Wednesday, June 29, 2005

你不會懂得我傷悲 (You won't understand my sadness)

blinkymummy wrote me a letter on her blog. I copy for you to read. Life is very hard, want to keep a blog fren also difficult.

She think I have girlfriend, or that I scared of her candidness (I check the dictionary, it means like talk very straight), or that I am Cowboy Caleb (hahahahahahah!!!). But she is wrong.

I have girlfriendssss, I like girl who talk like the candid camera, and Cowboy Caleb have many nice pirate mp3 songs but he is not Rockson Takumi Tan. I don't even think he know Chinese or Hokkien, because his English is the Ang Moh Eat Potatoe kind. Actually, I think I know who Cowboy Caleb is. I need to check somemore first, then I will share with you my Cowboy theory next time.

Anyway this is blinky letter to me:

Dear Rockson,

I read your entry. It is a not-so-subtle way of rejecting my attention. I think I can understand why.

I seriously think it's neither about your previous unhappy experience with a 'cloth badge', nor class difference. The real reason is either (1) you have a girlfriend, or (2) my candidness has worried the shite out of you, (3) you are actually Cowboy Caleb, or all of the above.

Whatever it is, I can agree with you on one important point. You are really not an Ah Beng. You are just 'chor'. Real Ah Bengs mean what they say. 敢做敢为, 说得出做得到. Real Ah Bengs will not opine that smoking and wearing beach shorts are characteristics of 坏女人.

It was good while it lasted. (Err... less than 1 week.) 长痛不如短痛. I am sorry I have to remove you from My Ah Bengs. This is the only way I know how to deal with it. Hope you can understand. Thanks for the memories and dream.

Yours miserably,

This is my life. My heart broken again. Always like that. That is why Andy Lau's song is always playing in my heart (he is my favourite Heavenly Sky King):



Cloth badge Convent girls, they are so good at English and Chinese, and at breaking guy heart.....

(See the new photo style? Lawrence my computer expert friend say Blogger can now use put photos and make the words go around the photo like newspaper like that! Fucking good, man!)


Cowboy Caleb said...

na beh lah this zhar bo.

Got many fish in the sea. Next time we go ktv together. The tar poh kind of ktv, ok?

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.... are you for real dude

Anonymous said...

be a real ah beng.. dun want then dun want.. dun need to look 1... muz stylo abit mah... si-ka-li u dun want her she want u back leh?

Anonymous said...

eRr~~ fOr mE i tHink aH bEngs sOmetImes rEalLy aRe reAl cHildIsH~~

Anonymous said...

Eh quiz for the day... Who did Andy Lau ask to give him the glass of "forget love water'?

Anwer: Ah Xia

Muahh hahah

Anonymous said...

err bro, after you shag her enough liao...pass to me can?


Monkey said...

cloth badge one very bad meh? :(
kns i feel insulted

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans, in general, are a generous and caring bunch. We rose to the occasion during the Tsunami crisis and the Huang Na/Liu Hong Mei incidents, where we poured our hearts out and dug deep into our pockets to lessen the grieve of the unfortunate and their family. Whether it is just a mere dollar or a couple of hundred, we are always there to donate willing - even through regular payroll deductions; knowing full well that the monies we contribute to charity, are in safe hands and managed by professionals with high integrity - or so, we thought!

However, Singaporeans woke up to an unprecedented rude-awakening, early last week! (Thanks to the genius of Davinder Singh; Durai, NKF and its lawyers never saw it coming).Never have we anticipated
that the people, whom we have entrusted our multi-dollar donations to at the NKF, could be guilty of squandering in such magnitude! "Self-help" would be
a more appropriate word!

One cannot fathom the logic of such huge remuneration as reward for fund-raising! $600K/yr, indeed is a lot of money - even by ministerial standards! Pardon my ignorance, but I have always had the understanding that "fund-raising" is a voluntary undertaking. Just like we did, "selling flags" at busy street corners, many, many years ago.

While on the topic of "selling flags", I have had a profound and intellectual conversation with a group of teenage volunteers selling flags at a crowded subway station on a hot Saturday, recently. These were caring students, who were proud and apparently enjoyed "donating" their time for a worthy cause. But, as a parting note, they unanimously agreed that "it would be more fun lah", had the organizing charity provided them each with a simple bottle of mineral water and perhaps, a small sandwich. After all, they had to "solicit" all day to fulfill the assignment, and were subjected to the elements from mother-nature!

Echoing the students' sentiments, I would like to urge all charity fund-raisers to go one step further by working with the MRT and bus companies, to provide FREE transportation for
"volunteer workers" (especially students) on flag days. It doesn't cost the transport authorities anything, but the penny saved would indeed go a long way for these young volunteers.

In view of the millions of dollars raised each year, it would be interesting to hear from those "charities" that have benefitted all these years, from the services of these dedicated and hard-working volunteers. These, my fellow countrymen, are the true "Unsung Heroes" - in our
corrupt world of fund-raising!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

who the hell's man on the street? and anonymous who said " eRr~~ fOr mE i tHink aH bEngs sOmetImes rEalLy aRe reAl cHildIsH~~"
i think pple who type this kinda shit is childish. so much time to type big and small letters ah? siao.

Anonymous said...

Are you crazy? Blinkymummy so jude and you don't want to try try?

Oreo said...

Ya boy, free one don't want....go for paid

but against there is no such thing as free paid service better, more choices and better quality.

Anonymous said...

hey rockson!!!be a real man...stand proud...hav dignity...if Blinkymummy dun wan u...i wan juz kidding lah but hav some dignity...i understand how u feel...zharbo think they can dump us guys anytime anywhere and anyhow ah!!!i think their mind gt problem liao

Anonymous said...

rockson...if Blinkymummy dowan u...i wan u...

Anonymous said...

Talk about charity, we singapolan are all bordor, we give monies to the 'rich peolple' thinking they will give it to the poor or needees, si peh gon right.
Ever heard of, in some countries, bad people control poor children to beg for money at roadside. Bad people take away all the monies left very little for the poor children to survive(food). Our NKF problem show something like that isen't it. Singaporlan, next time give to the poor directly lah, if you are kind hearted.

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