Saturday, May 21, 2005

They never hear about meow before

I was reading some of the comments in Finicky Feline's blog today (did not realise got so many comments about me there). Here and here.

I don't know why they are so surprised a woman can meow when she shiok. They even make a movie, quite a good love and comedy one, about this.

I remember the show Harry Met Sally, the Harry tell the Sally he make a woman meow. So I don't know why they never hear before. Maybe their sex life up to now not so good. Or worse, they have to fake it make the man happy.

I also read my own comments, did not know so many people say about me on my blog too!

Mystery Tan say: "Rockson! you rock!"

Thank you Mystery Tan! You tan!

Anonymus say: 'You moron imbecile only child. Why don't you get your lonely lard ass out off you mothers lap, head outside and play hide and go fuck yourself."

So hero, you are, Anonymus. Fuck you too, KNNBCCB. No need to play mother one. Mother is not for saying bad words. And I am not only child. I have many brothers and sisters.

divine feline say: "You sound an Ah Beng.. and uncouth."

Please, you want to scold Ah Beng, please use proper English. Even Ah Beng also know you should say, "You sound LIKE an Ah Beng. Try to speak better English next time. And who said I uncouth? I very couth, ok?"

One Little Twit say: "wahahaha. you go rockson. would be interesting to see finickyfeline meow. :P [sorry ah ff!]"

I want to make her meow, Twit, but she never heard of meow before. Maybe she need to watch Harry Met Sally. Hahaha!!!

Bitch say: "HAhaHaha...Lockson.. i wanna see ur horse also ~!!! HAHHAHA"

You must also be Ah Lian, spell my name wrong. "R" not "L". My Horse is only for special lucky woman to see only, hahahaha!!!

Cowboy Caleb say: "ahahahahahah you damm funny man!"

I am honoured you say I funny. I think you are also funny.

Tripleperiod say: "This horse matter. You dun have to tell her yourself liao, I will help u tell the entire world"

Haha!!! Thank you Triple!!! Don't have to tell so many people, wait they jealous. Hahahaha!!!


Anonymous said...

Eh Rockson,

You SNAG meh? How come san watch when Harry Met Sally? Some more the show so old. You definitely not young man ah.

Anonymous said...

It's true that many Singaporean men never made their women MEOW. Maybe a national sex campaign is required to further improve Singaporeans' quality of life. Btw Which ministry is in charge?

Anonymous said...

rockson!!!u make me meow even when we are nt in bed

Anonymous said...

I like to call you Rock, cos you really rocked people, shoik! reading you blogs. something to share with you,hope you like it.
Sometime back, when I was in Thailand with friends, we were in a hotel where our room's window directly facing a room of the adjancent block. When I looked out of the window, interesting, I saw a life show was going on, a tiger( you know right) and a young man riding on top, no clothes on of course. Geting excited, I peeped behind the winder's curtain, what a free show that was in my mind. My heart sprinting like going to jump out. But shoik lah, saw the tiger claws grasping here and there, until
...Well. a sharp "meow" and a strong exhalation. Okay now relax, is this what you mean "Meow".? This is a true experience not make up story.

Anonymous said...

dude ur fucking retarded