Monday, May 16, 2005

Some Ah Lian blogger wants to date bloggers

I saw this blog by this girl call Finicky Feline, she write those bloggers she want to date base on their internet writing.

Dunno leh, she sound like a Ah Lian, the way she write.

She choose some really fucked up choice to be her date. Mr. Brown? That fat old fucker? Somemore married got childrens already! And got one guy call Triple Period. I thought only girl got period one.

Somemore the Triple Period guy go and write his own version Which Chicks I Would Date Based On Their Online Personalities. Cheebye lah, want to kow char bor kow like real man. Go and write all this waste time blog for fuck?

Some of her choice quite good, got Cowboy Caleb. That guy I like to read. He always got a lot of illegal mp3 to download from his site one. I like him. One day I like to meet this mysterious man, and we can chiong together.

Anyway, if this Finicky Ah Lian like paikia so much, date me, Rockson Tan, lah! Feline is cat, right? I sure make you shiok until you meow one! Hahaha!


Anonymous said...

You moron imbecile only child. Why don't you get your lonely lard ass out off you mothers lap, head outside and play hide and go fuck yourself.

lex said...

You sound an Ah Beng.. and uncouth.

Unknown said...

wahahaha. you go rockson. would be interesting to see finickyfeline meow. :P [sorry ah ff!]

Anonymous said...

hehe , i think the above anonymous is finickyfeline. lol .

Anonymous said...

Wa lao.. How could tad asshole say tad?? Neva mind larz.. I tink ur entries are damn nice las.. Hahas.. U r damn good at criticising ppl las.. Lolz..

Anonymous said...

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