Friday, May 05, 2006

Last day before voting, time to go Geylang and cheong - fuck first vote later!

Lawrence send me this photo today. Fuck lah, don't make me vomit my yesterday night supper can? I don't even know what the word mean, but see this photo I also scared! Stupid cheebyeface Lawrence! Want to send at least send me Glenda or Sylvia photo lah!

And this one below Lawrence also send me! Hahahahahaha!!! Even people the fucking Election Lorry also got people do movie review ah!

The SDA Mobile Message Vehicle just pass by my block at Sengkang. I notice the difference with PAP is that the SDA people in the vehicle bother to wave non-stop at all residents peering from their house

But the PAP vehicle just drove by with the recorded message as per routine with no one waving. The PAP passenger just sat inside and read newspaper.

Talk about sincerity. Because of this, I am voting SDA.

The PAP fella must have thought it was a foregone conclusion and did not bother to do his job. Does he know the meaning of "Election Campaigning" ?

I also like the way Chiam See Tong whack the PAP back. Nabei! Say he is too old? Fuck you understand! He is Singapore Number One opposition man, tahan for more than 20 year! What he gain from all this? NOTHING! Cheebye Lancheow NOTHING! And you dare to say he too old? If he is too old, then what is Lau Lee and Selected President Narden? Those two is 80 plus liao, nobody say they too old. But Chiam is too old for Potong Pasir? Fucking hell.

And today, so coincidence! Front page is got Singtel give Singaporean Ang Pow also! Wah so good! Gahmen give us Progress Package, now the gahmen company also give! Announce on Friday newspaper front page, so coincidence hor!

My Malaysian friend say you Singapore gahmen is the Best in the World. Why? I ask him.

Your gahmen already more boleh than our gahmen. Make until give bribe for vote also become so high tech and legal! In Malaysia our politician still have to go to the village and give the cash. You Singapore people go to the ATM press a few time, and the bribe go into your bank! And somemore got name! Call Progress Package! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

I think this time the Election is a SORRY ELECTION.

Got four politic party, three of them say sorry liao. First is SDP say sorry to Lau Lee and Small Lee. Then is Worker Party the Gomez say sorry. Then PAP the Small Lee also say sorry today for saying "fix". Only left SDA not yet say sorry. Hahahahahaha!!!

You know who is more SORRY? Raymond. Why?

PAP announce what $80 miilion dollar to give to Hougang if they choose the PAP man, and not Low. Raymond call me this morning and kow pei kow bu. He live in the walkover ward and he ask me Where they get that kind of money to give Opposition ward? We walkover get nothing, they Opposition get $80 million. I know earlier I move to Opposition HDB flat also! Fuck fuck fuck! Raymond say.

I also feel sorry for him hahahaha!!!

Lucky don't have so many Opposition ward. Wait they have to give $80 million to ALL OF THEM! Where that money will come from? Prime Minister also say he don't want so many Opposition or else he cannot do good job. Wait they oppose him how? So must be more of his people then he can do his job. Got more than 10 opposition he cannot.

Fuck lah, like this I also can be Prime Minister lah! Every time I want to pass one law, so convenient, all the man is my man. No need argue, no need convince. Make the policy is like Walkover style. Like so many of the election. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

I think this time PAP wrong pattern liao. Last time still got Chee Bye Suan be the bad guy, make the opposition look bad. Actually I believe he is Secret Gahmen Spy, plant inside the opposition party to explode them from inside.

But this year the election they sue him until bankrupt too early liao. So no more his monkey show to do. Left only the Not Gila Opposition like Low and Lau Chio Sylvia to show they are strong opposition. No Chee means no bad guy for them to attack, so they no choice attack the blur fuck like Gomes for his form. Gomes not like Chee, no kee seow enough. People see this new opposition is so steady and chai, they start to think, actually this few not bad. Maybe can vote them.

Even the PAP MP also think they good! You never hear meh? Mah Bow Tan he got say in his rally speech "请投我们反对党一票!"

Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! What the fuck!!!


'malay boy' ahmad said...

Dear Rockson,

Woot!! Me 1st one!

Steady lah aku! Peewwiittt!!!


siaoapple said...

rock, my son.. i'm 2nd..
got one guy you sure like to vote wan.. he is steve chia.. i think you sure like him wan.. cos he took naked photo of his maid.. his mentality like you.. hahahaha.. tee-kor tee-kor type.. hahahaha...

