Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cheebye! Mr Brown kena fuck by Gahmen!

Kan nee na bei chow chee bye puah chee bye!!!!!

I just find out from my mechanic friend the Mr Brown who write his blog and do that funny bak cho mee potcast show and who write for the Today newspaper is kena fuck by the gahmen!

I like to read his newspaper article every Friday one! He is our people voice and say our heart want to say those things and he is also quite funny! Just a family man who trying to make a living like us, and know how to write funny thing, they also want to bully! One of his daughter even got brain problem some more!

Fuck their mothercheebye!

Why the cheebye Ministry of information, communism and art secretary go and write this kind of letter to condemn him?

This is the article Mr Brown write about our fucked up life in Singapore every thing get more and more expensive! click this!

This is the letter she write to the Today, click this!

Fuck their mothercheebye!

And why the Today newspaper director so fast feed their most popular writer to the gahmen wolf to eat?

Make until Mr Brown got no more Today job, and and make his whole family so worried, even his mother!

You see he lose his job! click this!

Fuck their mothercheebye!

Rockson busy make money to pay all my baobei car thing, so no time to blog, come back only see this kind of lan cheow news!

Fuck their mothercheebye!

Mr Brown is one of us. Got family, got job and got bill to pay. This is the kind of Singapore gahmen we have, even the small people, they also whack. If can happen to him this kind of nice family man, it can happen to you also.

I listen to his his podcast about be a Singaporean, I want to cry liao.

His wife also got do, I hear already I cry even more!!!

This is two Singaporean who love Singapore!

How can the gahmen whack simple people like them?

Fuck their mothercheebye!

I think write to Today newspaper reporter is no use, they got no power. Must be their big boss of Mediacock call them do this one!!! My mechanic friend say his friends write in the letter support Mr Brown but no letter is got printed! Like kena blackout!!!!

Fuck their mothercheebye!

Write to the MICA also no use, that Mr Bavani who write the letter to whack Mr Brown is only the running dog for the minister of censor singaporean, so write to Lee Boon Young better!!! My mechanic friend tell me many his friends also write in to the Bavani but never get reply!

Fuck their mothercheebye!

And write to Small Lee and tell him also. Tell him to stop his attack dog to attack simple people like Mr Brown and us. This is not the Singapore our Prime Minister promise us!!! This is not the Singapore we want!!!

I am Rockson! I am Singaporean! Fuck their mothercheebye! So we also say!


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Anonymous said... said...

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Anonymous said...

is that the last post? hope you will be back soon rockson.

Anonymous said...

be a good rock and start blogging cock

Whiskoffee said...

dormant blog?

Dave said...

eh damn it rockson.. it has been MONTHSSSSSS since you last blog leh..

life is really boring without ur entertaining words..


diziz said...

where da fuck r u brother

Anonymous said...

eh, come back and blog leh! Where you go?

Sharon said...

Rockson where are you!!

Anonymous said...

i'm glad that the government can't take down this blog - even if it IS dormant.

i'm still sending the link to my friends to check out. so rockson - if you're reading this - your blog will still live on!!!

during the next elections, you'll be a reminder of what a big bully the gahmen is. together with the GST hike and the whopping ministerial pay raise.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Aye .. you go to this blog.. not bad also.

but abit more hum .. don't dare to directly criticise gahmen directly hahah.

Anonymous said...

i need you to be back blogging so much.. im just feeling the hatred for Singapore recently and just wished im born else where.. (a rich, safe and happy place of course... like LA, NY Aust, NZ, Finland, Swiss)
I need you slam the government so hard again and make me smile.
I want to get out, i really do.


Just come back you fucker, BLOG!!

Anonymous said...

cbkia rockson. you kena pay increase from gahment issit?
why you so long neber post?

Anonymous said...

you are nabeh loser, go into hiding, scared the gahmen ah?

Anonymous said...

