

I like Small Lee, actually. He very honest say this kind of thing! This is what politic is what! FIX your enemy and BUY your supporter! Hahahahahaha!!!!

At least got some new thing from him. Fucking hell, every day I on the tv and open the newspaper is only James Gomes Gomes! Gomes! KNNBCCB!!!! I Australia come back until now is got nothing but the cheebye Goneh news.

Why they don't talk about important thing like why my CPF still cut?

Why my father medical bill still so high?

Why Ah Seng still cannot find job?

Why the gahmen allow NKF fuck Singaporean so long?

Why my friend retarded son cannot go school?

Why every year the bus fare the MRT fare the everything get more and more expensive and my pay become less and less?

Why? Tell me fucking chow cheebye why?

Their answer? James Goners is a liar!

Fuck you understand?

I also think they must call Lau Lee to shut up liao. The old man is Singapore Lau Peh this is true. Nobody will say he never do many thing for this country but wah lao eh!!! The more thing he say the more he make people tulan! The young people show he do on tv make until the gahmen look like dunno fuck thing about young people thinking. Tell them ask any question so they ask lor but in the end kena fuck by him until have to diam diam. Those young people who is going to vote one, they see already you say who they will vote after that?

Then I heard he also hamtam the oversea reporter and call them shut up also. Then he now join the Gomes gang bang also.

Who is Prime Minister now? Him or his little dragon?

In old day the politic is very gangster kind, so must also be gangster if want to win. Now people is no more so rough, young people also got brain and can think for themself, why still use the old way to win election?

Ah Seng, my secret society friend, tell me the other day, even they all gangster and gang also have to change their pattern liao. Last time can still 打打杀杀 now cannot already. Many his new recruit is got degree one (even got a few woman leader!) and they do the gang business is like real business. Only sometime got some stupid fucker like that One-eye fella take gun to settle his problem. You see what happen to him? Kena catch in Malaysia send back to Singapore!

You want to get new blood and new supporter, Ah Seng say, cannot use the old way liao. Even gangster also dowan to fight and die already. Die for fuck? Just want to make money and enjoy.

I think also the new gahmen those leader got too many scholar and elite best of the best. What they know about we all common people problem? Find all this lawyer and CEO and doctor to become my MP, say they can be Minister quality can go USA and discuss the world economy those kind of thing. Fuck lah no need lah! Don't need go USA for me, come to my Jurong and my Nee Soon and my Joo Chiat and settle for me my problem first can? Cheebye!!!

That is why that day the Worker Party rally in Hougang got so many people go, the PAP shock and scared. Even the newspaper don't dare to show the photo of the rally.

Where all this toolan people come from? Lawrence went and he told me got at least 80,000 people go, and not just those Ah Pek and Uncle go and see, it is those young people and young family also go and listen. Where the fuck this people come from? How come suddenly got so many toolan Singaporean?

Now then the gahmen see. This kind of toolan is not overnight come one. This kind of toolan is like those double boil soup. Cook for very long liao. Cook for last two year. Angry and hungry and tired and jobless Singaporean.

This is what happen when you have those Minister who can go oversea to talk to other country minister, but dunno the problem of his people. Chiam See Tong maybe is old but at least his people see his face in the coffee shop, he don't need send his kah kia to go people house to say he kind lah, say he clever lah. He don't need Lau Goh to go and fight for him. Why? Because people got eyes. Because people can see for themself. Because Chiam show face and show he care.

But we got make job for Singaporean what! The gahmen say. Make job and make living is two different thing. I give you security guard job is also job. But you can survive with the security guard pay or not that one is your fucking problem. On the paper, in the high high aircon office, the super elite scholar MP see his computer say he make one million billion zillion new job, he think, Good! I do good job! The people sure happy. Now I can get A Star for my Making Job for Singaporean exam! Singaporean will now love me!

That Joo Chiat the Chan Suu Cents is another one. So many year the Joo Chiat people have to see their estate become another Geylang, he do nothing. Maybe he dunno got this problem, then one day he do his MP walkabout there, got China mei mei come to him say "Sian shen ni yao ahn mo mah?" then he realise Fuck! Joo Chiat really got problem hor!

In the end the Joo Chiat people have to ownself start a Safe Joo Chiat committee to clean up his shit. Now he say he help them clean up the Joo Chiat one. Fuck lah.

See? Singaporean got so many problem, so many issue. But what the gahmen talk about? James Koteh and his stupid form!!! KNNBCCB!!!! I feel like vote his form become my MP. Maybe that piece of paper got more answer and brain than all these politician. Hahahahahahaha!!!!


Quitter in Australia said...

Funny stuff. Would be interesting to see how many young singaporeans think this way.

Anonymous said...

1 1 1...number 1...I wont vote for PAP this sat

Anonymous said...

Yeah, number 3!!

Staying Together, Moving Ahead

nhahsih said...

Gahmen Bhest. Everytime got election can go holiday to go overseas and spend our govt-given money.

Anonymous said...

4 is me
go PAP
long live Lee
more money for me

Anonymous said...

Fuck them lah, i vote Rockson, man!

Anonymous said...

