Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Go Comex with Lawrence and new reservist idea

Fuck, man. Dunno why this few days, my at home phone got this clicking sound. Also not very clear, the phone sometime sound like those radio when you adjust to no station. Cheebye, if continue like this, I going to complain the telephone company liao.

Lawrence always like to go the cheebye computer show. Singapore every year also got so many of this show, and all is the same one. It is like Sim Lim but they move their shop to Suntec and then the whole Singapore all go there to buy the same thing they can buy from Sim Lim.

How come all the PC show got those name with the X one? Comex, Sitex, Kotex!!!

I follow him to go the Comex show on Saturday, fucking hell! So many people! Car also jam, human also jam!! And many those computer guys who go this kind of thing smell like they never bath one! Nabei, want to go out shopping buy your computer thing bath before you go can? Aircon also no use! Mosquito fly in front of you also will choke and die ok?

Actually this is idea. Get all the smelly computer guy together, go people house their smell can kill the dengue mosquito.

In the end I wait for Lawrence at the Panasonic stall, because sometimes got sexy girls come out and dance on the stage. They wear the small small skirt and the small small top, and dance sexy sexy on the stage. I dunno what sexy dancing girl got to do with computer but nobody complain. We all just stand there and see. See until floppy also become hard disk.

When I go and find Lawrence (he lining up somewhere to sign some offer can get free playstation one), I walk past one guy and he said come come excuse me let me tell you how to get a free i-pot.

I ask him what is i-pot? He said is can play music one. Very good, from apple.

I thought got free thing maybe go and see, so I follow him. Then he start to talk about insurance thing. KNNBCCB! Bluff me what free i-pot! I told him to fuck off, and went back to look for Lawrence.

By the time we come out of the place, we also smell like those computer guys. I think worse, smell like reservist.

Today I saw newspaper got some MP who in charge of reservist welfare one (I think it is that 老处女 one) she say gahmen want to call soldier wife and family go his reservist in camp training. So maybe during the ICT, can let the wife and the children come and stay with their father in the camp!!!!

Chow chee bye! What is this Gahmen thinking?

Want to waste Singapore guys time not enough, now also want to waste his wife and his children time too?

The men morale not good, must call their wife come and sleep with them in the bunk is it? Scared they at night lonely and need to fuck, so during reservist also can do their "National Service" also ah?

Wa lao eh, what guy want their woman to come and see them during reservist?

The old virgin MP even say if children can see their daddy drive tank, so they will know how important is their father duty.

Fuck you understand!!!

I think the children will see their father most of the time sleep in the bunk, read newspaper, and go canteen break. Even those reservist got exercise one also dowan let their family see their father pang sai in the grass, and whole body sweat and mud, look like shit, smell like shit.

And if I got children, I also dowan them come to the camp see me drive tank. Wait got some reservist blur fuck accidently shoot live round from the MG on the tank or parking the tank reverse too fast langga people how? Army most dangerous weapon is not tank not gun, is the blur fuck with the tank and the gun, understand?

Somemore if the wife and family all come and stay, how is the men going to go Geylang to chiong? Reservist is the best time to go and chiong together with your army friend. ICT is not In Camp Training, ok? ICT is Insert Cheebye Training!!!!

Thats why Army always give the men condom when go oversea exercise. You think give them condom for what? Blow balloon have birthday party issit? The SAF condom is so that the men go and fuck some Taiwan mei mei won't kena some disease on their lan cheow and bring back to Singapore pass to other people ok?

You want to improve the men reservist welfare? Don't need to call their family come to the camp. Just don't call them go for so many cheebye ICT!!!


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