Anonymous said...

I am number 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Election rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

number 4!!
support the workers' party!!

Sorhai said...

WAAAA I number 4, usually more than 100 one...all must be busy for election

Sorhai said...

Next time, I better don spend time writing dumb messages like this, or else other people post faster than me then I lose my position in the the previous post....

Anonymous said...


jackslav said...

talk so much!

I bet Rockson in the end also vote chicken out and vote PAP.....hahaha!

'malay boy' ahmad said...

Hey man, i din know this is SOOOO SEXCITING...until now!

Anyway, I'm in LOVE with Glenda!

mf said...

Good read - you're damn funny!

*ok, I'm new*

Anonymous said...

11th!!! RHDP..Rockson Horse Democratic Party

Anonymous said...


geovanni said...

Hmm... I thought you suppose to talk about erection, not election! :p

Anonymous said...

Vote for Say Sorry Election,
Vote for more job vacancies,
Vote for free lift upgrading !

Anonymous said...

And vote for more process package !

Anonymous said...

progress package !

Little fish said...

the woman still in the chrysalis stage.

Anonymous said...

im here!!! numer duno what la ..

Anonymous said...

wow! Me top 20!

Anonymous said...

19th!!! Me rocks! I stupid worker, not smart gahmen scholar, so mus support workers party! All the way!!

a5ph said...



a5ph said...

alamak forgot to comment. yeah! go for wp/sda/sdp! if choose pap sure everything price rise up before year-end. bloody hell 100k salary.

Anonymous said...

lim pei here if got General Erection, lim pei vote for Rockson from the cock-sucking party!! Woot!

Angel said...

wah wat you say ... I LIKE!! :) dun play play with Rockson hoh .. whahaha :)

Anonymous said...

I received this in my inbox. Haha!!

> Subject: FW: A poem by Ong Ah Bee
>> Sorry folks, don't mean to mess up your decision about your vote
>> tomorrow, but this is just a poem that rhyms rightly....
>> Subject: Fw: A poem by Ong Ah Bee
>>> Poem by Ong Ah Bee
>>> Recently, my white MP,
>>> Kok on my door, and very kek ki..
>>> Say 'I've worked so hard, so vote for me', 'Or rubbish won't be
>>> cleared, in your vicinty'..
>>> I said 'Dear MP of my GRC',
>>> 'Dun remember u, so please pardon me'..
>>> 'I only saw you on TV',
>>> 'Dozing off and jiak liao bee'..
>>> Last GE I voted for thee,
>>> 2% up in GST..
>>> Cut CPF and up utility,
>>> Are still very clear in my memory..
>>> 5 years later, then you come to me,
>>> Fresh from your slumber of ivory..
>>> Say that only, you can help me,
>>> Escape from a life of poverty..
>>> Just take a drive on CTE,
>>> Count the number, of all the gantries..
>>> Or squeeze a ride on the MRT,
>>> That has not been cleared for ye..
>>> My life since the last GE,
>>> Has been downhill though I voted PAP..
>>> If I vote the same for your sleeping spree, I can expect the same
>>> misery..
>>> So this time round, I vote for somebody, Who will kachiao you, to
>>> productivity..
>>> Forms fill wrong, no big deal to me, If there's someone to speak up
>>> for ah bee..
>>> So dear MP of GRC,
>>> If life no improve, vote u cho simi?

Anonymous said...

tt poem's chio~~

_Nashty_ said...

haha...bus service, mrt service, whatever else oso belong to the Lees, sia... singapore not democratic anymore. More like run by a monarchy.

Anonymous said...

Its only RIGHT you vote for SDA! SDA rocks!

PAP means Pay And Pay. If vote for them , just expect to PAY non stop!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

One last analogy for those who're still blurr before D-day:
In the land of the magical peanut, the monkey who possess it will rule the land.....
Every 5 yrs there are 2 monkeys, one white one red, come to this wise man to seek the magical peanut he had painstakingly cultivated over the last 5 yrs.
One day a little boy asked the wise man who he will give the peanut...he smiled serenely and answered " White or red is not the most important, just make sure you don't always select the same colour"
Felt puzzled by his reply the little boy asked "Why?"
Still smiling serenely he said " This will create a fear factor in these monkeys that will motivate them to work hard for my peanut....mmm and continue relentlessly to serve me better everyday 'cause they remember who is their ultimate creator"
The morale of this story....

Shan said...