Die all you opposition scum
you are tax evaders, racists, chinese chauvinists, liars, bad eggs

I AM your father
you will feel the force of the empire

we are PAP, we are number 1!

#7 said...

testing, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

aiya. everyone talk so much. at the end still pap wins wan lah

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, Rockson, you are so eloquent!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like ur blog many vulgarities....suits me...
carry on the hardwork

Anonymous said...

Everyone can make a difference.
Give opposition a chance to change Singaporean Suffering.....

william said...

"heaven also have eyes". People's power. Show them we are not afraid and dont suka suka exploit the citizens anymore. Vote oppo!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vote for Rockson

Anonymous said...

I was told that most of garmen candidate are part timers MP...
How can serve pple went u r part timers???? Bulls.... manure..

Jerome said...

Your post never fails to make me laugh. :)

jordan said...

Fucking well said...

Anonymous said...

Awesome entry! I couldn't stop laughing. Anyway I hope Singaporeans realize that PAP isn't the solution to everything. It's time for a change. At long last.

NicKzKciN said...

doi get first page?

Anonymous said...

I quite agree with this post but its a risk we all take by voting for the Opposition party. hmmm shall we? =)

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, maybe PAP thinks we are like the taiwanese and is trying to distract us from our real concerns? Politic sure is murky :S

Anonymous said...

22nd Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Well Done Rock!!!

Anonymous said...

no.25!! WP steady poon pee pee!!!

Anonymous said...

interesting facts from a normal singaporen. Thumbs up !!!

sLaCkErZ said...

the PAP has better things to do la. instead of focusing on this one man called Mr James Gomez, they should pay more attention to issues concerning the electorate. otherwise it's definitely possible for WP to overwhelm PAP in Aljunied GRC. i might be too young to vote for this GE, but this incident has been blown so out of proportion, some Singaporeans WILL get pissed off. you get me? it's time to move on, PAP.

Anonymous said...

if u hit 40 n no job... then regret vote PAP...too late liow

wanderer said...

lol that a ns speech u got, anyway how can you expect the government to review case by case, they need to think as a whole nation and one of the famous economist once state, economists look at data and number, they dun care about other stuff. imagine dealing case by case with 4million people that gonna be crazy, anyway wats wrong with PAP

DOWN THE PAP said...


Workers Party Supporter in her 30s! said...

Yes, well said Rockson - my thoughts exactly. I am sick of PAP and all its elitism. Tell them to fly kite!

rosemarytan said...

your mother agrees with you.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, come Sun morning, the PAP will be be returned to power! Don't believe me? wait & see loh! The PAP forming the MAJORITY party is undisputed but PLEASEEEEE, don't let them have that HUGE MANDATE!

60% they still get to form the govt and even though they lost the 2 SMCs (Hougang & Potong Pasir) AND IF lose 1 (hopefully 2! hahaha) GRC (Sembawang & Aljunied), you think all their proposals/suggestions in parliament will be denied meh? Pleasessee! DON'T LET THEM WIN BIG!

P/s the language of THE OLD MAN & the 2DPM (wong) really arrogant & gangster-like! REALLY PISSED WITH THIS 2 characters! *phui*! *phui*!

Anonymous said...

Hello you guys should realize that voting the opposition because you want PAP to go to hell is sending yourself to hell. Much as the PAP does retarded things like harp on the James Gomez issue it is still the more efficient government. When voting you better consider what is best for yourselves in the long term. You feel angry and irritated, roused up by the opposition. but when it is all over, the dust has settled and you are stuck with the opposition as your leaders you will regret

David Lim said...

OMG, small lee really said that he is buying votes. Pls tell all the media in the world to report this sentence.

If he deny saying this, bring out the recordings to prove.

Sad day for Sillypore

Anonymous said...

first class govt of the world only know how to focus on a form ?

Anonymous said...

i $ not enough, vote for free lift upgrading better! can save some $$$$.

Mezzo said...

Rockson, dump Karen, marry me!

Ah Huat said...

now he only spend part of his time thinking of how to buy votes, so we get so much $ only,if he spend all of his time thinking how to buy votes then we will have more $ to get, wah ha ha ...! like that must make him to spend all his time on thinking how to by votes lah, then we singaporen Huat Ah !
Oh, vote opp can Huat Ah !

Anonymous said...

well said rockson!! u rock on!!

Anonymous said...

i too agree that the Gomez issue has been blown out of proportion and that the Govt is going the wrong way of securing its votes by harping on this subject. Even though i too am unhappy with the price increments, it's the same everywhere in the world. Its not only us Singaporeans who have to suffer these increments in cost. What im trying to say is that it might be becoz we Singaporeans live too long in comfort that when we do have to suffer, we cant seem to take it.Even in BIG first world countries like the US, there are also millions of poor who work and survive only on a low pay. I guess what we can do is to keep faith with the current government and hold our chin up and work harder. Nothing in life is easy so if u wanna enjoy, u have got to be able to suffer too and its the same for all.

Anonymous said...

damn awesome!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

please be a good citizen:

1) read asia1/cna only
2) watch local tv only
3) read books published by MOE only

u will be happy and brainwashed. life is good. vote PAP!

3XTR3M1ST said...

