Sunday, May 08, 2005

Some Singapore bloggers damn free, man

I saw this blog call Atypical Singaporean talking about that scholar got sue by the AStar company. Please lah, these people so free, man. Like Singapore got nothing better to blog about like that. Get sued only what! Why must write so many blog about it? Why must call all the Singapore blog write about is it? Why don't write about Singapore chio bu, how to chiong Geylang, or how to modifying your Evo to make it go faster?

I think sometimes, is because these blog is written by those university student, who too free. Freedom of speech kam lan ah. Want to freedom of speech go and be MP lah. Like people even got time to read your lan cheow blog.

The original blog article is here.

Some Signs that you're in trouble because of your Blog

* When you think that because you tackle serious posts it makes you better than Xiaxue. Xiaxue is more chio and sexy than you, ok? Nabei. Her cheebye got more balls than you, ok?

* When you actually believe that Channel NewsAsia actually give a fuck about your side of the story on your little personal blog more than the position of a large and powerful stat board.

* When you are an ex-scholar who thinks you won't get into trouble commenting about your ex-scholarship organization.

* When you cannot tell the difference between making racist comments and defaming comments.

* When you get 11 angry emails in 3 days from the Stat board chairman telling you to remove all posts in your Blog, and you choose to ignore them or fuck around with them.

* When you believe that just because you are in the USA during your busy exam period, you can ignore legal letters.

* When you expect balance from the New Paper. Please lah, New Paper only good for football news and those mobile phone advertisement.

* When you think Dr. Vivian and MM Lee ask people to give honest opinions to public policy/government means you can anyhow defame people on your little lan cheow blog.

* When you fuck other bloggers who have T-shirt endorsements deals and appearances in Mainstream Media, and worship those who get sue. Kanenabuchowcheebye, like T-shirt endorsements have something to do with a blogger getting sued for defamation.

* When you think all the famous Singapore blogs must support your legal problems, because you think Singapore got nothing else to talk about except this legal case. Woohoo. We are the Fighters for Freedom and Justice, we are better than other  bloggers who only talk nonsense! Give us a fucking prize for Free Speech!

Lan Cheow, ok!

Original article:

Some Signs that you're in trouble because of your Blog

* When your posts tackle more serious issues than Xiaxue.

* When Channelnewsasia journalists do not even bother to write a  balanced article about you when writing about your legal problems with A*. What about your side of the story? No one at Channelnewsasia cares.

* When Channelnewsasia journalists don't even bother to find out write your school and course of study. You suddenly downgrade to a 'Masters student' in the news when you are acutally a Phd Student.

* When you are an ex-scholar commenting about your ex-scholarship organization.

* But not when you are a scholar and write racist views in your 'private' weblog. You just get a warning from PSC.

* When you recieve a total of 11 angry emails over 3 days from the  chairman of the government organization telling you to remove all posts in your Blog.

* When you are in US and during your busy exam period, and you have till May 8 to respond or fly all the way to Singapore to have tea to  "clear the air". where's the "Star Trek Teleporter" when you need one?

* When New Paper devotes 3 Full pages on the head of the organization that sued you, calling him 'white knight/black knight' with nary a mention on your side of the story or even the case at all . The Public Relations people are working doubly hard, i can see.

* When you heeded the call by Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan and MM Lee to give honest opinions to public policy/government. And then you get sued. Maybe its a better/safer idea to write about topics like getting your cab snatched or important stuff like that.

* When writing a blog gets you sued while other people's blog get them T-shirt endorsements deals and get them featured on Mainstream Media.

* When Singapore's biggest bloggers would rather talk about the fact that posted your story 2 weeks earlier compared to CNA , rather than actually commenting on your legal problems. Woohoo. We are teh coolness, we are faster than mainstream media!


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