30 th.......! yeah ! rockson u rock !

Anonymous said...

haha still dunno which party to vote leh.....too many influences liao... heresay tat they can check whom u vote for!!!!

insens said...

metamorphose : To change into a wholly different form or appearance; transform.
Usually from ugly caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. In this case, from poor skinny and ugly PAP youth-wing-ball carrier to rich fat and ugly overpaid minister

Anonymous said...

rockson, damn right, go and shove ur
fu manchu into geyland's whores. muahahahah

have some "song" first, then vote, that way, can think properly and decide who to vote.

Anonymous said...

vote the one who can give u a better life... they can check ur votes but u think ....have few hundred thousand of us vote opp. wat can they do? throw all of us into jail meh? there is nothing they can do one. even 10 thousand vote opp. they also dunno wat to do with that 10 thousand. 3 opp in parliment, that ssss..lee, say cannot handle liow. u go think

Anonymous said...

bro.. think u better edit the first paragraph oof ya blog.. later u kanna sued for "flaming" the looks of the person. *concern* not worth it lah

Anonymous said...

Miss Sylvia Lim

Mr Low Thia Khiang - English with National Pledge!

Transcript - - Pt1 - Pt2

Mr Low Thia Khiang - Chinese Speech (The Best Chinese

Speech!) - PT1 - PT2 - PT3

James Gomez - Pt1 - Pt2

Cyst said...

wooo hooo... alright man...

scuderia.kevingoh said...

Down with PAP


Anonymous said...



paynpay said...

voting?all wayang one la...only gd thing got holiday!!!yeah rock on rockson!!!

Jerome said...

"Then PAP the Small Lee also say sorry today for saying "fix". "
Did he say sorry ? When ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rockson rock fucking big time. I will add another column on the paper for the erection:Big horse rockson party and vote him~ woohoooo

Anonymous said...

All kelong one, PAP control liao...
Just a Wayang put up by them!

Edwin said...

Implication of a Workers Party victory in Aljunied GRC

Ever thought of the implication of PAP losing a GRC? If WP wins Aljunied GRC, it will be a big problem for PAP in the next election. Why? Supposedly WP team does a fairly good job over the next 5 years, PAP has to send in a team more capable and popular than the George Yeo's team. They have to field a high profile minister and a few other prominent candidates. However, there is no guarantee that they will win. If they lose the next election again, they lose another 5 good men and women. It is a decision not to be taken lightly. It will make the next election even more interesting to watch.

Now, assuming that the above scenario is true, who will PAP deploy in Aljunied? Perhaps they will send SM Goh there to win back the opposition ward, just like what SM Goh is tasked to do in Hougang and Potong Pasir. Why SM Goh? He has the charm to win the hearts of the voters. If he fails to win in Aljunied, he can conveniently “retire” and the impact to PAP is smaller compared to losing a young minister.

Apart from the challenges PAP faces in winning back Aljunied, the success of WP in Aljunied GRC will encourage more young and capable professionals to join the opposition. Instead of competing for 47 seats, we may see a contest for all 84 seats in the Parliament. This will be a big headache for PAP. In addition to the improved quality of the opposition candidates, they are unable to dangle carrots in every constituency. How many $100 million, $80 million upgrading packages can they offer in Singapore? Without these incentives, the playing field will be more level. PAP would not like that.

Finally, we may see major change in the electorial boundary and reduction in size of GRC. The current GRC format favors PAP because one anchor minister can bring in another 4 to 5 candidates with relatively less exposure. It is also difficult for the opposition to form a formidable team of well-qualified GRC candidates. However, if PAP loses George Yeo and his teammates in Aljunied, PAP may be forced to rethink the strategy of GRC that may backfire. Hence, we may see the formation of smaller GRCs. The result - more Singaporeans will get to vote because it is easier to form smaller GRC teams.

If my prediction is accurate, a Aljunied win by Workers Party may work for or against Singapore. It is good to see more capable people to stand out and be involved in politics as a result of a symbolic win in Aljunied. Coupled with the reasons given above, PAP is likely to lose more seats in the parliament. However, in the foreseable future, PAP is still the political party that can bring the country to the next higher level. We do not want to see a 50:50 two- party parliament as this political model is not suitable for Asian countries. A government with majority (not absolute) power is the best for Singapore.

The outcome of the election in Aljunied is a determinant for the shape of political arena in Singapore. Let's observe what will happen if Workers Party is successful in this election.