Turn my mic up louder,
I got to say somethin.
Light weight step it aside,
when we comin.
Feel it in your chest,
the syllables get pumpin.
People on the street,
they panic and start running.
Words on loose leaf,
sheet complete coming.
I jump on my mind,
I summon the rhyme of dumping.
Feeling the blind,
I promise to let the sun in.
Sick of the dark ways,
we march to the drumming.
Jump when they tell us
they want to see jumping.
Fuck that, I want to
see some fist pumping.
Risk something.
Take back what's yours
Say something that you know
they might attack you for
cause I'm sick of being treated
like I have before.
Like a stupid standing for
what I'm standing for.
Like this war is really just
a different brand of war.
Like a dozen catered rich
and an abandoned poor.
Like they understand you
in the back of the jet,
When you can't put gas in your tank.
These fuckers are laughing their way
to the bank and cashing their check
asking you to have compassion and to have some respect.

For a leader so nervous
in unobvious ways
Stuttering and mumbling
for nightly news to replay
and the rest of the world
watching at the end of the day
in the living room laughing
like what did he say?

Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen

In my living room watching,
But I am not laughing.
'Cause when it gets tense,
I know what might happen.
The world is cold,
The bold men take action.
Have to react,
To getting blown into fractions.
[ Lyrics found on ]

10 years old is something to see,
Another kid my age drugged under a G,
Taking about and found later under a tree,
I wonder if he thought the next one could be me.
Do you see?
The soldiers that are out today.
That brush the dust with bulletproof vests away.
It's ironic.
At times like this you pray,
But a bomb blew the mosque up yesterday.
There's bombs in the buses, bikes, roads,
inside your markets,your shops, your coves,
My dad, he's got a lot of fear I know
but enough pride inside to let that show.
My brother had a book he would hold with pride
A little red cover with a broken spine.
In the back he hand wrote a quote inside,
when the rich wage war, it's the poor who die.

Meanwhile, the leader just talks away
Stuttering and mumbling
for nightly news to replay
and the rest of the world
watching at the end of the day
both scared and angry
like what did he say?

Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen.

With Hands Held High
into a sky so blue
the ocean opens up
to swallow you.

Prison Warden said...

Takumi is currently serving his sentence...

Anonymous said...

Playing the opposition populist game, very very clever. Appealing to base emotions and hiding behind a facade. Not unlike your brown friend.

Anonymous said...

Your Blog is crude, it is a pain to read esp with so may "CB" at the start of sentence and at the end of the sentence.

Anonymous said...

in hokkien:
kan nee nia mah eh cheeze bye, singapor lang gong lao li eh lan jiao wei? um zhai si ah? dan jeh yi gia yi eh lau lan jiao tat li eh chui ah.

lesson learnt: cannot say lau li's lan jiao wei if u are working in a singapore OWNED media firm man.

Anonymous said...

Playing the opposition populist game, very very clever. Appealing to base emotions and hiding behind a facade. Not unlike your brown friend.

Dan said...


Anonymous said...

erm for your info, rockson has passed away.. check newspaper.. sad..

Anonymous said...

which newspaper? When did he pass away??

Anonymous said...

A yr since you blogged... Come back pls...

vagabond said...

I like the way you write. It is a carthartic experience to me whenever I read this blog. One day I would like to shake the hand of this person, "Rockson". I am a vagabond working hard for my degree outside Singapore, hoping to come back with what I need to serve my country man. I know that things are hard at home now. But look on the brightside. People are "changing" and that will change the thoughts and lifes of people. We cannot be told to do what we do not want to do. It is our way of life we seek not the other way of life. So hang on fellow Singaporeans. Things will change if only we want it to change really hard. I love Singapore. I love the people. I always tell the people of this foreign land how good our country is. And how much I miss this land I was born in. And hoping to bring back what I learn and share with the people at home. Some think I am stupid that I have the opportunity to make it big outside, But way return to a tiny island of 4.5 million, because I love the people. I love Mr brown and his family. God bless them.

Scope said...

Super Rockson... Too bad, I cannot 'fuck around' the way like you. Hahahaha...

Everytime I come, everytime I laugh like siao...

I also kena threatened legal action. More and more bloggers may have a problem if govt no protect our blogging rights.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i thought u would update about the edison scandal haha

you should! it'll be corny and funny to read (:

Anonymous said...

Fuck you lah talk rock. you talk cock and disappeared for ages.....

Bryan said...

LOL -.-

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