KAO!! 44 !!!!! DIE DIE !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't see the risk in voting for an opposition. Ultimately "small lee" is still the prime minister so he still retains some level of authority.

Where's the risk? Vote for the opposition! Give them a freakin chance for crying out loud!

Jerome said...

"Right now we have Low Thia Khiang, Chiam See Tong, Steve Chia. We can deal with them. Suppose you had 10, 15, 20 opposition members in Parliament. Instead of spending my time thinking what is the right policy for Singapore, I'm going to spend all my time thinking what's the right way to fix them, to buy my supporters votes , how can I solve this week's problem and forget about next year's challenges?"

source ""

I wonder if the press going to put the headline for Straits Time about "Prime Minister talks about buying supporters vote" and make it big like James Gomez "form" issue?

Anonymous said...

According to the PAP, Gomez would have claimed that the Elections Department deliberately lost his form and he would have accused the ED of colluding with the PAP to deprive him of his Indian Minority Certificate....which....Gomez did not require to contest in Aljunied GRC (Aljunied GRC requires a Malay candidate). Doesn't make sense, right?

The WP has declared that Gomez was never considered for contesting Ang Mo Kio GRC which requires an Indian candidate. This explanation makes PERFECT SENSE: it would be highly unlikely for Gomez to enter parliament by defeating the PM in AMK GRC. Furthermore, the WP team fielded in AMK GRC is obviously the weakest WP team with the least chance of winning. So I believe that all along, Gomez planned to contest Aljunied GRC (Gomez has been courting Aljunied since 2001) where he, along with the strongest WP team, would stand the best chance of winning.

This begs the question: Why did Gomez bother to apply for an Indian Minority Cert? I think Gomez really wanted to keep PAP guessing whether he was going to lead the WP in AMK GRC. It was a 'wayang' for the media and the PAP so as to hamper PAP’s preparation for the election. There is nothing wrong with a bit of deception to keep your enemy guessing what your strategy is.

The real question is: Do you believe that Gomez wanted to submit his Minority Form and he forgot about his non-submission due to too much distraction? If this explanation sounds reasonable and possible, you must also accept that when Gomez showed up to collect his form, he was genuinely upset about the form being misplaced (hence his irritated reaction) but he was NOT trying to frame anyone.

Do you believe that Gomez is trying to FRAME the PAP and Elections Department for losing his form? Can you recall who started the media controversy and the name calling?

What does Gomez have to gain out of framing the Election Department? PAP says Gomez would have made the integrity of the ED and PAP an election issue; where is the proof? The WP does not have the track record of SDP when it comes to questioning PAP integrity. Even if we assume Gomez was going to frame the ED and the PAP, who has the immense resources to convince the public otherwise? Who is the public likely to believe?

Did Gomez really expect to get away with framing the ED? Gomez was in a closely monitored environment with multiple CCTV cameras which PAP claims Gomez was not aware of. Even from the CNA video footage of the Gomez incident (go to the CNA website), I can clearly see the CCTV cameras and they are not concealed. Moreover, every opposition politician knows that the ISD monitors your every move, especially during elections! It would have been a suicide mission for Gomez to attempt framing the ED.

There are a lot of speculative "Gomez-would-have-accused-PAP/Elections Department-of-collusion" accusations being made by the PAP. The PAP has an excuse to attack Gomez because of the lack of independence of the Elections Department. The WP Manifesto is right: the Elections Department should be a neutral and independent office and not under the direct control of the PAP. Why must every public service in Singapore, from the LTA (fixing flooded roads) to the Election Departments be linked to the PAP?

All this self-righteous sound and fury is very distasteful and not becoming of a first world government.

Anonymous said...

Well said. I wonder how many people here are going to vote for the opposition??

Every year people keep complaining abt PAP but in the end still vote PAP. S'poreans sure are stupid

Jerome said...

Sorry the source cannot be seen clearly but its here.http://www.channelnewsasia.

To me
The idea of having opposition is good.Its to have alternate views.

Read this

The following is taken from the above website.

SINGAPORE (AFP) - Singapore is not an "open" society, US billionaire financier George Soros said, urging the government to stop using financially damaging libel suits against political opponents.

"Obviously, Singapore does not qualify as an open society," Soros said to loud applause from a packed audience of hundreds of students and academics.

He was speaking at a forum during which he expounded on his foundation's mission to improve political freedom and freedom of speech worldwide as part of his so-called open society.

"But Singapore is a prosperous society and prosperity and open society go together. So I hope that Singapore will become an open society.

Jerome said...

The following is taken from an above website.

"I think there is now a desire for greater openness, and I think that there is an enlightened leadership... I am hoping that this leadership will be great enough to take that next step in development."

Soros was responding to a student who asked him whether he thought Singapore, Southeast Asia's most advanced economy, was open or closed.


Without mentioning names, Soros referred to a local politician who he said was "in trouble in Singapore because he has been sued for libel and he's been bankrupt and would not be able to stand for parliament."

It was an apparent reference to opposition politician J.B. Jeyaretnam, who was declared bankrupt in 2001 for failing to pay defamation damages awarded to leaders of the ruling People's Action Party, including former prime minister Goh Chok Tong.

Bankrupts in Singapore are barred from running for public office.

