Sunday, May 08, 2005

My very first blog post

My name is Rockson Takumi Tan, and this is my first blog.

I hear those people say, blog very good, got a lot of girls, so I also blog.

I like racing cars and I like to chiong.


Bluv said...

can u imagine i actually read most of yr blogs and read it out LOUD to my bro and laughing away.
Actually i m jus curious abt yr age.
care to tell?

DbleWhammy said...

Honestly, I think bogging is a form of letting off steam. I don't see why anyone...especially gahman should penalize or prevent pple from blogging. Unless they cannot take the fact that there are truths in these statements. Keep it up Rock! You rock like hell!

Anonymous said...

The very intelligent blogger - lovable Abeng.

Anonymous said...

no reason why i commenting on your first blog.

your identify doesnt matter to me miyagi or rockson. simply bo chup.

what i concerns is your vulgarity really impress me alot. those knnccb...lan chiow seems connect with your sentences. i can picture whatever you wrote with neh nehs.

oo...even foreign ah nehs are impressed with your truths and good analysis of all issues. all my team mbrs are enjoying while we are clearing the management chuck sai to us.

rockson rock like cork suckin around

teh teh

Derrick said...

shit this guy damn man. man until cannot man any more. the kind of tell parang gangster to go jia sai kind of man.
rockson you tian bu pa di bu pa is it. at least you talk about something other than the blogger kena sue daiji lah.
wah kah luh kong, read you write about your live horse also better than watching other blogs flog their dead horse.

Emily said...

I just spent a whole afternoon reading everything in your blog, you really make me laugh in your own unique way ^_^

I'll be around from now on, but maybe I won't comment much since you get hundreds of comments everytime and I just feel lazy to add one more hehe :P

Cargo said...

you really can tell jokes..

Anonymous said...

ur good rockson!!! bet ur cock is as hard as a rock.. =)

Anonymous said...

I am a foreigner, but I love to go through you blog regularly. Interesting stuff... you have analysed the gahmen correctly. Rockson you really Rock dude...

Anonymous said...

Rockson!!! Rock you a Lan Jiao..... Chee Bye Rockson... Lan Jiao like a snail

Anonymous said...


Cockson Tongue said...

On Jan 18, 2011, I'd never heard of Rockson Tan.

Then a friend sent a link to the rockson-ming handbag slapfest. 24 hours later, I'm a fan.

You'll be remembered by me as one of the great comedic geniuses of the 2000s. Too bad you don't blog more, so those under 25 can know you too.

If you are not already richly rewarded for your talent, then you need to start charging guys like Rockson tuition fees.

Hotel 81 also need money wan leh

Anonymous said...

Diu leh lo mo