Friday, July 16, 2010

Lawrence show me Banned-in-Singapore video!

Today, Lawrence told me he set up a Youtube video channel for me and wanted to show me this video banned by Singapore gahmen.

I was very excited because I thought it was some kind of sex video of a PAP minister.

KNNBCCB!!!! It was just some video of a old man talking about some politics thing and scolding about Lao Lee! He last time kena catch by PAP go jail for 19 years for bring communist lover (dunno is it he fuck Mao Chee Tong wife or what).

Fuck lah! I thought got neh neh to see! Gahmen also damn free, this kind of boring thing also want to ban.

Anyway, if you want to see this kind of boring thing, about Operation Cold Slaw (or something like that), you can see at my new channel.

Next time I will find some sexy video upload for you to see. Lawrence the Fucker waste my time to upload this kind of politics thing.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

You can also see the whole thing at my Vimeo channel.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's been a while. Long time no blog. Followed your twitter.

Anonymous said...


blog more man!

Anonymous said...

I wish you'd blog more often. I miss you, miss your humor.

Patrick lee song juan said...

Rockson...first time I heard of you. You sound interesting ! Just screw the PAP without the normal KY.

Ser Ming said...


You're back!

Good to know you're not dead!

Blog more often k?

Anonymous said...

wah lan ehz, your first post about some old man.
i think your lawrence losing it liao lah. bring back the old rockson. limpeh waiting for more ktv mei mei.


Anonymous said...

hey rockson, pls keep blogging. i think you are entertaining. n smart. (pretty sure u knw that already) hehee i dont understand hokkien (n some of your vulgarities/slangs) but my singaporean bf translates and explains to me about some stuffs that u wrote. and i admire your courage for writing those stuffs.

Anonymous said...

loking for redclaw poonie yong!!!!!

Anonymous said...

interesting videos of Dr Lim. I've never even heard of him.

I feel so unjust for him..

Lao Lee is damn jialat man seriously

astre said...

in agreement to previous comment, i cannot bring myself to flame LKY after 28 years of seeing him as our able and almost "godly" forefather... but he is diseased. and a tyrant.