Critics of the government have accused the PAP of using defamation suits to silence the political opposition, whose members already have their activities curbed by strict laws against rallies and little access to the mainstream media.

PAP leaders have said libel suits are necessary to defend their reputations.

But Soros said "the use of libel and financial penalty can be a tremendous hindrance to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

"So if I have to select one particular spot where Singapore could take a step forward, it would be in not using that method to suppress freedom of expression."

Soros is founder and chairman of the Open Society Institute, a network of philanthropic organizations active in more than 50 countries.

Jerome said...

Sorry I mean
"The following is taken from the above website" instead.
I also forgot to take out the word

Anonymous said...

Rockson good blog and with sharp thinking, sadly, that some Singaporean don't undestand what is our election for, and they seem like thinking we are going to elect the opposition to become government, put the SDP aside even you voted all the opposition in, it is still will be govern by the PAP. Good rules and policies will still be implimented as usual. The only different is that PAP will have a little harder to impliment something that negatively affecting singaporeans that's all. Maybe the shares market will have a knee jerk. James Gomez is a smart guy, I am sure he is awared of the security measures at the election department, as such how could he put the document into his bag infront of the camera and later came back to argue over it. Or maybe he play a little trick to misled his opponent, alas this kind of problem happen with banking customers also what... money not important meh !

Gomez said...

dont come and pray pray ok! I am gomez I come from think tank I can fuck your brains out! That is why... I am dangerous! I lie to Singaporeans ok! I am a liar! I am not fit to be a candidate! Don't pray pray ok! I purposely take the form home and then call the elections department to scold them. Then wah kao the next day I come out newspaper headline. I come out from my mummy tummy so long also never be a star before. That is why I am very happy. Let them say more lah. Let me appear on tv more. Like that then more people will know who Gomez is mah!

Anonymous said...

rockson.....u NB Rox man......can u be my MP!!!!

otaku said...

number, fuck lah who care i number what. Lau Lee admitted to 2nd rate singaponang. now must change pledge to : We the peepur of Singapore except those living in opposition area....

Anonymous said...

I am very very impress the views you made and the laughter i get from your blog. You r a talent.... I am sure...

Anonymous said...

Think about this. Who now post the most threat to the PAP?

No doubt it's the WP and the charismatic Mr Low. Politic can be very dirty, so it is up to interpretation why some people is like a mad dog, biting on to a damn form and dun wan to let go!!!!

Anonymous said...

From this incident, it is also evident that the Election Department is very efficient.. got cctv here and there and also prove that the election process is just and open.

If this incident did not pop out, we still dunno rite (sounds like NKF?)
So now they put the video, the transript on internet, on the news etc.. to DRILL that into your brains.

So phase 1 gao dim liao. Now they going phase 2, which is to WIPE out Gomez.. LOL

Anonymous said...

This whole Gomez thing is making Singapore a laughing stock in the international community. And the biggest clown: Lee Hsien Loong himself, saying that if more opposition get into parliament, he might screw up (as if her hadn't already).

Anonymous said...

The Sky have Eye, He will slowly punish those PAP fucker... look at the face of DPM WongKanSeng, i hate him just for no reason, really big bully. If Gomez apology not enough, what about Old Goh, his Marine Parade upgrading SO MANY cock-up, delay for 3 years (i think) and main-con blankrupt again and again, and resident still got to pay, he got apologise meh??? HE SHOULD QUIT, his team SHOULD RESIGN, so uncapable team!!!

Anonymous said...

dont need to talk so much...buay song? not happy? want more money? all those feeling tulan..just have to let your feelings be known on sat.

Ah Bee said...

Cool! - ah bee

Anonymous said...

Wat i cannot tahan is the image they are projecting.. machiam Angel and never make mistake like that.

People come to rally in thousands in HG and they damn sour grape say people go to see show only... c'mon man... talk about being gracious.. wat is all this crap about? Oh ya, forgot this is politics..

Anonymous said...

I think the wayang thing is not a form, it is a place called speakers corner. More like ghost corner, only ghost dare to speak.

Anonymous said...

Rockson CNA got live report this sat 10pm ...
u oso post ur opinion at 10.30 this sat night Live ... ok ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We need more people like you, rockson, who dares to be vocal and speak their real views!!

Hopefully the people will not cower in fear just because of the govt's authority and threats. We are not voting the opposition as our leaders. Cmon. Lee will be the PM there is no question about that and it is true that our govt has done alot for us. We just need to give the opposition a chance to speak for us in parliament and this chance can only happened if we unite this sat and vote them in.

And really, how can we build a First World opposition when we don't even give the current respectable one an opportunity?

United we vote said...

Just hoping that all S'porean are aware the importance of opposition in Parliament. May we stand united on this Sat, once in 5 years....let more oppositions enter the Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Pay me US$1.1million * 5 Years for my vote, upgrading plans, beautiful big parks, cover walkways, shark fins, fish congee and high-paying job(minister position).

Anonymous said...

I totally agree.
But there are many no balls singaporean still vote for PAP.

Anonymous said...

GO CCP GO!!!!!

'malay boy' ahmad said...

