Tuesday, November 08, 2005

See Karen the Zouk girl again

Yesterday, Karen the girl I meet from Zouk call me to go out again. She fucking chiong queen man. When we fuck off from Zouk that night, she promise to show me her other earring.

We go her place and she tear off all my clothes. Drink so much can still so hiong. Must be she can drink a lot one. She saw my horse and shout like very happy puppy.

I think I am going to like you very much, Rocky dear, she said, you really are a Rock!

Then she also take off her clothes and she said now you can see where my other earring is.

KNNBCCB it is in her cheebye!!!!

Where got woman put earring in cheebye one!!!

It is for sex pleasure she said.

Your pleasure or my one? I ask.

Mine, she laugh, but I got one more pierce place for you to enjoy too.

She stick out her tongue and show me got one earring inside.

That one lagi shiok for me. I no need to tell you why. Shiok for many time that night.

She is study science one, she told me. Got those what life science degree from oversea. I said what lan cheow thing is life science? I ask is it the cut frog that subject, she said something like that.

She say like Singapore want to be medicine centre of the world, so those make medicine company will come here and make their medicine like viagra and invent new super-viagra (I no need this kind of thing, my horse can sedia long long hard hard hahahahaha!!!!).

So she thought study this cut frog subject can do this life science line. But she now jobless and looking new job.

I said how come you got degree in this science but no job?

She told me fuck lah, life science is only those want to do phd (I think is those even more high degree) then got job one. Normal degree people got no job in this line one because the KNN medicine company only want the can study germs those kind of phd degree people.

And the other type of job in this line is check the science machine one, this kind diploma also can do, no need degree. So she and her normal life science degree friends lan lan lor.

Now she doing some part time job for her friend, she said. Her life science give back to her school liao.

But I told her never mind, she can be phd of studying how to play my horse and she laugh.

So she call me again yesterday, ask me want to go out? Go and eat, club and fuck.

Wah. This degree girl very straight. Just come out and say.

Rockson like, hahahahahaha!!!!

Talk about kena fuck, I think the Opposition in Singapore should just join PAP. PAP have their golden horse award show can use free Police. Opposition have their own show must apply and pay Cisco.

Raymond say of course lah. If you is the 99.999999% gahmen, you sure must get free police for your show. Wait terrorist bomb all the come from backside door minister liao Singapore then we have to vote for new gahmen how? Like this is very inconvenient for Singaporean one.

If you are Opposition, and terrorist come and bomb your show, only Hougang and Potong Pasir will got no MP. Hahahahahaha!!!

I heard Singapore going to have no poor people anymore. Gahmen giving out one-fuck bonus. Give you feel good one time then you will forget the last four year you no job and everyfuckthing get more and more expensive.

Lao Lee plant his every year tree time, he say our economy very promising. I also say. Promise this promise that, promise promise promise. Cheebye.

Never mind, last time election they very promising good economy also, in the end we four years kena the most puacheeybye jobless time of the Singapore history. BUT! It is Sars kena make the economy bad, ok? Sars fault hor. Not gahmen fault.

This time they also very promising good economy, so Singaporean all must be happy like fuck. Ah Seng look at me when I told him Lao Lee say his promising, and he said wah yay and spit on the floor.

Tell me when the promising come true hor, he say.

Newspaper say life is become good what, so must be true. Singapore newspaper is number one in Singapore, number 140 in the world. But Lao Goh (so is he plant the peanut tree?) got say, Singapore is very special one. People say we freedom of newspaper is last of the world we fuck care them! We don't need have freedom of newspaper. Got one good virgin cheebye clean gahmen can already.

Newspaper in Singapore no need to report those not happy things one. Like this is not help country. Just need to be guai guai can already. Don't say those make Singapore people angry things. Left hand look like write about the real thing, right hand carry the gahmen lampa.

Must help no job no money Singapore worker be happy and sing song. This call the help country newspaper.

Lan cheow ok?

Anyway after Karen call me I meet her in town. She bring me to this shop, outside got many design. I ask her what kind of shop is this? She said don't worry, it won't pain one.

I said pain? What pain? You bring me come here do what thing?

She laugh and tell me, I think your horse will look very nice if got earring.



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Anonymous said...

Even if its abit distorted, i still feel that he is the voice of singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

You writting a erotic story eh?

Anonymous said...

We the shitizens of Singapoor
Plagued, ourselves the benighted people

Anonymous said...

you are such a goddamn disgusting person. dont even know why people read your blog. go to hell.

Anonymous said...

go ahead squeal about his blog. u ppl are nothing. he has the freedom of speech and some of us are enjoying his escapades, whether it be fake or real. so to those who dislike reading his blog, fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Rockson, can you put the photographs of Durai, Matilda, Richard +++ on web, and write a program for users to throw darts at them. May be also the peanut woman.

Anonymous said...

Throw darts? They deserve MORE. Should throw 'sai' (shit) , rotten eggs at them. Since we can't do it in real life, do it in the cyberworld...

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