Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Singapore blogger show her neh neh

Fuck, I am always late for this kind of thing. I was reading the Wanbao for my usual 4D results and bo liao stories (their sex news damn good), and I saw this story about a Singapore sex blogger call Sarong Party Girl who show her neh neh on her blog.

(I steal this photo of the Wanbao from Xiaxue's blog. I didn't know Xiaxue is call Chloe also. I thought she call Wendy. So nice the name, Chloe Cheng Xia Xue.)

So I rushed to the sarong blog to see what is it about, and then fuck lah, nothing. No picture of anything, not even her wearing clothes. She say her bandwidth exceeded (Lawrence say it means a lot of chee ko pek and kaypohs go her blog until her server computer spoiled). Too bad.

I look around her blog, wah lao eh, she write so many words. Go her blog like studying for exam like that. Have one fuck can write so many essay, meh? Maybe woman is like this.

But I read a bit here and there and I think she likes to fuck Angmoh man because she say their lan cheow bigger than Asian man. Angmoh dua kee is it?

I don't know what kind of Asian man she talking about that is small lan cheow, but my horse even got Angmoh woman say she see already she scared.

But if this sarong girl want to fuck Angmoh man and write long story about it, write lor. All the woman I ever fuck all I fuck until they got nothing to say or write, no more breath. They only say, "AGAIN!" Hahahahaha!!!

I also don't know why the newspapers all write about this. Singapore no more news to write is it? Maybe because Singapore newspapers cannot fuck the gahmen, so they have to print this kind of no-story news about a Singapore blogger neh neh.

Lawrence show me her photo in his computer (he got many this kind of photo, that fucker) and tell me the English papers also write about her. Cheebye lah! Chey! I see her photo on Lawrence PC and I was surprise. Like two mosquito bites only and the whole Singapore become so excited!!!

Japan website got so many nicer and bigger neh neh, like Saori Nanami and Ryoko Mitake. Why the newspaper never write those? Maybe these Japan girl don't have blog, that's why.

Some more the sarong girl photo is all like those boring art photo. Don't have photo of her open her legs wide wide, showing her down there, don't even have those Japanese square square cover her down there. This is art photo only what.

Waste my time. One sarong girl neh neh so many news. If Chloe Cheng Xia Xue take naked photo with this sarong girl together maybe will be more interesting. But then the Chloe Cheng look like her neh neh also not so big, maybe need to ask Lawrence help her to photoshop bigger. Hahahaha!!!

Singaporeans need to see more XXX shows and have more sex, then this kind of thing won't be so fucking big deal.


Jin Dua Gi said...

Wa lao eh bro, you alrite or not, need spec or not, read properly, Her name is wendy as she say not Chloe is SPG girl lah, not wendy, not XX. And yes XX is Wendy, Wendy is XX, and not XX is not Chloe, Chloe, Chloe is not XX.

But anyway, don't think you care about it in the first place, but nice article.

And Oi, got this Blinky Mummy girl complain you neglected her. You better do something about it, she say she will erase you from her link. haha.

Metalfyre said...


Anonymous said...

oi ah beng, ur fucking funny!

Anonymous said...

Wendy's not the SPG..
Chloe is the SPG..

Anonymous said...

I salute you man :D . You are fucking funny ,gan pua cheebye ho chio

jngah said...

i aglee man. i'm singaporean but live overseas many years awlady. my flen showed me yr NKF rant, laugh until buay tah han. this one also dam good. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Read about breast only, all lam pa dua dua.

Gan bo liao.

Go Geylang better. $30 = 1 fuck, physical contact some more.

Nikita said...

wuah ha ha hah a..YOU FUCKING hillarious lor !!!! Hhahahaha...Buay tahan leh...Na beh, you remind me of my fren who's like you...hahaha..Kinda miss him already, sigh....anyway..KEEP IT UP !!! Love your blogging...I want more !!! Really brightens up my day...

hanny said...

U can join Jack Neo in 'Kow Seow Sin Dong'. Well Done!
I like your originality!!!
SiBeiHo......chio kow lan cheow luck!

Anonymous said...

Chloe is the SPG girl..
not Wendy..they're 2 different pple

lim pei said...

bro u damn cb hao chio ...fucking funny , keep it up i added u in my bookmark next time i will see more funnie thing from u . i think your horse not as big as mine...haha

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cool point of view... luv every letter of it... yo bro, u the man dude.

Anonymous said...

yeah i too wondered what was the big fuss about, when the sarong party girl looked fugly.

Anonymous said...

y so lat dat??

Ivan Chan said...

You should publish a book. I'd probably buy it.

Anonymous said...

niabeI!...what a fuNNy blOg...hahaX..cause me to chio ka peng...hahAx..i tink all ur dickies not as long as minE..a sibeI tOkoNG 18 cM!...wuJI laI...qI kuA bY..wa eH lan jiAO kia zaI zAi

Anonymous said...

niabeI!...what a fuNNy blOg...hahaX..cause me to chio ka peng...hahAx..i tink all ur dickies not as long as minE..a sibeI tOkoNG 18 cM!...wuJI laI...qI kuA bY..wa eH lan jiAO kia zaI zAi

jolene ang said...

are u sure ur that dua kee???thn u can fuck wif me lah...i am onli p6 so u muz b gentle horx...i scared ur one too dua kee lyk the underwear need XXXL thn i mati liao...hahaha...but serious lah...ok...i p6 onli and if u interested u can email me at jolene_ang_chiobu@hotmail.com...ok...thz...

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh.. I love ur blog las.. Its so bloody funni mann.. Hahas.. Keep updatin ur blog kz.. Its realli realli nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Rock ! write more, stimulate more "under stand", every males like more.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, you see properly not, brother?? Wendy not SPG one, is Chloe lah. Xia Xue is only her online name, her full name is Wendy Cheng Yan Yan. Izzy then SPG lah, you

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