Dear Rockson,

'Fix them' & 'Buy my supporters votes'

Fulamak! You BEST lahh luuu. You can read between the lines, leii. Your creative writting I enjoysss.

You enjoyss..?? hehehehe

Chiao liao!

Anonymous said...

aiyah in states if u poor no money can go on TV shows like Oprah to sob and cry and blame the gahmen....and scold Bush or take to the streets.

in s'pore can meh???? make us suffer at least let us voice our unhappiness lah....diam diam can die

opposition said...

PAP say u will get lift stopping at every floor. ya, they will build for u when they win. but they will make u pay for it.

Anonymous said...

omg. dont let the spore govt catch you doing this.
anyway you are brutally honest and thats good dude! sadly i live in joo chiat. and even more sadly, im not legal to vote yet. =S

Anonymous said...

Lockson ha, like you ho, I am seriously not excited at all about "LAME KONEK?"("weak cock"?)...are you.

Anonymous said...

We all support you~

ad said...

lets put an end to dictorship

KaoSan said...

Absolutely brilliant... hahahaha

Anonymous said...

whatever it is, James G really suceeded in making the tiger angry and lost track of what it is doing. PAP makes a fool of themselve by over-reacting!! It goes to shows that PAP is at a lost now, they dont even know which issues is important to the people now!!!

it is a high handed political trick!! dont forget, JG studies political science!! already kek leng is so good at arguing, sum that up with a science degree..he is like a stunt bomb now!!!

Good luck PAP! Aljuniee is gone case!!! :)))

Anonymous said...

I love your posts! Rock on Rockson.

Anonymous said...

Straits under strain: why inequality is centre stage in Singapore's election

4 May 2006
Financial Times

Singapore prides itself on a predictability born of efficiency. Elections are no exception. The long-ruling People's Action party, which holds all but two of the 84 parliamentary seats, will be returned with another thumping majority when the city-state goes to the polls on Saturday.

But there will be tension in the outcome nevertheless. The near-certainty of PAP victories has turned general elections into something more akin to plebiscites gauging the public mood - and, this time, there is a new starkness to several social fault-lines that cleave Singaporean society.

Much of the PAP's success rests on five decades of economic achievement, which have made Singapore a model for aspiring Asian countries, not least China. But the current election campaign demonstrates that the island, which embraced free trade principles from its founding in 1819 by the East India Company, is grappling with the consequences of globalisation.

Although the economy is expected to grow by a vigorous 6 per cent this year, the gap is widening visibly between rich and poor. The nation's youth express either apathy or cynicism about a political system that is founded on rigid social control but is increasingly breached by technology: much unofficial public discourse now takes place via internet news groups and chatrooms.

Sensing chinks in the PAP armour, the three main opposition parties are contesting more seats than they have in nearly 20 years. They are fielding candidates in more than half the constituencies, up from barely one-third last time.

"There is a wind of change across Singapore that makes the PAP's margin of win unpredictable. It is coming from an emerging number of voters who are not impressed, and may even be resentful, of the way Singapore is being run," says Seah Chiang Nee, a former newspaper editor.

Although unemployment is low at 3.4 per cent of the 3.6m citizenry, the rate is nearly double for those aged over 40 with little education. A recent government survey showed that the income of the poorest 20 per cent of households fell nearly 15 per cent in nominal terms between 1998 and 2003 to an average SDollars 795 (USDollars 505, Pounds 275, Euros 400) a month.

The government has traditionally been sceptical about welfare spending. The Central Provident Fund, the mandatory savings programme it adopted from British rule and to which workers contribute one-fifth of their wages, is used to cover retirement, healthcare and mortgages. But the CPF has proved to have weaknesses.

Many Singaporeans are asset-rich but cash-poor, since much of their CPF savings are tied up in housing. Although Singaporeans have one of the world's highest home ownership rates, at more than 90 per cent, house prices have fallen by 30 per cent since the mid-1990s, meaning many are sitting on paper losses. And as those now elderly were paid low salaries when they contributed in the 1960s and 1970s, their CPF payments have failed to keep up with the cost of living.

Grandmothers rather then teenagers are a common sight staffing the counters at fast-food outlets. "Our elderly continue to have to work cleaning tables, washing toilets and selling tissue paper until they die," says Chee Siok Chin, of the opposition Singapore Democratic party.

Income inequality has become a dominant issue. Households in the top 20 per cent earned about 21 times as much as those in the lowest 20 per cent in 2000, a government survey shows. In 2004 Singapore had the world's sharpest rise in the number of millionaires at 22 per cent, according to the latest World Wealth Report by Merrill Lynch and CapGemini.

The PAP is clearly worried. In recent weeks, the government has announced programmes to help the poor, including offering cheaper healthcare. Days before the polls, it distributed SDollars 2.6bn in special "Progress Package" cash payments to Singaporeans, with a focus on the needy.

Lee Kuan Yew, who as prime minister in 1959-90 eradicated large pockets of poverty and developed the economy by attracting foreign manufacturers at a time when they were less welcome elsewhere in Asia, points out that Hong Kong and the US, which per capita are richer than Singapore, have wider income disparities. But he acknowledges that the income gap "is a very serious challenge to us", adding that the country has to "find a solution that doesn't go the European way" in terms of lavish social security.