Anonymous said...

top 50!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

the people with white shoes, white pants and white shirt (PAP) are like the kuomintang.

when the KMT lost power in 2000, the DPP opposition took power and fully democratise the country. however, the economy also was laggard.

Chen Shui Bian also caused some friction with mainland china.

But the KMT is now in a better position to win back power. new leadership, new policies.

the lesson learnt is, if one day PAP loses the gahmen position and become opposition. It is not so bad. It is time to renew the leadership, clean out the deadwood and reform, become a better party to represent the RoS people.

Anonymous said...

she not butterfly...u cant see meh? she is MOTH

Anonymous said...

top 50..

Anonymous said...

It is a foregone conclusion that PAP will win all the GRCs as usual. Just a matter of whether we can get Chiam and Low back in the Parliament to make sure PAP don't see sua lai. Singaporeans have always shown themselves to be too easily bribed by upgrading and progress package. They also believe in everything that the state controlled media said rather than thinking for themselves. If the opposition gets wiped out, Singaporeans would get the government they deserve, a transplantation of communist china

Anonymous said...

well said, the people will get whatever kind of gahmen they deserve.

reasonable sporean said...

she is a lawyer but she married a husband who has only a GCE 'O' level education level. Well, I think you is great! I vote PAP.

Rockson geylang girlfriend said...

give you money, you said bribed. don't give you money, you said govt eat up the money. then what you want? but looking at opposition, what can they give you? saliva or chiam see tong old cock for suck?

Anonymous said...

share with you folks something..

today i go polling station, i saw this family turn away because they bring wrong cards. the fact is, in my constitency, the Kiasu MP mail to each of us voter a postcard lookalike with all full name and details on the card, and it also ask us to vote for him. this kiasu postcard look like the garmen sent to us cards for the polling identity one so the family must has confused themselves with these cards. imagine how big a sabo when they need to go back and find the correct card again. wahpiang eh.. sibei sabo leh this MP. sibei kiasu lor.

Anonymous said...

You vote for lift upgrading
You vote for singaporean future
You vote for progress package
You vote for a new hawker centre
You vote for one less voice in parliment
You vote for those minister to have a job

BUT you could be VOTING for

for a post election fever: "Raise","Raise","Raise" and RAISE !

and they might say this is to maintain surplus for our country.

Anonymous said...

B4 i got fixed I fix him first.

sÞ¡ηηєє said...

*can't stop laughing*

good one :)

reality generation said...

let's have everything go back to 60s living of standard. prepared to throw away all your handphone and how many inch TV set. probably those who complain so much might want to experience such a life for try. and one thing for sure you will get nothing raise.

Anonymous said...

u should just go back to your "reality" generation and stfu. stop living in the past. its people like you that impedes singapore's progress.

Shiqi said...

Singapore's press freedom is only ranked one position above Iran, people.

Doesn't this say something about the shit we read every morning?

Even MM Lee said for himself; the purpose of the media is to SUPPORT the government.

Now i wish we had press freedom like that of USA, where you can make fun of George Bush's face in the papers also damn-okay. Here you want to post funny bald pictures of Tharman will kena si. Oh wait he is already bald.

reality generation said...

that's what i am trying to say. people why still keep complaining about the raise here and there. If thing don't raise, do you think we can improve our standard of living. Might as well back to the olden day.

Anonymous said...

are you looking for freedom life or surviving life? can freedom fill up your hunger?

sÞ¡ηηєє said...

sÞ¡ηηєє: time to wake up your idea.

aina said...

another newbie here! hahaha...

good, i like your blog. damn funny!!!

Anonymous said...

bugger man. was thinking the election result could be a cliffhanger, lan cheow erect one. but

ah, stuff it. its going to PAP and the ah beng geng claiming victory AGAIN, got so many walkover and no contest in GRCs. Hope the SMCs work in the opposition's favour. keep those elite bastards honest. lol.

Anonymous said...

WP ROCKS!!! Low Thia Kiang wins HOUGANG!!! YES YES YES!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah Chiam Wins!!!!!!!
hor sei liao!!!!!! the next erection will have abalone to eat liao!!!!

Anonymous said...


insens said...

The People fear the government instead of the government fearing the people. PATHETIC!

Anonymous said...

aljunied AIYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How can anyone vote for James Gomez and his team?? Sheesh are you guys thinking?!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

How can anyone vote for James Gomez and his team?? Sheesh are you guys thinking?!

