Wednesday, June 15, 2005

blinkymummy sibei yummy

I just read the Tomorrow site and there got this new blog babe call blinkymummy. She say she like Ah Beng!!!! Like that got chance man!

I go her blog and see all the photos (Lawrence help me link to her picture put here), wah lau!!! She fucking chio leh! She even got one photo she wear school uniform to chiong!!! Only fucked-up thing is she take so many pictures with that Mr Miyagi. Why she waste her time with that shortfuck playboy? Miyagi so old already still want to act cute and cow the young girls. Not shy, man.

I see blinkymummy in uniform already I nosebleed, man. I remember the old days I am in school, always cow the rich girls from that school. They look so innocent, actually inside damn havoc, like to date we paikia. Got one time this convent girl I was with, we do many many hiong things in the stair case of her school after the students and teachers all go home. The convent uniform belt take out already very convenient to play underneath, you know? Many good memories, hahahaha!!!

I read this blinkymummy blog, look like she was going to get married, then break up with her boyfriend who she was going out for two years. Wedding shoe also buy already. Why like that?

This girl look so chio, and her blog write so well (I think she got Master degree), and like to chiong Zouk, why her ex-stead let her go for fuck? Is he stupid or what? The ex is studying a Phd, so cannot be so stupid, right? But he cannot even buy her a ring properly.

Then I saw somewhere he even want to sue her for writing about him in her blog. WTF!!! This kind of cheebye thing he also can say to a girl??!! He so Phd, go and write his own blog lah! My English so fucked up standard also can write a blog, this Phd cannot, must complain his ex write blog? Lan cheow ok!

Maybe I should go this Hideout place more often, instead of always go kbox and sing, see can make friends with her. Her Chinese is good too, so we can sing karaoke together. She can use my microphone!!! Hahaha!!

Girls who just break up very good in bed one. I experience a many times before, next day I must take MC type. In English is called rebound sex, Lawrence tell me. She want to be angry and use my body to let go all her feelings, my horse will be happy to help her, hahahahaha!!!!


Mr Miyagi said...

You should get on Hideout's mailing list so you can be informed of happenings. Then you won't miss out on the chio bus. Maybe they'll also want to take pictures with you!

Cowboy Caleb said...

Rockson, you da man.

Yeah, miyagi so old liao like to act cute. He even reveal my real name to the ST.

We join forces and whack him, ok?

misunderstood said...

you have defintely impressed blinkymummy! go woo her!

Devil Xavier said...

hahaha rockson you damm swee. go go go.

sgkuntakinte said...

wah piang eh ... i like i like i like... she wear pinnafore, underneath got wear shorts or not? hehehe rockson can check or not?

love the blog brudder! give them hell!

Anonymous said...

wah.......i nosebleed nonestop liao.....she gt wear bra or nt???if no thn easier for me to hav sex wif her man!!!juz take of her belt and tuo diao tuo diao ok still me check her breast size so i can see whether mi horse can take it or nt...even now when i am typing,mi horse peeping out from mi underwear want to see her...the best is she wear g-string thn after i hav fun wif her i can take her g-string as souvenier...hehehe....