Singapore could not afford to do so because it was a "price taker, not a price maker" in the global economy, says Mr Lee, 82, who is still highly influential in his cabinet post as "minister mentor". "If we can find a balance between not too divisive a society because of the disparity, but still stay competitive and not too highly taxed, and people keep trying to accumulate wealth and create jobs, then I think we'll be all right. If we can't strike a compromise between those two conflicting forces, we would be in trouble."

The rise of China and India threatens Singapore's competitive advantages. The island's businessmen meanwhile complain that the economy is ever more dominated by multinationals and state enterprises that marginalise smaller private-sector ventures, hindering efforts to develop an entrepreneurial culture and innovation. The city-state is focusing on high-value manufacturing including semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, oil rigs and, lately, biotechnology. But officials acknowledge that Singapore remains too dependent on foreign investment for growth and they want to develop innovative domestic industries.

The next goal is to transform Singapore into a global city that "will have the buzz of New York or London", Lee Hsien Loong, Mr Lee's eldest son and prime minister since 2004, said in his national day speech last year. It plans to achieve this by marrying culture with mammon. It recently constructed a big arts centre, called The Esplanade, and a casino-based "integrated resort" will open nearby in 2009.

But there is scepticism over whether Singapore can shake off its nanny-state image. The authorities are prudish and culturally conservative. Critics say too much government coddling has created an environment that discourages alternative ideas and personal initiative.

Officials complain that the young have become too complacent and apathetic. That is an unintended consequence of policies the elder Mr Lee set down in the 1960s to create a "rugged society" that would encourage Singaporeans to push themselves to greater heights. A believer in social discipline and national cohesion, Mr Lee dismantled much of Singapore's civil society. "The government began with the trade unions and media and later moved on to non-governmental organisations and religious groups," says Cherian George, a lecturer at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University.

But there are signs of growing activism and dissent. A ban on political comments on podcasts and blogs in the current campaign has not gone down well and internet chatrooms are filled with angry postings about the government and the Lee family.

The PAP's hardball election tactics threaten to alienate young voters, who are known as "the post-65 generation" for having been born after Singapore's 1965 independence. Many are well-educated and grew up in relative affluence.

Extensive criticism by the state-guided media of the opposition's young candidates does not appear to have blunted the appeal of the Workers' party, seen as the strongest opposition group. Led by Sylvia Lim, 40, a former police officer turned university lecturer, the party has attracted large crowds at its rallies. While newspapers have largely ignored their size, pictures of the crowds have been circulated on the internet to drum up support.
Opposition parties say they face many obstacles, from limited media access to a gerrymandering of election districts and threats of defamation suits. Perhaps the biggest remains Singapore's first-past-the-post electoral system: opposition parties have attracted 25-40 per cent of the votes in the last 25 years, indicating more public disenchantment than the allocation of parliamentary seats suggests.

In a rare televised confrontation, a group of young journalists recently told the elder Mr Lee that the PAP had become "arrogant" and "power-crazy". Mr Lee, who graduated with a law degree from Cambridge University, dismissed them as "English-educated radicals", meaning they were imbued with liberal democratic values rather than Confucian ones. "They don't represent more than 20 or 30 per cent of our youth," he insisted.

Other young professionals seem to have grown tired of the government's exhortations to work hard instead of enjoying the good life. Surveys have found that local white-collar workers are unhappy and stressed. That has been cited as a main reason for Singapore's falling birth rate - among the world's lowest.

Such complaints are unlikely to translate into political opposition. "The middle class has done well out of the status quo," says Garry Rohan, head of the Asia Research Centre at Australia's Murdoch University, who has written extensively on Singapore politics. But he adds: "The opposition has done well when questions of rising costs and income disparity have dominated election campaigns."

The government has tried to create a perpetual sense of crisis, pointing to economic competition from China and India, to motivate the nation's youth. But they appear reluctant to take risks. Most would prefer to find secure, well-paid jobs in the public sector or with multinationals. There are few entrepreneurs because "Singaporeans are very spoiled" and "are not hungry enough", says Olivia Lum, whose water treatment company, Hyflux, is one of the few successful start-ups.

Instead, Singapore's most dynamic companies are those owned by Temasek Holdings, the state investment agency, which is aggressively investing overseas under the stewardship of Ho Ching, chief executive and wife of the prime minister.

The elder Mr Lee, who started his political career as a Fabian socialist, long ago abandoned ideas of social egalitarianism. An examinations-based meritocracy came to be adopted in its place. Singapore's elite may claim income inequalityprovides incentives for economic renewal.

But in a small, multi-ethnic country it also carries risks of social tensions. The PAP may still win the election easily - but that triumph may not be enough to hide the widening cracks in the Singapore model.

Anonymous said...

If you want pap ministers to perform, you must vote for WP. Why? Because if the minister is not performing, his ward will be targetted by WP's in the next GE. But they will only feel the PRESSURE if the WP is well-represented in parliament. So please vote with your fucking brains!

AstroGirl said...

fwah. wah lan oei. u damn power.

AstroGirl said...

you are one si bei tulan singaporean sia. like me. hahaha...

Anonymous said...

