Wednesday, June 22, 2005

女人的心 (A Woman Heart)

I found out from one of my reader that blinkymummy was very upset I never talk about her and only blog about another blogger's neh neh story.

I read her blog a bit more (I usually like to look at the pictures), and wah lao eh, she write about me, even dream of me!!!

And now she is angry, and she pui, and she wants to remove my blog from her links! I didn't even know she got my link but now I saw it, under REAL BENG (eh, I not Beng what, I just a bit chor lor only mah).

I hope she is not too angry. Of course Rockson still thinks she is the chio. That sarong girl blog is only just passing look only. Who don't like to see girl neh neh right? Don't like to see means not a real man, ok?

Anyway, I saw this picture on blinky's blog, and wah lao eh! I am quite impressed lor! Blinky wear short shorts, smoke a hoon kee! Like a 坏女人 like that! Rockson 喜欢!!! (actually her friend also quite chio, the wear spectacles but chio type)

(Lawrence teach me to write the Chinese in my blog, but fuck lah, take damn long, man.)

But in the end, I can only admire blinkymummy from her blog. Convent girl like her and rough guy like me cannot together one. Her fren look like all the high class type while my fren is all the rough type.

I once saw a movie, one of those musical, Lawrence ask me to watch, call West Side Road Story (I think that is the name). The guy is from the gang, and the girl is those higher class one, their relationship cannot work. In the end, the guy even die!!!

I can understand how the movie lovers feel. Cannot work one. I try before.

Long ago, at a tea dance, I met this cloth badge Convent girl. We love each other very much. But her family is rich, her frens are rich, and she was from a SAP school (that is why we can talk about Chinese things and sing Chinese songs together).

But the girl mother don't let her go stead with me, she say no daughter of hers will end up with a paikia like this boy. Even her frens say, why you go out with 这种人?

It is a long and painful story. Maybe next time I will write about it.


Lupin Tan said...

Brother, Chiong ah, Alot ppl support you

Alex said...

Go Rockson, go sian blinky, sure steady one

nicelegs said...

ya lor.. go sian her la..chiu bu like paikia mah

diver first class said...

rockson, the HORSE既出,谁与争峰。
go for it.

Lupin Tan said...

See Brother , told you got loks of supporter, you chicken ah.

the virgin undergrad said...

wah lan eh! paikia no right to fall in love meh? hua hik tiu hor lah, care so much for fuck.

nin lao pei said...

lawrence here lawrence there...

haha. he's your boyfriend issit?

Pearl said...


Pearl said...

I like the way u write, i m not so expressive as you, but way to go man,.

In Ah hokkien terms
(See Ber ho! lim beng su ka,See ber heeyong, Wo su ka,.As for the girl of ur dreams Mai tu liao)

Anonymous said...

wah...blinkymummy thighs realli make mi nosebleed siaz...rockson...dun let her go...ching ah!!!