I'm glad you think that way. If I gain power, I'd love to have mindless followers too, who will baa and repeat everything I say.

Now lube up and wait for the fares-and-everything-else hike. I hope you shout "PAP! DOWN WITH JAMES GOMEZ!" every time you tap your ez-link card.

The government and greedy 'public service' companies deserve every cent they can squeeze from you.

Shane said...


first time reading this bullshit, and I would like to commend you for bringing the term 'nitwit' to a whole new level.

you're nothing more than a bonafide, out-and-out ahbeng, just trying to act intelligent but backfiring most of the way. All the people who commented praising you, have shown grammatical signs of also being ahbengs, and so it's no wonder you have the fanbase you do.

I rank you intellectually somewhere just above amoeba, and that's being generous too.

I liken you to wannabe standup comedians who try too hard on open-mic night and end up being funny because they're stupid not because it's their act. Something like William Hung, minus the entertainment value.

Take a long walk off a short pier, mate. Or do you even know what a pier is?

Anonymous said...

ignore shane. he obviously does not see the value of Singlish, neither does he value some insights you have.

thanks for the fun read.

Anonymous said...

shane if you don't like what is written just do not visit the blog. fuck off moron

Anonymous said...

Shane.. you are boring. Rockson is not. 'Take a long walk off a short pier, mate. Or do you even know what a pier is?' Hahaha.. oh wow.. that sure is SOME sarcasm there.. oh wait.. it's not even the least bit provoking at all. Sounds like some smart arsed studious nerd trying to talk the talk.. walk the walk. The next your psuedo-intellectual crap to impress your girlfriend. Lamer.

Anonymous said...

Shane, u suck... the election is over, the dust has settled and true, PAP has won 82 seats again, BUT BUT BUT.... their margin is lower for many of the constituency compare to 2001. Those who voted for the opposition has got their voice heard. And it is that PAP must not take things for granted and must keep doing their job (have to do it even better now).

And issues which Opposition raised they must tackle and find a balance between implmenting their own policies and the valid alternatives.

Overall a very good experience for all to know the country and it's leadership more.

*thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

shane, u are a chee bi gia. u brainless short sighted moron who keeps towing the gahmen line.

if u have dick at all, u can read the innteligent and constructive comments about politics.

the fact u didn't add any useful comments but denigrate the author of the blog and all the fans and commentators, u totally suck.

I suspect u have been living in Australia for such a long time u forgot that ur Asian anymore. Why would the fuck u use "Mate"?

Shane, go and take a hike and go and shoot urself, u worthless piece of shit.

sLaCkErZ said...

as expected, the opposition retained their seats in hougang n potong pasir. 3 cheers to them. mr goh go help in these 2 wards also useless, the 2 PAP candidates lost by an even greater margin. that's the price they pay for not giving a level playing field for the opposition. hahahahaha~ let's hope the opposition will win more seats in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Shane.Please Think before you criticize others. If you have no substantial points to prove yourself, just shut up or it only prove that your intelligence is nothing more than the birds. And opps, I meant that as an insult to the birds

Anonymous said...


this election shows that out of 10 sporeans, 6 is stupid kiasi no brainers(ppl like shane is a gd eg n wat the taiwanese guy say is almost rite), 4 is have guts n brains. n because of that majority, the minority have to pay higher gst, mrt bus fares... damn unfair... can ppl like us be exempted fr these increment? coz WE DONT WANT IT.HAI SEE LANG
i going to throw retrenchment party for my frs who vote PAP when the time comes...

shiqi said...

i think chiam see tong is quite sexy

'malay boy' ahmad said...

...and his daughter too! ;-P

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

no matter what ppl say, WE will continue support ROCKSON~~!!! :) you are great!

Anonymous said...

One thing is certain: Singaporeans now have more guts to vote for Opp. Most of the Opp candidates scored close to 40% and gained more votes than in GE2001 and/or GE1997. I am also proud that Chiam and Low made gains in their wards, despite the CCB upgrading carrots dangled by the PAP. Even ah Goh and Lau Lee's efforts in making appearances in the 2 wards to pull votes for Sitoh and Eric Low failed.

I think the analysis of results by Mediacorp and SPH is not adequate. Although Opp gain only 3 to 5% in contested wards and viewers/readers are told that PAP is still winning, I think of it in nett gain terms: for every 1% of votes that that Opp gains, PAP loses 1%. This means there is a 2% swing in favor of Opp.