GREAT article by John Burton.

Straits under strain: why inequality is centre stage in Singapore's election

Everybody should read it. Basically, it sums up what this whole election is all about and what SIngapore is like. In fact, why isn't this article up in The Straits Times? It should be in the first page.

Talk about equality. That's the burning topic that most of us wish to express. And that's exactly why we should give the opposition a chance for them to express their views for us.

Enough said. Personally, I have too many opinions and views. Come Saturday, PAP will be back in power. That's for sure. But that doesn't matter. As long as the various opposition parties keep up with their relentless efforts for the next 5 - 10 years or so, I'm pretty sure we will see a very different political system in Singapore.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said... expenses nvr go down n our salary goes down n fire n water oso mus take stool n watch.once the soup cook liao switch off fast fast..NB!take bus take mrt...the cheapest transport laio...yet it kept gg up n rope arnd our neck..kip gg up n up.we open mouth wide wide trying to live oso no use.haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Anonymous said...

everyone is talking about Gomes, but i am more worrying about what our lau lee said. he want wp to drop Gomes and carry on with the election, but then the law never say can do so with 1 member less unless that 1 member died during the campaign. our lau lee can like that suka suka by-pass the law 1 ah? his words is the law ah? no need go thru parliment to approve 1 meh? isn't the head of state the PM? how come is the MM instead who is more power here? like that why need the law for grc at all, right?

and then the ED also sings along say can accept this last minute change. knn, what lau lee said is always right to them lah, can throw away what the law say loh?

i think he really worry n kia pap lose more seats loh, that he has to step in n 'create new law' for Gomes, which has no base of support to it at all too. steady loh, think he gonna be the emperor soon liao loh. haha

MR CHIAM said...

Thanks for ur support. Pls come to my last rally at Potong Pasir. And pls dun get too excited during the rally...coz during last election rally some of the supporters will arrested by the some pain clothes police.. Dun suka suka scold the gov they might be just standing beside u and video everything down.

Mr Low said...

Dear all, kindly come down to WP's last rally at Serangoon Stadium today at 7pm. We will bring the stadium down! Yes la!

Anonymous said...

Would you vote for…

1. A man who cheats on his wife?
2. A handicap?
3. A man with health problems which he did not reveal?
4. A man with little formal education?
5. A man who has manic depression?
6. An alcoholic?
7. An average student?
8. A divorcee?

If you said no to any one of those questions you would’ve rejected…

1. Franklin D Roosevelt and John F Kennedy (rumoured)
2. Franklin D Roosevelt
3. John F Kennedy
4. Abraham Lincoln
5. Abraham Lincoln
6. Winston Churchill
7. Ronald Reagan
8. Ronald Reagan

Amazing... but Singaporeans are such fault-finders, they really might have not accept these great leaders. Just a good comparison.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post !

lurve u rockson!

Anonymous said...

Hey, last nite on the televised rally ard 10+, did i hear some opposition mentioned that the PM's salary is up to $160k per month ?!?!?!?

Can someone confirm?

Anonymous said...

The opposition party described his salary is equal to the combined salaries of george bush, tony blair and john howard.

No wonder singapore got so many taxes and fines...

Anonymous said...

And i tot only Wayne Rooney earn this much *grin*

Anonymous said...

(Source: Asian Wall Street Journal 10 Jul 2000)

Annual salaries of heads of government:

1. Singapore Prime Minister US$1,100,000 (S$1,958,000) a year

2. United States of America President: US$200,000

3. United Kingdom Prime Minister: US$170,556

4. Australia Prime Minister: US$137,060

Annual salaries of heads of government:

1. Singapore Minister: US$819,124

2. UK Minister: US$146,299

3. US Cabinet Secretary: US$157,000

Anonymous said...

Every day i see reports of Gomez big big on the Strait Times front page. PAP spend so much precious election time and effort on a small mistake by a small person. Shouldn't they be telling us more about their future plans and vision for sg instead?? This really make other people think singaporean is so narrow minded and peanut brained! Make me feel so disgust to be a singaporean.

1 weeks ago, i was still thinking who i should vote for. Now, i know the answer clearly.

Anonymous said...

I am 10 years old. I asked my father what is KNNBCCB.. My father says its a very bad hokkien word and shut down my computer. I still dont know what the bad word is. What is it???

Anonymous said...

Since this is an amusing blog, I was just thinking loud the consequences of PAP losing AMK GRC.
Who will be the PM or no PM, only MM ? or MM become PM, with the blessings of SM.

Anonymous said...

I am not very impressed with the political rallies so far, both PAP & opposition. Definitely there are not many orators or good speakers. The level of argument and reasoning is very hollow or childish. Definitely not measure up like in US. Many of them, are not even full-blooded politicians like LKY, but merely administrators.
I am not even impressed with the new PAP candidates, it seems they cannot get the likes of 1980's.

Anonymous said...

aiyo whatever M.. they defiinitely can come up with more Ms trust me.. we are the only country in the world with so many Ms and all Ms are very rich ok. It is understandable why we all want to be M and retire only on our deathbeds.. $$$$. Give me a M anytime man! M for Money you know.

