Friday, May 27, 2005

Did not see my Feline

Yesterday, I went down to Hide Out, this place I read on Tomorrow and Cowboy Calebs blog.

Cowboy said that The 3 Heavenly Kings performing, I thought it was Andy, Aaron and Jacky (Andy Lau is my favourite King). But I read carefully his post, it was Daryl, Miyagi and Brown. Wah lao, I thought some kind of Heavenly King concert at first!! Actually it is BLOGGING Heavenly KIngs.

King what king. Daryl is dunno who, Miyagi is a lao tee ko, and Brown is a old fuck.

I went there very early. I saw Miyagi there (he no need to work one, ah, so early can go club). I recognise his face from the newspaper. So I ask Miyagi where the Feline is.

Miyagi at first kwai lan... but I think he just blur. He look like he never sleep few days like that.

I look around, but I did not see my Meow Meow Girl, so I had to go. My friends waiting for me at the karaoke. Too bad. I really wanted to see this red hot chilli Ah Lian.

I saw on Cowboy Caleb site, got photographs of the meeting on Flicker. So I click and see. Only got one picture of my Feline, back view. But wah lao eh, she got tattoo on her shoulder!!! Hot, man!! Rockson like!!!!

Some more she looks quite bak bak one (means got meat), not like those Ah Lian skinny like tek ko (means hanging clothes pole). I am sure she will be quite big in front too, hahahahaha!!!


Anonymous said...

Rockson - you rock!
Rock on man.... too bad you didn't enjoy non-karaoke pub....

next time better luck and better timing.. cats are nocturnal creatues... too early dude!

Mr Miyagi said...

So that was you?

Unknown said...

Siao liao. Are you implying she is fat? There is a photo of her face somewhere but im not going to tell you where. You got luck, you will see!


Anonymous said...

How she looks like??
Tell me lah??
Any photos? Please pose on the net.

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