If Aljunied is not carved up like Cheng San and Lau Lee retires permanently by next GE, more Singaporeans may dare vote for Opp. Another 5% of voters polling in favor of Opp may mean a dead heat at 50-50. That would be interesting...

Anonymous said...

Interesting analysis here. But going by how Pay and Pay is damn pwa chow, quite possible they may re-carve Aljunied by the next GE. Then all the WP gains wld be wasted. WTF. Or they would go dig some mud to stick on Sylvia and her team and sue them like they did to Jeya and Tang after the 1997 election to make sure they don even enter Parliament as NMP. It is like winning a football match and then after that go to the shower room to beat up the other team so that they can't play next season. PAP hooligan style.

bin said...

For your information, PAP has a $638 million upgrade plan for Hong Kah GRC, a walkover ward.

Anonymous said...

Just like what the gahment failed to see in the lift landing on every floor issue, they perhaps overlooked the fact that this is now the new generation.
If they lacked the foresight, then they should upgrade the lifts for FREE!!

Another thing is that the Media is perhaps RIGHTFULLY being extremely biased throughout the campaign.
Just see what kind of reports are shown when another side of the coin shows that our PM is no Angel and the first time he got contested, his results are like... less than 70% ?!?!?!

And pls note though opposition lost, they actually gained ground as compare to previous election. This is something the gahment will never admit openly. Neither will there be any interviews or articles asking this questions.. The headline is like PAP wins majoiryt and all that crapp.... ask urself.. is this transparency and level playing ground?

Anonymous said...

aiyah maybe SHANE is some gahmen scholar sent to some ivy league university lah, see his english so powderful.

if not must be some rich kid living in some ang mo chu lah, dunno what is earning their living lah.

happy sporean said...

GE finally over and those who commented here had finally comfirmed to be a LOSER again!

Your anti-spore plot had failed again!

happy losing!

Anonymous said...

to the above happy sporean( happy as in ignorant is bliss, idiot u)
we r not losers, we love our land n ppl n not anti spore. we want more voice in parliament, thats all. we want transparency. i'm sooo proud of opp party. they have guts n balls... n they ALL IMPROVE in %

Shane said...

you lot proved my point. with the exception of just one, all of you who responded to me typed like true morons.

I have nothing against Singlish; I use it alot myself. But Singlish as used verbally or on an IM is one thing; when it's used too much (note I said TOO MUCH, not used at all) in written word such as this is just a turn-off.

And on what grounds am I any of what you seem to say I am? Nerd? hardly. Towing the 'gahmen' line? MUCH more unlikely. Living in Australia? Sorry dude, I've lived her all my life. It's just that I happen to prefer reading intelligible english.

How is it that my comments werent constructive, but ones like "I am number 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Election rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" are? You guys are so fucking retarded, it's hilarious.

And fuck all of you, at least I had the bloody balls to leave my name. 'anonymous', that's precisely what you idiots are; anonymous anomalies in the gutters of society.

Anonymous said...

shane u SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

'i've lived her all my life' - shane before you criticise others you may want to watch your own spelling.

Anonymous said...

shane u are my hero. Jia you !!!

Im a shane supporter !!!!!

Pls guys shane is not a balless piece of shit. He is a hero ! A true hero !!!! Please stop scolding my idol ok? Please stop calling him names such as loser la, idiot la, balless, gay, pathetic, spineless, etc

S'poreans must be like shane. Support the PAP + Shane !!!

"Tom" said...

Ya, Shane you so brave. Put your name here. No URL, no IC number, no surname.

In other words, you are just as fucking anonymous as the rest of us here (and that's "here", not "her").

So fuck you, that's precisely what you are TOO, an anonymous anomaly in the gutters of society.

Intellectual snobs like yourself should walk off a pier, mate.

Rockson displays more wit, insight and unflinching honesty in his vulgarity-filled Singlish than you can even hope to muster in that pea-sized thing you call a brain.

So go on, comfort yourself and continue to rot in your self-righteous and narrow idea of what is "good" English.

Deep Throat said...

Shane, you are so cool! I thought I Deep Throat very powerful already can suck a cock 12 inches long, but you better! You can suck the cock of all the PAP people! I must give it to you man. I shall name you "Black Hole Throat Shane". Does the cum taste sweet? Yummy!