Rockson.. i agree lah.. gomez must be secretly throwing a celebration as we talk, see, he became famous overnight, and if WP (let's hope) wins! gomez becomes hero overnight... i hope he don't forget to thank the PAP, they help him alot leh and sacrificing 1, 2 maybe 3 days to give him maximum exposure.

seriously.. tonight, small lee definitely cannot sleep at all. already he uttered wrong word and got fixed immediately by WP. good lah... return a tooth for a tooth, WP learn fast. way to go!!! anyhow... my sentiments exactly.

Anonymous said...

"When voting you better consider what is best for yourselves in the long term. "

indeed, a one party state is NEVER GOOD in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how smoothly and un-interrupted all these politcal blogs are operating? Why have'nt the PAP done anything about them or could'nt they? They have'nt even co-co any one of the blogs, I think or organised anyone to disrupt or at least attack (figuratively spaking) the bloggers. Even with the Gomex case, the oppositions appear to be having things going pretty well for them this time round. Could this be a sign that the PAP have come of age? Despite all the pap hoo-has, could they have realised that having more oppositions is inevitable and perhaps even desirable if mini Lee is to make a name for himself? After all, even if 10 or 20 oppositions goes in, they are still in control. So could this be an orchestration for a major change in the right direction? mmmmmm! just a thot.

Anonymous said...

everyone seems too kena backside scared, so will vote for gahmen for security and renew their goo goo chiao.

Cyst said...

You are damn good lah Rockson

Anonymous said...

where are the pro PAP pple??!!!!

Jure them to read the post and our comments... & they will see the lights!!!

There will be small inconveniences for the pple in oppo area but pls pls I beg u to think long term, see far, see the whole pic, etc. Imaginee if there is too little oppo to keep PAP checked, it will be disasterious for SG including YOU.

By going for the Lee's team, It will be deemed that you are SELFISH, KIASI, KIASU, etc, why?

Selfish- Think for urself onli (the benefits you may be able to enjoy like upgrading, better estate pricing, etc), never think how to make SG garhment(PAp) work harder so that the nation will progress even further, in turns help everyone to live better.

KIASI- Simply follow tradition and refuse to take calculated risk...

KIASU- Scared to lose everything overnight, shares drop(temp onli la), lower piority in the upgrading schemes( C'on, its our $$ after all we pay to upgrade and taxes, I jus dun understand this), etc

C'om la, like someone posted earlier mentioned, PAP will not lose complete power overnight one la... Such worries are unduly... !!!

A tru leader is to serve, strive not to Yield however PAP thinks oppo which I think its wrong.. Paying so much a minister for wat? A CB SG minister earn more than the super power US's president which is much more tiring to govern? A tru govern shld serve its ppl with their hearts! A gd eg will be Chiam Si Tong.... Kudus to HIM.

Support Oppo, give us and urself a chance for a turn in our lives...plsssseeee

Anonymous said...

The fact that PAP spends so much time harping on Gomez form issue shows that they have run out of ideas of how to smear reputation of opposition. Last time, they say the Tang Liang Hong is Chinese Chauvinist lah and what anti-christian, machiam he is like JI like that. But the current WP team in Aljunied is so squeaky clean that they cant find anything to sabo them except one stupid form! Hope rest of Singaporeans are smart enough to see through such a low handed trick and not be deceived by the media.

Anonymous said...

whoah, singapore minister worth $800 k and lan cheow worth more than ang moh one.

everyone must also have a pay rise, all the ah kau, ah der, ah long, must have increase.
must go to union rep and ask and fight for our rights.

oh shit, forgot, union orgs all PAP moles.

na bei, here goes my gold rice bowl and
gold plated lan cheow cover.

Anonymous said...

wah fun sia fun sia you talk cock sure got big fat cock one! like your style. a bit over-the-top, too much "KNNCCB" and "fuck you" but still acceptable lah. maybe find some cheem and expressive english language to make you sound more intelligent, renowned and of standard lah. hehe. anyway, VOTE CHIAM SEE TONG OR KOW BUAY KOW BOO!

kev said...

sgreans all hamchi one lah...say say only but come to action...everybody scared! fucked up - next time bus fares increase dont kao pei!

Anonymous said...

Kanasia...relieve some stress


Anonymous said...

maybee Chan Soo Sen fuck the girls a lot. otherwise why he go campaigning on bicycle? must be knees weak! bwahahahaha

Anonymous said...

By the way Chan Suu Cents from Joo Chiat quitting politics soon. announced in newspaper. Looks like another person got to clean up the mess he left behind. By the way this guy was in charge of the Suzhou project in China.

Anonymous said...

Rockson, you ROCK!!!!

Read your blog, sibeh song. Laugh until pengsan.

You sibeh tog-kong!

Eh Takumi,got video to show you. See oredi you sure damn fucking tulan one. One little ger kena whacked by 4 or 5 gangster pity the little ger. You can view here:

I wan 2 to find the bullies and whack them back, change their face.

Straits Times News Archive said...

Straits Times News Archive

Anonymous said...

Geeze...u dun even have to go Geylang to see attitude gals. SQ stewardess aledi like dat. I still can rememeber her staff number is 64522. Ng Siew Ling. Damm rude. SQ should question her...!!!!