Wendi said...

shane you fuck. dun act so cool and ang moh like. i really think you should go america. and STAY THERE! So jiat kantang for what...want to be big shot right, come here and criticise rockson for at least being funny, talking about anonymous pple...aiyoh you and your anonymous friends even worse. Dude, mate, asshole, whatever shit you call yourself, go take a long walk off a short pier. Or do you even know what a pier is? Get a life. A real Singaporean life. You should know that we use Singlish "excessively". Live with it, or don't.
Why do I waste my precious time here trying to convince a snob like you to believe this stuff anyway???
Happy pier-walking you butthead,

Anonymous said...

the SDA lori making rounds in my ward dun even have anyone readinfg newspaper. lori behind no one

Sam said...

CURSE U SHANE!!!!!!!!!!!
May your father mother sister brother all die of rotten nipples tomorrow!
May the descendants of urs tat emerge from ur girl friends or SLUTS saggy vagina have no assholes forever!


Anonymous said...

shane, u want to say something, say it with some intelligent reasons.

from all ur comments, u sound like an elite cunt who wants to show off his ang moh accent and ang moh slang.

go and get ur head out of your kah chng.

Righteous said...

Stop insulting government, you are discracing Singapore on your blog!

Shame on you!

Stephen Yeo said...


"And fuck all of you, at least I had the bloody balls to leave my name. 'anonymous', that's precisely what you idiots are; anonymous anomalies in the gutters of society."

Before you shoot yourself in the foot, let me remind you that there is little difference between indicating a random name (in your case) and leaving a comment as anonymous. If you really have the "bloody balls", sign in with a real identity or leave valid contact details so that other people can respond to your stupidity.

And by the way, it's "toeing the 'gahmen' line, not "towing the 'gahmen' line".


Anonymous said...

how true! i'm staying in woodlands but until aa few days ago AFTER the lections then I know that my MP is a woman when I saw her banner. until now I still DUNNO her name! thank the residents? SMELL SMOKE ALSO DUN HAVE!

tamica said...

You idiot shane. Do you think you are really all THAT elite, you Singaporean-turned Aussie! And what is with (as Wendi says)"Dude, mate," asshole or whatever you call yourself?!?! I think you should dig a hole to Australia. frig. And in Sam's vulgar yet true words,"
Sam said...
CURSE U SHANE!!!!!!!!!!!
May your father mother sister brother all die of rotten nipples tomorrow!
May the descendants of urs tat emerge from ur girl friends or SLUTS saggy vagina have no assholes forever!



Anonymous said...

Dear Shane

It is true that Rockson does not write grammatically or in the usual fashion which a non-Singaporean could understand. But I think he does make very good points if one make an effort to decode his message. I think we should not try to write people off just because we need some effort to understand them. This is a very bad attitude which is most often seen in Singaporeans. If one cannot speak English well, one gets written off. I think we should try to listen and understand what people want to say and not how they say it. One must understand not everyone is able to have a good command of every language. I, for example, could not speak Hokkien well. I could certainly not express myself half as good as what Rockson is trying to do here. Imagine if you have some good points to make in a language that you are not very familiar with and someone writes you off, the same way you did to Rockson, I wonder how would you feel.

So, my point is, try to under a person's message and not judge a book too quickly by its cover.

My 2 cents worth.

Sian Leong (PS: I have no blogger account so I have to sign off anonymously)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Shane, I think you have typed your name wrongly. It should be "shame", correct?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You got it spot on man. Check out the statistics I compiled on how the gahman make sure they get their guys in ....

shaneii said...

mr shane has the right to speak his mind. but mr shane also attack people. its a trademark of the elitest singapore. Singaporeans are all like that, once they have master some skill sets e.g. command of the engliah language, they go around insulting people and belittling people.

mr shane is just acting like all other singaporeans who have lotsa money and lotsa nose thumping and pigeon eye stuff.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

not opposition party also kena FIXED....sigh

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Thunder3viL said...

you've made me almost fainted

R2K said...

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Anonymous said...

Now a days things seems to be getting out out hand. Not only Geylang seems more crowd with XIAO LONG NU but even Singapore Airlines gals can be a real jaded or should I juz use the word BITCH. I still can remember her staff number 64522 Ng Siew Ling. She is so rude & worse of all the manners. I'm sure she farted and walk of...! How bad can things get. I strongly believe they should start retraining them. & her two front teeth, one of them is in another colour...!

rock said...

top 10 !